A Message to Maine PTAC Clients on COVID-19
As you know the COVID-19 virus is dominating the news and our personal and professional lives in a significant way.

I wanted you to know that EMDC’s Maine PTAC program is open for business and looking to support you fully, and are implementing some risk-reduction procedures that may impact the way that we do some things, at least for now.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Training workshops and events have been postponed through the end of April. If the situation warrants, we may extend that. We will be investigating rescheduling some of the workshops as webinars or online Zoom meetings rather than be hosted in person. Check with your local counselor for more info.

  • Counseling sessions will remain active but we will rely heavily on email, phone and Zoom video sessions to facilitate them and minimize physical interactions. Your counselor will reach out to you to set up alternate methods of conducting counseling sessions. At this time, we are not prohibiting one-on-one counseling sessions, but we are limiting them to those that are absolutely necessary and are following safe hygiene protocols, like the CDC Public Health Guidance.

We’re not going anywhere despite the virus. We are still committed to assisting you and your business just as fully as before. Our desire is to provide that support without interruption. To this while minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19, we will avoid large groups, and minimize travel and physical contact until this challenge passes over.

Thank you for your patience and support.
Ken Bloch
Program Manager
Maine PTAC