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August Newsletter 2022

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August sometimes feels like the Sunday of summer but there is still plenty of time to enjoy the last few weeks of this magnificent season. We at OEI will happily bask in the sunshine while it lasts as we enjoy some of our favorite outdoor activities.  

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4th Annual OEI Fishing Derby 2022 Recap

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Operation Reboot Outdoors partnered up with OEI for a great day of fishing!

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Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm

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Bunny Therapy

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Welcome our new horse friends, Pixie & Cricket, to the Rising Stars Farm family!

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Getting to know a few of the farm friends during a "Meet & Greet" session

The Cupcakery Cafe & Bake Shop

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Interested in the cake-decorating business? Or need some extra cash?

The Cupcakery is now hiring for a part-time bakery associate!

Alternate weekends, on-call

Driver's license required for delivering delicious goodies

Eager learners and those with prior experience with cake/cookie decorating are welcome!

Visit the bakery at 56 Sabattus St. in Lewiston or call 207-784-2253 (CAKE) for more information or to fill out an application.


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Starfish Greenhouse

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Just a few of the lovely sites in and around our greenhouse and gardens. How does your garden grow?

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10 Things To Do In Your Garden In August

Out & About In The Community

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Learning about different trades at, Region 9 School of Applied Technology

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All smile at Roy's!

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But first, ice cream  

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Pausing to enjoy the scenery

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Enjoying lunch in the park 

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Making friends at a waterfront concert

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Getting our daily steps in at the track

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Lunch just tastes better outdoors

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Building Community Connections at The Greater Rumford Community Center

OEI Bath Community BBQ 2022

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Welcome Team Members

Adey Hassan – Direct Support Professional

Tania Collette – Direct Support Professional

Hodan Mahamoud – Direct Support Professional

Mackenzi Melanson – Direct Support Professional

Kaltuma Jibril – Direct Support Professional

Muyombi Umba – Direct Support Professional

Bibiana Sousa – Direct Support Professional

Hawo Ekad – Direct Support Professional

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Employee Highlight

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Vicky Lamothe is the Administrative Assistant in the Augusta office here at OEI. She has been an incredibly welcome addition to the team since her very first day! She is kind, approachable and always willing to lend a hand to make things easier for everyone. She reorganized the storage and supplies so they were more accessible and learned how to navigate our systems very quickly. You can always depend on her to be attentive to details. She cares deeply about ensuring that employees, managers and case managers feel welcome and have what they need at their fingertips. Our participants can always depend on her to reassure them or help them to find answers to questions. Anytime someone has a question or a need she sees that it gets addressed by helping them to find the resources they need or to connect to the right person. Thank you Vicky for everything you do to make OEI a great place to be!

Kindness Activity

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July Recap:

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Our Kindness Activity for July was to “Build Community Connections while having fun!”

Some of the fun ideas we chose to build connections:

• Participated in/attended a community activity or event. Have fun while meeting someone new!

• Cheered on our local sports team/s!

• Wrote an encouraging note to a community official or a service person in our community.

• Volunteered in the local community ( food bank, library, etc..)

• Ate locally and left a thank you note to the wait staff with their tip.

• Invited someone for coffee or a walk

• Took a fun class to meet other community members.

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Building Community Connections with the Peru Fire Department

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