Parking Garages Present Unique Maintenance Challenges

Fully exposed to the elements and facing the added wear of vehicle loads, parking garages can present unique maintenance challenges. Having a comprehensive maintenance program in place provides owners with routine preventive measures to verify their parking structure remains functional throughout its service life . LEARN MORE >
$10,000 Awarded for Hurricane Relief
“Terracon is pleased to support Heart to Heart in its efforts to provide hurricane relief services to the communities where our employee owners and clients live and work,” said Gayle Packer, Terracon president. "We value the opportunity to give back to those who need critical assistance at this time."
Around the Water Cooler
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New Application of Established Technique
Slip-form structures have been in use since the early twentieth century for storage silos, grain elevators, and other structures. Today, when constructed with the appropriate materials, these structures are being effectively used to build sand silos for oil fracking. Read more >
Reducing Subsurface Risk 
We are helping EPC and utility owners by connecting existing historical geotechnical data near potential project sites with a local geotechnical engineer’s knowledge to render a prediction of expected geotechnical conditions, without the time associated with intrusive studies.   Read more >
Improving ESA Efficiency 
Saving time and money on your next environmental site assessment just got a little easier. Terracon's Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Field App allows assessors to be more efficient while conducting the site reconnaissance and completing report writing for Phase I ESAs.  Read more >
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