Buy Local? Why Not Sell Local?
Ken Bloch, Program Manager

You see it in the windows of all the downtown small businesses, “Buy Local!” It makes good sense. But have you ever thought that you should be selling locally as well? Especially to the government?

Many people think that government contracting means selling to the Feds. The budgets are massive and Federal contractors, especially the defense ones, can be huge. But you don’t have to build submarines or design rocket launchers to sell to the government. You don’t even need to sell to the Feds.

The fact is that state and local governments buy billions of dollars’ worth of goods and services every year, and that’s just Maine. There are 445 cities and towns in Maine and sixteen County governments that buy all kinds of things; snowplowing, landscaping, office supplies, cleaning services, food, boats and vehicles, consultancy services, printing, and lots more. The Maine Division of Procurement Services buys even more things. And that doesn’t even include entities like Maine DOT, the Maine Turnpike Authority, or the Maine University and Community College systems. All in all, there a lot of people that need to buy a lot of things. If you haven’t already thought about selling to local entities, you should. Maine PTAC can help you with that.

And if you already sell there, or if you know of someone that does, and you don’t use Maine PTAC’s no charge assistance, please reach out to us. We are happy to help. Oh, and stay safe and wash your hands!