Hey there!

Well hello…and happy summer!

Would you believe it if I told you that I’ve only left the house  once  in 90-something days?!? Sometimes I can’t believe it, either, but I’m strangely ok with it!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that I’ve had SO much more time to connect with people via Zoom than I would if I was going to meet up in person. I’ve heard of some people getting ‘Zoom burnout’, but that is definitely not me! I love connecting and talking and listening.

I think that’s actually something that makes BB&A stand out from others – we’re all about that connection. I want to get to know you and your business. I want to understand who you are and what you need. I want to be your partner in this thing called business!

Even if you’re staying at home, I urge you to get outside, to enjoy your days, and to soak up some summer sun. :)
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Beth's Blog Series
Tips for Financial Success

A wise woman (read: me) once said, “Don’t put off to tomorrow what’s due today.”

Actually, I’ve said it more than once. More like a gazillion times.

Yes, I know, you have your reasons why you haven’t done your books. Trust me. I’m not new here. I’ve heard them all.

I also know that the problem with getting your books done is that nothing feels like it’s due.

Until it’s an emergency, that is.

A bookkeeping emergency? What’s that?

There are lots of emergencies when it comes to bookkeeping. The most common is when you need to apply for a loan. Many businesses faced this cold, harsh reality while trying to qualify for payroll protection loans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Important Updates

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My first video is all about Venmo. It's a great tool for small businesses to accept payment, right? Not so fast. There are a few things you need to know before your next client pays you.

Small Biz Spotlight


Are you struggling to get client testimonials as a way to attract more customers? Well, rock-star copywriter, Judi McLaughlin, AKA Judi 411 knows the solution: As your  Testimonial Scribe , Judi captures the stories of your business wins so you can win more business. 

Good client testimonials are the secret sauce of sales conversion! Research shows that testimonials can increase conversions on sales pages by up to 34%. That's no joke. But you know the drill...your client gushes about you at the end of a project, so you ask them for a testimonial and they say, "but of course!" Then...crickets. Or WORSE, they send you one that's brief, blah, and boring. NOTHING like what they said on the phone. It doesn’t have to go down this way. 

In a simple process that can easily be woven into your current sales cycle, Judi will:  
  • Interview your client to capture the transformational moments that your client experienced by working with you
  • Craft the testimonial in their voice (which they will then approve) 
  • Provide the polished product to you to share far and wide on your website, in your newsletters, and on your social media. 

Right now, all Blaney & Associates newsletter subscribers can snag a great deal:  $197 for a testimonial , a huge savings from the standard price of $397! Signing up is easy! Email Judi at  judi@judi411.com  and she'll get those customers ready to testify!
Beth's Favorite Things

How many times have you written important information, say a new client's last name or what time to pick up your kids (oops!), on a sticky note and accidentally thrown it away? Guilty. Now, I use mcSquares stickies and don't have to worry about my reminders ending up in trash. McSquares are reusable sticky notes with a white board finish. They stick to nearly every surface without leaving residue behind so I can move them around wherever needed. Plus, I save money and trees by using mcSquares instead of paper. It's a win-win! Check out their website to order.
At Beth Blaney & Associates our top concern is providing small businesses and solopreneurs freedom from the number-crunching and office work that pulls them from their fields of expertise. We relieve our clients of the demands of running an office so that they can find freedom to focus on what they love to do. We alleviate the stress and chaos that can accompany bookkeeping and office tasks. We also keep up with new regulations so you don't have to!

Email: beth@bethblaney.com
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