Roll-Rings are found operating in mission critical applications such as the SPS-48E radar system aboard aircraft carriers and the AN/APX-134 Big Look airborne radar aboard EP-3E aircraft for the US Navy, in the Patriot Missile System, in military helicopters, in military and civilian Air Traffic Control radar systems globally, in weather radar systems and in spacecraft mechanisms such as the European Space Agency’s MetOp2 weather satellite.
Benefits of Diamond Roll-Rings

  • Maintenance Free
  • Long Life
  • Milliamp to 2,400+ Amps
  • Very Low Torque
  • Shock Resistant
  • Low Signal Noise
  • Data Transfer Rates
  • 0 - 3,000 rpm
  • High Transfer Efficiency
  • Custom Designs
A number of significant military, government, defense prime, commercial and space mechanism customers have chosen Roll-Rings for their mission critical applications.
The same customers, including NASA, the US Navy, and Airbus, have subjected Roll-Rings to full qualification testing. Each one of these clients cited long-life performance as compared to slip rings as their reason for selecting Roll-Rings.
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