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Study for "Lobster Fishermen" - Marsden Hartley

Happy November! Thank you to everyone for sending in your submissions. Though you may think others in the network might not care to hear about your particular Senior College's activities, I can assure you that they do! Senior College reports on classes, field trips, special events plus listings for upcoming lectures, concerts and exhibitions inspire and inform the network. It is delightful to receive newsletters and course catalogs as well; please keep them coming to the MSCN office! I read them all and enjoy selecting items to share with the network via this newsletter. 

The Senior Colleges take inspiration and encouragement from each other in various ways. I saw this in action recently at the "Schoodic Gathering" on October 28th. This event was masterminded by Downeast Senior College, who invited five other Senior Colleges to join them at the stunning Schoodic Institute in Winter Harbor. In attendance, were representatives from Acadia, Belfast, Downeast, Coastal, Penobscot Valley and Sunrise Senior Colleges. The event was great fun and most informative! My thanks to everyone who attended and especially to Fran Trefts and Peggy Emigh and their colleagues on the board of Downeast Senior College for creating such an enjoyable and inspiring get together!

Program Director
University of Southern Maine
Read in this Issue!
News Items for November, 2017

Senior College Reports
University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn Senior College

Museum L- A's Rachel Desgrosseilleirs gives keynote at LASC's Instructor Appreciation Dinner 

Lewiston Millworker (Photo from Museum L-A)

"Museum L-A is here to not only remind people of who we are as a people, amazing and innovative but, even more important, that we still are amazing and innovative today." -  Rachel Desgrosseilleirs

Each year Lewiston Auburn Senior College instructors give
freely of their time and talent. Fall, Winter and Spring courses satisfy our curiosity, lead us to new experiences, expand our understanding of the world around us, providing fun and friendship as well. On October 12th, the instructors for the 2016/2017 academic year were honored at a dinner held at University of Southern Maine's Lewiston Auburn campus.

An elegant meal catered by Michael Shea of SODEXO began the evening. Guest speaker Rachel Desgrosseilleirs (left), Executive Director of Museum L-A, presented a history of the Industrial Revolution here and the immigrant workers who made it possible. 

Since its founding, Museum L-A, helped by countless volunteers and supporters, has worked tirelessly to document the lives of those who made the mills of our area famous. Through outreach programs such as oral histories, exhibits, school and community special events the Museum has become a vibrant part of life in L-A. She believes that "Museum
"Heyday" - Lewiston downtown on a millworkers payday.  (Photo from Museum L-A)
L-A is here to not only remind people of who we are as a people, amazing and innovative but, even more important, that we still are amazing and innovative today." Senior college wishes to thank her for this inspiring presentation and to once again thank all of our instructors for contributing their time and talents to enriching our lives.

Submitted by Mary Jane Beardsley, Lewiston Auburn Senior College 

Accomplishments and Challenges

2:00 pm Sunday November 5 
Jewett Hall on the UMA campus.

The University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) College of Arts and Sciences and the UMA Senior College (UMASC) are presenting the first fall Forum on the Future entitled Immigration:  Accomplishments and Challenges. The intent is to examine the effects of and our responses to immigration in our state.  

Carla Dickstein, Ph.D. is Senior Vice President for Research & Policy Development at Coastal Enterprises Inc.(CEI) , a Community Development Finance Institution based in Brunswick.  Carla oversees CEI's state policy work and develops new CEI initiatives.  Current priorities include improving opportunities for New Americans and other groups who are not fully participating in the labor force, promoting policies that create quality jobs, as well as encouraging the development of high-speed broadband throughout Maine.   A report she coauthored "Building Maine's Economy:  How Maine can Embrace Immigrants and Strengthen Maine's Economy" led to building a coalition and developing legislation this session to support immigrant integration into the workforce.

Kristin McLaren holds a PH.D. in the Social Scientific Study of Religion from the University of Ottawa in Canada, and is a Social Science Lecturer at UMA rece.  Her recent publications relate to the immigrant experience. As an immigrant to Maine herself, she has always thrived working in intercultural contexts and is a proud supporter of the Capital Area New Mainers Project's (CANMP) to support a healthy, diverse community in and around Augusta.  She is a current board member and Family Mentor Team Leader with this organization.  She and her family presently live in Winthrop.  

Our third speaker is Ahmed Al Abbas, became an
interpreter for the American military in Baghdad. Because he helped the Americans, he and his family endured many threats until he managed to get a special immigrant visa to come to the U. S. He is now a successful small business owner in Lewiston.

The program will be moderated by Chuck Acker, Chairman of the Forum on the Future Committee and former Chair of the UMASC Board of Directors.

Forum on the Future is FREE and open to the public.  For information about the Forums and other UMASC activities, please e.mail us at or call 621-355

University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn Senior College

Maine's Early Female Physicians

Speaker:  Annette Vance Dorey

November 9, 2017 - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM 
Who were Maine's Dr Bramwells? Find out on November 9th at Lewiston Auburn Senior College
Who knew that Maine women had entered the medical profession as physicians over 150 years ago? Was there more than a half dozen? The next Food for Thought will be an opportunity to learn the real story.

Annette Vance Dorey will speak about her research and the book that emerged about the many Maine women graduates of medical schools in a male dominated profession. Who were these women? Why did they leave Maine?

Dorey has been a lifelong educator, teaching all grades and ages in various states and nations. She is a former professor in teacher education at the University of New Brunswick. Since settling in Lewiston, she also has worked abroad teaching educators and students in Lithuania and Poland.

The public is invited to join members of Senior College for this presentation at the Lewiston Campus, University of Southern Maine, 51 Westminster Street, Room 170.

Lunch is $8 by reservation only. 

Please note the day of this event is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, due to the building closed on Friday, November  10 for the holiday!  

Reservations must be made by noon on Tuesday, November 7 by calling the Senior College Information Line at 753-6510. The phone line will not be checked after 12:00 noon that day and late calls will be considered "at the door". 

Those without a reservation may purchase a lunch at the Café LA and are welcome to listen to the speaker.

Submitted by Mary Jane Beardsley, USM Senior College at Lewiston-Auburn
Midcoast Senior College Presents: 
The DaPonte String Quartet 
Free & for the Public
Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick
Friday, November 10, 2017 at 12:15.  

Midcoast Senior College is pleased to present The DaPonte String Quartet in a performance and discussion that is free and open to the public at Curtis Memorial Library on Friday, November 10, 2017 at 12:15.

The musical program is titled "Meaning in Music," and will feature an intimate look at Prokofiev's Second String Quartet. The sponsored event is offered to the public by Midcoast Senior College, a non-profit organization that provides area seniors with low-cost, high-quality educational and learning opportunities.

For information, please contact:

Contact Midcoast Senior College. 
10 Tibbetts Drive., 
Suite 210 Brunswick, 
ME 04011

Tel: 207-725-4900

Concerts-at-Jewett"Concerts at Jewett" 
An Afternoon with Paul Sullivan at UMA Jewett Auditorium. 
Sunday, November 19, 2017, 2PM
(Snow date December 3)

Paul Sulllivan has performed in Carnegie Hall, Siberia, and Leonard Bernstein's living room. He has written scores for dance companies (including Pilobolus and the Rockettes), played in many of New York's most famous jazz clubs, and taught music at both Yale University and the Brooklin, ME elementary school. He has released 20 CDs, and was awarded a Grammy in 2006 for his work with the Paul Winter Consort. Best of all, Paul and his wife live in Maine. 

Tickets: $10, $5 student, 12 and under free at the door or at our ticket outlets: Pat's Pizza of Augusta and Dave's Appliance in Winthrop.

More Information/mail order: 
Phone: 207-621-3551. 

Media contact: Irene Forster - 445-5227 

Antibiotic Awareness Week is November 13-19th.

This year, Antibiotic Awareness Week is November 13-19th. Antibiotic resistance is one of the world's most serious health threats. The CDC estimates each year in the USA, over two million people become infected and at least 23,000 people die because of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. This has largely been driven by inappropriate use of antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance can affect anyone, at any age. However, senior citizens are at higher risk. Many seniors engage in group activities such as traveling and volunteering, which can increase their exposure to infectious agents. Many seniors are likely to be hospitalized or live in long-term care facilities where infections are common. High rates of infections mean there is an increased use of antibiotics among residents and a higher chance of antibiotic resistant infections.


There are steps that you can take to protect yourself: 

  • Talk to your doctor about when antibiotics will and will not help. 
  • Only take antibiotics when prescribed by a doctor Wash your hands regularly 
  • Stay up to date on vaccinations. 
  • Cook and refrigerate foods properly. 
We all play a role in the fight to save these lifesaving antibiotics. For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Submitted by Catie Peranzi, Health Educator, Infectious Disease. Phone: (207) 287-5193 

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Preserve ~ Promote ~ Protect

Iranian Films Dazzle Gold LEAFers

The Fish Fall in Love film poster

Over the months of September and October, a classroom of Gold LEAF me mbers were able to enjoy a series of excellent films from the country of Iran. Iranian film directors have won many awards at major international film festivals, and seven of those productions were sampled and viewed by the group.

Iranian film director Tahmineh Milani

Iranian directors are considered most original in terms of direction, themes and acting.  The country also boasts more women in the film industry than any other cinema in the world.  Iran's women write the screenplays and then search for appropriate actors to cast.  The director of two of the films was Tahmineh Milani, the country's premier woman director. The series was presented by Eric Hooglund who has offered a wide variety of programs to Gold LEAF members over the years.  Eric is fluent in Persian, which he learned in the Peace Corps, and he has had a full career teaching and active in issues related to Iran.  The films were in Persian with English subtitles. 

A discussion followed each film, and involved the insights on Iranian society. The final film "The Fish Fall in Love" held several twists in plot and wove the characters together. The group noticed a theme of miscommunication, which was successful in allowing the viewers to in some ways draw their own conclusions as to the ending. Ali Raffi was the writer and director of the final film. Unfortunately (or not) the film was filled with fabulous restaurant and food scenes. The Iranian dishes were extremely inviting to behold leaving everyone quite hungry upon leaving! 
Submitted by Eileen Kreutz, The Gold LEAF Institute

The University of Southern Maine

2nd Annual W.E.B. DuBois Lecture on Race and Democracy Presents:

November 6 
Reception: 5:00pm, Program 6:00 
Location: Hannaford Hall, Portland Campus

Guest Lecturer: Brian Purnell 
Purnell is the Geoffrey Canada associate professor of Africana Studies and History at Bowdoin College. He is the author of Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings: The Congress of Racial Equality in Brooklyn, published by the University Press of Kentucky and winner of the New York Historical Association's Dixon Ryan Fox Manuscript Prize. A native of New York City, he lives in Brunswick, Maine, with his wife, Leana Amaez, and their four children.

Sponsors:  Gloria S. Duclos Convocation Committee, Department of History and Political Science, Race and Ethnic Studies Minor, Honors Program
University of Southern Maine and 
Maine College of Art Presents the 

The Hidden Half by Tahmineh Milani - 5:30PM in Wishcamper 133 
The Music Man (Santouri) by Dariush Mmehrju - 5:45PM in Wishcamper 211 

No One Knows About Persian Cats by Bahman Ghobadi - 5:30PM at Maine College of Art

A Moment of Innocence by Mohsen Makhmalbaf - 5:45PM at Maine College of Art 

The Song of Sparrows by Majid Majidi - 5:30PM in Wishcamper 133 

Marooned in Iraq by Bahman Ghobadi - 5:45PM in Wischamper 211
AARP Maine

MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT: Don't Miss Out on Making Changes to Your Coverage

Medicare Open Enrollment is the only time of the year when over 290,000 Medicare recipients in Maine can review and make changes to their Medicare coverage. October 15th through December 7th is Medicare Open Enrollment season and any changes you make will be in place on January 1, 2018.
During open enrollment you can:
  1. Join a Medicare Prescription Drug plan;
  2. Switch from one Medicare Prescription Drug plan to another Medicare Prescription Drug plan;
  3. Change from a Medicare Advantage plan back to Original Medicare;
  4. Switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another Medicare Advantage plan;
  5. Switch from a Medicare Advantage plan that doesn't offer drug coverage to another Medicare Advantage plan that offers drug coverage;
  6. Switch from a Medicare Advantage plan that offers drug coverage to another Medicare Advantage plan that doesn't offer drug coverage; or
  7. Switch from Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) to a Medicare Advantage plan.

You can also download AARP's flyer!

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Images Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Illustration for Antibiotic Awareness Week:
Guillaume de Digulleville, Pilgrimage of human life; Pilgrimage of the Soul Source: National Library of France, Department of Manuscripts, French 829, fol. 89r.

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