The Addition of THIOGUARD® Boosts liquid & SURFACE pH levels, PREVENTING the acidic conditions that speed up
and encourage corrosion.

By reducing the acidity in your system, you'll reduce corrosion dramatically, in some cases by as much as 100X, when compared to other treatments. Thioguard® is typically added through a single Feed Unit, and provides "corrosion-controlling" benefits throughout your system, from collection system source to treatment plant discharge.

The measured surface pH can then be used to correlate corrosion rate and subsequently, remaining years of useful life of a concrete structure.

The use of Thioguard® by direct addition has been demonstrated to elevate surface pH from a highly corrosive pH=0-2 up to a more desirable range of pH=5-9.

In many cases, current water treatment practices actually exacerbate corrosion!

STOP ADDING to Your Corrosion Problems.
START ADDING the Solution - thioguard®.

Thioguard is the ONLY commonly used product that has a direct mechanism to PREVENT CORROSION. The benefits of adding Thioguard® to your treatment processes are not limited to the prevention or reduction of corrosion. You will also benefit from a reduction in the formation of sludge - significantly reducing your handling and transportation costs.  The benefits are numerous and system-wide, making Thioguard® the Practical Choice for your system.