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Graduates of Maine Regional School Unit 21 celebrate commencement by throwing their caps in the air.


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Maine Voices on Investments in Education

Laurie Lachance of Thomas College, Chris Wolfel of The Roux Institute, and Xavier Botana of Portland Public Schools joined us for a discussion about where the most impactful investments can be made for Maine’s future. Watch the a one-minute highlight that sums up the conversation by clicking the video below, or start it from the beginning using the link here

Laurie Lachance, Xavier Botana, and Chris Wolfel discuss investments in Maine education.

The 130th legislative session is on!

We'll keep you updated on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee's work.

We update our website daily on bills being considered and thoughts from legislators. We also share how to participate in the democratic process.

One issue being discussed in this session is the future of Maine Ocean School. See LD 1389, “An Act to Improve Maritime Education in Maine," presented by Rep. Scott Cuddy of Winterport. More discussion will be had by the committee in the coming weeks.

Next week we'll feature an interview with Rep. Rebecca Millett of Cape Elizabeth. Listen in to hear about urgent issues in education from Rep. Millett, a longstanding member of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee.

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Ed Forum is thrilled to partner with Educate Maine for Maine Education 2050, a project to create a common vision for the future of education in Maine and the active collaboration to get there.

What will our youth need from their education in order to thrive—personally, civically, and economically in the Maine of 2050? How can we design a purpose-built system to create the future Maine we want to see?

Maine Education 2050 aims to find answers through 150+ conversations with youth, educators, community members, and industry leaders, beginning with a pilot in Kennebec County next week.

Our partners at Cortico.ai will make it all visible to the public throughout the state.

Visit the Maine Education 2050 website to learn more or to sign up!

Thank you for engaging with us to create the best future for Maine through education. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Chace

Executive Director

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