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"Big Pink Heart" - Early 20th century Valentine's Day card. (1910)

In this issue, Midcoast Senior College share the sad news of the passing of their Board President, the lovely James Wilkes. He will be greatly missed by everyone at Midcoast SC.

The Gold LEAF Institute has sent in a report that addresses the very foundations of Maine. Read "An Explorer's Life: Mysteries and Minerals in Maine and Beyond" and consider the weather of Morocco. (Perhaps we can move back?)

Senior College Listings Around the State
I know we can't attend all these great events without a helicopter but reading about Senior College offerings is inspiring.

February 6 and 13
Winter Wisdom Lecture Series 2019 - Midcoast SC

February 8
"Dark Skies over Maine" with Edward Gleason - Food for Thought. Lewiston-Auburn SC  

February 10
"The Boneheads" - UMA Concerts at Jewett

FEBRUARY 12, & 26,
"February Sandwich Seminars"Downeast Senior College

February 20, 2019
The Gary Sullivan Lecture SeriesYork County Senior College

Additional Events

February 22, 23, 24, 2019
32nd Annual Camden Conference 

Looking Ahead
June 13 & 14
 "Where Policy Meets Practice"
29th Annual Maine Geriatrics Conference

Program Director. Maine Senior College Network

JimWilkesMidcoastSCMidcoast Senior College

 Jim Wilkes

Midcoast SC Mourn the Loss of their President

It is with deepest sorrow that we announce that Midcoast Senior College president, Jim Wilkes, passed away following a brief illness. His loss, both personally and for the organization, is immeasurable. He was committed to MSC and we will strive to honor his memory by continuing his work and vision. Jim joined the board in 2014 and served as vice president before becoming the president of Midcoast Senior College.

MSC vice president, Douglas Bates, has taken on the role of president. Annie Miller will become vice president.

Submitted by Donna Marshall, Midcoast Senior College

Pangea-GoldLEAFGold LEAF Institute

An Explorer's Life: Mysteries and Minerals in Maine and Beyond

Above: Map of Pangaea with modern continental outlines
Pangea was a captivating topic during a January Gold LEAF class entitled "
An Explorer's Life: Mysteries and Minerals in Maine and Beyond."  Over 50 participants had the pleasure of learning from Geologist John F. Slack whose work has uncovered ancient traces of life amongst the rocks of the globe including here in Maine.

It fact, it is in Isleboro, Maine that the oldest rock in the Appalachian chain has been discovered.  Even more astounding, the type of rock in the Isleboro area is also found in Coastal Africa, specifically in Morocco. At this point, John talked about Pangea, and the period when the continents were basically one mass of land surrounded by water. We watched a dramatic video segment showing this supercontinent breaking up and separating. The display included an illustration of how the coast of Maine originally fitted snugly into the upper coast of Africa.   

After a quick review of geological basics and methods of discovery, the presentation covered minerals and how they affect our everyday lives.  Critical minerals for green technology (and such things as our cell phones) were looked at in detail, and many of the attendees participated in the following discussions.   After a break, John shared some photos of his "adventures" from Africa to the ocean's depths.

John Slack chatting to Gold LEAFers

It was noted that John Slack is a retiree, and a member of the Gold LEAF Institute, but colleagues in his field tell him repeatedly that he has "failed retirement".  It is common to hear him teased as he currently works on many articles at once, with presentations in far-flung places. For more on his (and his colleagues) discoveries, go to the Spring 2017 edition of Nature magazine:  Evidence for early life in Earth's oldest hydrothermal vent precipitates - PubMed - NCBI

Under John's guidance it was absorbing to think about the oldest fossils on Earth, and thus the implications for the origin of life.  John ended by providing a list of online resources with which to continue research and understanding.  There was much gratitude expressed for the time and energy John brought to this event.  Gold LEAFers  left the room looking forward to hearing more from John in future classes.

Submitted by Eileen Kreutz, The Gold LEAF Institute
University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn Senior College Presents:

Food for Thought Luncheon Series
Guest Speaker: Edward Gleason
Topic: "Dark Skies over Maine"
February 8, 2019
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Edward Gleason, Director of Southworth Planetarium at USM Portland 

The University of Maine Southworth Planetarium is on a quest to discover whether another planet exists beyond Pluto! Scientists have discovered more than 3,400 exoplanets. An exoplanet is a planet around another star. Many astronomers believe this planet exists! Whether you are a die hard Star Trek fan or simply interested in astronomy, this Food For Thought talk/ luncheon is for you. We are excited to have this intelligent and witty astronomer with us!

Edward Gleason has been the Director of Southworth Planetarium at USM Portland since 1999. Mr. Gleason's journey toward his passion is described as follows; "When Edward Gleason was in third grade, he and his classmates visited their local planetarium to watch a show about the solar system. During the live presentation that followed, the presenter asked the class many questions. One child in the class eagerly raised his hand each time and impressed the presenter by correctly answering each question and exhibiting a true passion for the topic. Edward Gleason was fast asleep in the chair next to him." Lucky for us Edward found his passion as a high school student after a trip to the Harvard University Planetarium. "Ever since, Edward has been engaged in astronomy education: teaching classes, writing articles, presenting planetarium shows, and visiting outside venues to cram astronomy down the throats of the innocent and unsuspecting."

The cost of the luncheon is $8.00 per person by RESERVATION ONLY and must be made by noon on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

Senior College reservation line is 753-6510 please follow the prompts.

Those without a reservation can purchase a lunch at Café LA on campus and are welcome to listen to the speaker for free.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. for lunch and the program is from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.

MidcoastWinterWisdomMidcoast Senior College Present:

Winter Wisdom 2019

Free & Open To The Public!
Curtis Memorial Library & UUC Brunswick

Wednesdays, 12:15 - 1:45 pm

Sponsored by The Highlands
30 Governor's Way, Topsham, ME

Fragment of wall fresco showing a hunter and stag at the Palace of Nestor

February 6: Greece Before the Odyssey: Myth and Realities 
In Book 3 of the Odyssey, Homer describes the royal palace of King Nestor at Pylos, in southwestern Greece. This talk will explore the Bronze Age reality behind that epic vision - the earliest Greek history we possess - from the discovery of Nestor's palace in 1939, to current excavations in Iklaina, one of the towns in his kingdom. Cynthia W. Shelmerdine is Robert M. Armstrong Centennial Professor of Classics, emerita at the University of Texas at Austin, and a Research Associate in Classics at Bowdoin College. Her main research focuses on Aegean Bronze Age archaeology, and the language, history and society of Mycenaean Greece. She was educated at Bryn Mawr College, Cambridge University and Harvard University (Ph.D. 1977).

February 13: Twice A Day Island: The Peterson Canal at New Meadows 
Sometimes referred to as the "canal to nowhere," this project was constructed by hand in the 1790's with the expressed purpose of connecting the New Meadows River with Merrymeeting Bay. Its purpose was to allow the transport of logs cut along the Kennebec and Androscoggin Rivers to sawmills on the New Meadows River. This talk will review the origins and history of this project and the people who built it. Brenda Cummings is a native of Phippsburg, studied philosophy and history at Antioch College, is a Certified Maine Assessor, and is City Assessor of Bath. Timothy Richter is a native of Bath and received his B.S. in Education/History from UMF. Both serve on boards of Phippsburg Land Trust and Bath Historical Society and lead the annual Peterson Canal walk. 

February 20: Longfellow Days

February 27: Snow Make-up Day

Submitted by Donna Marshall, Midcoast Senior College

Downeast Senior College
February Sandwich Seminars 
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, & 26, 2019
12:00 Noon at Ellsworth City Hall

 Ellsworth City Hall the location for the Downeast Senior College "February Sandwich Seminars"

FEBRUARY 12 from 12:00PM to 1 :00PM
Glenn M. Moshier, Chief of Police, Ellsworth Police Department 

Chief Glenn M. Moshier
Chief Glenn M. Moshier will speak on the role of the Police Department in  the community, with emphasis on the "Friendly Visitors Program", and  will answer questions. 

This Seminar will be held in the Auditorium. 

Contact person: Peggy Emigh 422-9006

FEBRUARY 26 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM IMMIGRATION: A better understanding of immigration through the lens of the Bangor Sister Cities Project
Logo for U.S.- El Salvador Sister Cities Program

Presenters: Kathryn Kates and Dennis Chinoy of the Bangor Sister Cities Project will offer a Powerpoint presentation of their Sister Cities group experience with the people in the community of Carasque in El Salvador.  They  will share their interest, knowledge, and understanding of the people of Carasque to help us all better understand the circumstances and reasons why so many people from various countries in Central America are willing to risk their lives to find ways to immigrate to the United States by whatever means possible. 

This Seminar will be held in the Council Chambers.
Contact person: Linda Hayman 537-2226

University of Maine at Augusta Senior College Presents:

Concerts at Jewett
"The Boneheads"
UMA Jewett Auditorium, 
Sunday, February 10, 2019, 2PM
(Snow date: February 24th)

The Boneheads

The Boneheads are made up of Bob Colwell (keyboards, vocals), Scott Eliot (bass, guitar, vocals), Dickie-Doo Hollis (drums, vocals), and Steve Jones (guitar, vocals). Based in southern Maine, this popular group's unique blend of roots music includes folk, rock, blues, country, Cajun and soul. They have a full complement of original material in addition to an extensive playlist of covers and enjoy mixing things up and surprising the audience. The Boneheads date from 1991 and have put out a number of albums that have been consistently praised by major publications. They have been described as a band of honest musicians doing what they love.
  • Tickets are $10, students $5, 12 & under free.
  • Tickets are available at Dave's Appliance in Winthrop and at the door. 
  • Call 621-3551, or email  for more information or for mail order tickets.
  • You can also visit the Concerts at Jewett Website.
The next concert is Sunday, March 10, 2019, 2PM - "The Sandy River Ramblers" (Snow date: March 24th)

York County Senior College Presents:

The Gary Sullivan Lecture Series
Wednesday February 20, 2019

Kotzsch In A Box - Lecturer: Elsa Geskus 
Above: The Kotzschmar Organ at Merrill Auditorium

The Kotzschmar Organ is a true community icon transcending Portland's city limits. Elsa Geskus, educational director of The Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ, will demonstrate its majesty with a two-octave, two-rank mechanical action pipe organ. 

- LUNCH - 

Battling Opioids - Lecturer: Chief Bob Mackenzie 

Kennebunk's police chief, Bob MacKenzie, will present to us a 30-minute video, "Point of No Return." The Chief is the video's producer and has shown it to audiences in 34 states. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and persists as an intrepid warrior against under-age drinking. 

All lectures to be given at Denis Hall on the campus of The Brothers of Christian Instruction
133 Shaker Hill Rd., Alfred, ME (off Rt. 202)


The program offers:
A coffee/pastry registration 9:00 - 9:30 a.m.
A delicious lunch!  11:30 a.m -12:30 p.m

Total cost for the day's program: 
($20 members / $25 non-members). 

(No confirmation will be made) 
Fee payable at the door-cash or check-payable to
York County Shelter Program.

Next Month's Lecture:
March 20 
Hidden Wonders of Korea - Lecturer:  Kim Jae Woong
Coral Triangle - Lecturers: Monica & Bill Grabin

CamdenConferenceThe Camden Conference

32nd Annual Camden Conference
February 22, 23, 24, 2019
Live Venue: Camden Opera House - $275

Streaming Venues:
  • Strand Theatre, Rockland - $150
  • Hutchinson Center, Belfast - $150
  • Luther Bonney Hall,USM, Portland - $150

As China emerges as a major global power, it faces complex challenges in its domestic economic, social, environmental and political affairs and its relations with Asian neighbors, the United States and the broader international community. Chinese investment on all continents is both welcomed and regarded with some anxiety, while Chinese diplomatic intervention has been essential to stability on the Korean peninsula. Taking an active role in shaping global dialogues, China is now attracting European as well as Asian nations to new multilateral institutions. In Beijing, the absolute authority of the Chinese Communist Party has been reconfirmed, and President Xi now has the option to remain his country's leader for as long as he wishes. "Chinese wisdom and a Chinese approach to solving the problems facing mankind" can help solve global problems, says President Xi. But is China ready for global leadership? And as its global role expands, by intention or by default, what will that mean for the United States, for Japan, India, Russia and other neighboring nations?

Expert presenters from China, East Asia, Europe, and the U.S. will describe and analyze these challenges. Drawing on their extensive professional and personal experiences, the speakers will explore a wide range of topics: issues and expectations within Chinese society today; the dramatic reduction in overall poverty and the rise of a middle class; the roles of the Chinese Communist Party and its leadership; the outlook for China's economy, long fueled by exports and substantial foreign investment; China's aspirations in technology and innovation; the environmental impact of China's industrial expansion and its role in addressing climate change worldwide; relations with neighboring countries in Northeast and Southeast Asia; and current and future U.S.-China relations, including controversies over trade, human rights, and the U.S. role in the stability and security of the Asia-Pacific region.

Text above reproduced from the Camden Conference website

For more information visit the Camden Conference website

"Where Policy Meets Practice"
June 13 & 14, 2019 (Thurs & Fri) 
Harborside Hotel, Bar Harbor, Maine

For more information visit: UNE Website
UMaine Center on Aging Newsletter:

UMaine Aging Research Emerging Area Update
February 2019, Volume 6, Issue 2


Winter  2019 Classes

University of Southern Maine Aging Initiative

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