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March 2014 Edition
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Maine's Roll of Honor

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Can AmeriCorps VISTA Help Your Agency? 


The Maine VISTA Project is recruiting nonprofit, municipal, county, and educational agencies to serve as placement/host sites.  AmeriCorps VISTA members increase capacity and build sustainability of their host organizations to more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty.


Interested?  Register to participate in an informational webinar on April 4th or to receive information about serving as a placement/host with the Maine VISTA Project.


AmeriCorps VISTA members build capacity in their placement sites, also known as Host Sites that provide services in one of the six focus areas of the Corporation for National & Community Service:  Economic Opportunity, Education, Disaster Services, Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Futures, and Veterans & Military Families.


The Maine VISTA Project is currently accepting applications from nonprofit/faith-based organizations and public agencies in Maine interested in hosting AmeriCorps VISTA members.

FMI about AmeriCorps VISTA, 

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Honor Your Volunteers in a Public, Fun Way!


Do you know a Maine volunteer? It's the season to say "Thanks" to them and the Sea Dogs, Unum, and Maine Commission for Community Service want to help you do that.   


Volunteer Appreciation Night
April 29, 2014, 6:00 pm 
Portland Sea Dogs vs Reading Fightin Phils


The Pre-game Ceremony will recognize Maine's Volunteers - especially those named to the 2014 Roll of Honor.


Anyone can purchase a ticket and present it as a "thank you" to a volunteer. Don't know a volunteeer? Give the ticket to a school principal or nonprofit program or library so they can give it to one of their volunteers.  


For ticket information and online purchasing, use THIS LINK to go to's page about Volunteer Appreciation Night.
volunteer appreciation night poster 
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person reading Coffee Reading

This month's reading suggestions aims to look at the context in which volunteer programs work. If you come across an interesting bit that would inform your colleagues, please forward to us at the address at the end! We'll add it to the "Coffee Reading" in future issues. 


Measures of Growth 2014

The 20th edition was published by the Maine Economic Growth Council on March 11. This set of 27 indicators measures Maine's progress towards long-term, sustainable economic growth.


For volunteer programs, they give context to the community needs service aims to address.


This year, the report added "Food Insecurity" as a community health and wellness indicator. To browse the online report, use THIS LINK -- note there is an eBook version for electronic readers.


Citings - Questions to Ask Before You Believe

In a recent set of exchanges on an evaluation list serve, there were references to a Chronicle of Philanthropy article by Phil Buchanan, President of the Center for Effective Philanthropy. After a close look, it seemed worth including in this month's reading because there is a lot of push among funders to cite research that proves a service carried out to solve a local problem is effective.


Mr. Buchanan suggests there are 5 simple questions to ask about nonprofit research. It's another 10 minute read that is very thought provoking! Use THIS LINK to reach it. 


Poverty and Opportunity: Begin with Facts

This Brookings Institute post by Social Scientist Ron Haskins was recently highlighted in an email from the Corporation for National and Community Service. It is a commentary on President Johnson's War on Poverty which was launched 50 years ago.


About half way through the post, is this interesting section: "Powerful Forces Pushing Poverty and Mobility in the Wrong Direction." The whole piece is about a 10 minute read. See what you think - the article can be found using THIS LINK

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April 2014 - Maine's Volunteer Roll of Honor!


National Volunteer Week kicks off a month long celebration of the contributions volunteers make to communities, the State of Maine, and our nation. This year, the national week of recognition is April 6-12.


Keep your eyes peeled for the April 7 recognition of Maine's Roll of Honor! The nearly 800 people added to the Roll of Honor each served between 500 and 2,000 hours last year.

  Bangor Daily News logo      

 In recognition of their service, the Bangor Daily News is sponsoring a 2-page "Thank You" in the April 7 edition.  

AND ....  portland sea dogs      

The Portland Sea Dogs are presenting each Roll of Honor member with a ticket to Volunteer Appreciation Night where they will be honored on the field during a pre-game ceremony.


Thank You, Volunteers! Bangor Daily News! Portland Sea Dogs!  

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2014 Planning Committee Members Needed



The 2014 Planners for the Conference start work next month. The conference is planned by managers of volunteers for managers of volunteers.

Who already signed up to help??
David Wihry (Conference chair), Susan Hand and Kimberly Petrey (Girl Scouts of Maine), Lisa Suarez (Neighbor to Neighbor, Washington County), Becky Jasch (Literacy Volunteers of Somerset and Franklin Counties), and Crystle Lee Martin (Parkview Adventist Medical Center).

They need more colleagues!

Committees include presenter recruitment, sponsorships, registration, outreach and promotion. Meetings are monthly by teleconference with tasks between meetings. No travel required!

To volunteer, send an email by April 4 to