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Dear Friends of Maitri,

In addition to our regular quarterly newsletter articles and updates, I am pleased to share our Fiscal 2014 Annual Report (for the period ended June 30, 2014) reflecting three important trends:

  • Maitri's financial performance continues to improve. Revenue is up and spending is down, resulting in an increase in our net assets by more than $100,000. This follows many years of deficits and fiscal 2013's more modest positive net performance. For details, please view our Audited Financial Statements and 990 Tax Form. Fiscal 2014's improved financials enabled us to provide the largest staff merit increases in Maitri's history last month, making up for many years of no pay increases due to our challenged financial state.

  • We have enhanced our nursing care. In order to provide even better nursing care for our residents, we now employ two full-time Registered Nurses (RNs) versus the prior single RN leadership approach. This allows for better clinical collaboration, more hands-on supervision of the nursing staff and an expanded RN presence at Maitri during times and days that a single individual could not possibly cover.

  • Our resident demographics continue to evolve. In fiscal 2014, a majority (51%) of our residents were 55 or older, with 41% being 61 or older. 27% of our residents arrived at Maitri homeless, versus 17% last year and 10% the year before. Clearly we are serving a much older resident population and many more homeless individuals than in the past, reflecting the changing face of the epidemic and the evolving needs of our community.

One thing that hasn't changed at Maitri is the love, compassion and dignity that we offer each of our
residents - whether here for end-of-life-care or for medical stabilization. We couldn't do any of this without the support of our dedicated donors, volunteers and staff. Thank you so much for making all of this possible.

Warm regards,

Michael Smithwick
Michael Smithwick
Executive Director

Audited results for fiscal year ended June 30, 2014

BOARD FOCUS: Walter Parsley

Walter with Michael Smithwick

You may already be familiar with Maitri's impressive staff of multi-disciplined professionals and our team of over 50 generous volunteers. Perhaps you've seen these hard working people in action, compassionately tending to our residents' needs. But behind the scenes, there is another group of highly dedicated individuals whose work is just as important to our success.

Maitri's Board of Directors is made up of nine individuals who volunteer their time and professional expertise to steering the organization's strategic direction. San Francisco has undergone a drastic transformation during our nearly 30 years of existence, and so have the dynamics of HIV/AIDS. As the needs of our residents continue to evolve, so does our model of care. We must always be ready to face new challenges.

Leading this charge is Walter Parsley, who has served as President of Maitri's Board of Directors since 2013. Walter first became involved with Maitri more than a decade ago, when he provided the organization with pro bono legal assistance in a real estate matter.

Walter was born and raised in Texas and moved to San Francisco in 1981 to attend law school. Right from the start of his legal career, he championed the rights of the underrepresented. "During the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, I represented members of ACT-UP and Queer Nation," says Walter. "As a gay man myself, I wanted to represent others who were, or felt, marginalized."

As Board President, Walter oversees the group's monthly meetings and works closely with committee chairs and Maitri's Executive Director to carry out the Board's directives. He also actively recruits individuals to join our committees and Board.

"What I look for in a potential board member is a demonstrated commitment to Maitri's mission, the ability to meaningfully contribute to one of our standing or ad hoc committees on an ongoing basis, and a cooperative temperament for working towards our common goals."

Maitri currently has two standing committees—one focused on finance, the other on development. "We are particularly interested in recruiting people who have deep experience in those areas," says Walter, who adds that prospective board members are asked to serve on a committee for six months before being considered for full membership. "However, I believe that a common trait among our diverse group of board members is a willingness to volunteer for tasks and execute them in a humble and fully committed way."

"Maitri is a small place that nevertheless has a huge impact on the lives of those who come through its doors," says Walter. By serving on our Board of Directors, individuals have the opportunity to leverage their professional experience to make a profound difference in the lives of men and women living with advanced AIDS.

If you or someone you know is interested in supporting Maitri through committee or Board service,
please reach out to us at

New Faces on Maitri's Board

Christina and her husband Brian

Christina Raymond is a writer and editor at RPX Corporation, an intellectual property consultancy. A former ballet dancer and teacher, she is also a freelance dance journalist. Christina holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from NYU, where she focused her studies on existentialism. She has long been an advocate for the Positive community, with a particular interest in HIV/AIDS care models. For several years, she was a weekly volunteer at Larkin Street Youth Services, working with at-risk youth who are HIV positive as well as assisting with development-related initiatives.

Christina recognized Maitri as a unique setting in which to leverage her interests and experience in Zen Buddhism, end-of-life ethics, and HIV/AIDS care. She joined Maitri as a direct-service volunteer in November 2013, became a member of our Development Committee a few months later, and was appointed as a Board Member late last year.

For Christina—who continues to serve as an emotional and practical support
volunteer—joining our Board of Directors provided an opportunity to advocate for the needs and interests of both our residents and volunteers while deepening her support for Maitri's mission.

Mark Wallace has enjoyed an expansive management career in the hospitality industry and is currently the General Manager of Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF. He holds a Political Science degree from Oregon State University and has also completed courses at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in Spain, and at the Culinary Institute of America. Mark began volunteering with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in 1990 and has served that organization in several fundraising and marketing roles. For the past four years, he has chaired the ADA's National Income Development Committee.

Mark was inspired to become a Maitri volunteer when he witnessed our compassionate care for a colleague who passed away here in 2012. "Every time I visited, I saw someone sitting at Jose's bedside, talking to him or holding his hand," recalls Mark. Since then, he has generously supported Maitri as a direct-service volunteer, donor, and as a member of our Development Committee. While Mark's professional and development experience made him an ideal candidate for joining our Board of Directors, his deeply personal connection to Maitri's mission is what has impressed us the most.

Mark with a resident


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Thank you for your tremendous support! We are grateful for the generosity of our wonderful donors during fiscal year
July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014.

Maitri is the only California hospice and 24 hour residential care facility completely dedicated to people living with AIDS. Since Issan Dorsey founded Maitri in 1987, Maitri has become a model institution, recognized across the United States and in 18 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe for the highest quality care. Last year, we earned a rating of "100%: Commendable/Exceeds Standards" rating from the San Francisco Department of Public Health.


TRANSCENDENT GRACE $25,000 - $49,999

California Pacific Medical Center / CPMC Foundation / Sutter Health
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
The San Francisco Foundation


WARMING SUNLIGHT $10,000 - $24,999

Academy of Friends  
The Apothecarium (RHMT, LCC)
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
The Dorian Fund
Kaiser Permanente
MAC AIDS Fund  Nancy Mahon  
Macy's Passport Fund
Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation
George H. Sandy Foundation
SPARC & Peace In Medicine
Sterling Bank & Trust


GENTLE BREEZE $5,000 - $9,999

The Bob Ross Foundation
The Richard Grand Foundation
James C. Hormel
Jim King
Nancy A. Nipper
Safeway, Inc.
The Sam Mazza Foundation
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund


REFRESHING RAIN $1,000 - $4,999

AHF Pharmacy
Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
Bank of the West
Kent H. & Dr. Chris Barnes
Eugene A. Baros & Theresa Pollock
Bears of San Francisco, Inc.
Paul Bollwinkel
Suzanne Bull
Patrick Burke
Gerald Cacciotti & Wai Poc
James Cassiol
Karl Christiansen
Community Thrift Store
Costco Wholesale
Javier Davila
David Fix
Kathleen Gallardo
Kenith Goodman
Paul R. Grippardi & Kevin Bentley
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Ted Hannig / Hannig Law
G. William Haskell & Robert L. Gordon
Kirsten Havrehed
Marcia Hooper
Ryan & Heidi Hudson
Robert Jacob

Dan Kelly Construction
Max C. Kirkeberg & Gabriel Proo
Kirk Kleinschmidt
George A. Labella Jr.
Eileen R. Lemus
Lee Magner
Clare M. Murphy
Paragon Real Estate Group
Law Offices of Walter Parsley
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Alan Ratliff
Alan Rider
Pauline Roothman
Sephora USA, Inc.
Mark A. Silva & Teddy D. Bolivar
Michael Smithwick & Jerry Wilder
St. Francis Lutheran Church
Barry Tereshkow & Andrew McConnell
Janet M. Thuesen
Under One Roof
Winston C. Vaughan, MD & Jeffrey Sallot
Mark Wallace
Wells Fargo Foundation
Sandra & Michael Whittle
Douglas C. Will
Carl Wolf


PURE AIR $500 - $999

Jane Abraham
Barbary Insurance Brokerage
Brian Bringardner
Thomas Casey
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Tin Do
Robert D. Dockendorff
The Doctors Company
Barbara Epremian, MD
Robert Fitzgerald & Jorge Herrero
Michael S. Furlow
Gap Foundation
Alan Gibbs
Thomas Given
Robert K. Glenn & Cecil Myers
Maitri K. J. Goonewardena
Joseph P. Grubb
Byron Hancock & Len Handeland
Chris Harris & Dr. Sally Hand
James Henry
Jean T. Johnson & Edward Egenias
Kaiser Permanente Community Giving
Mark D. Ketscher

Lazy Bear Fund
Local Independent Charities
Lanz Lowen & Blake Spears
Michelle M. Mongan
George Naylor
Michael P. Niemeyer
Alka Patel
Leonard R. Perillo
Christina & Brian Raymond
Thomas Robertson
Levi Strauss & Co.
Lori Shantzis - A.Muse Art Gallery
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Rayner Ternick
David Troup
Neil Tuller
Thomas M. Vitek
Bernice Walters
R. Kevin Wewerka
Patrick Williams
Timothy Wolfred
Robert Yee & Shirley Lee



Norberto Almodovar
Danan Barnett
Thomas Dumas
Howard Edelman
Nadr Essabhoy
Fred Fanchaly
Jerome Goldstein, MD & Tom Taylor
Will Green
Green Tree Property Management
Ross Hayduk
Holly Huebel
CA, Inc.
Robert Kahn
Kenneth F. Katz

Paul R. King
Kathleen Knox
Janet & Abbott Leban
Craig Litorja
Arthur Manzi
Amir Milani
Joseph A. Mott, MD, JD
LeRoy Donald Ortopan
Sam Rodriguez
Mary M. Schroeder & Deena Lahn
Cathrine Steinborn D.D.S.
Edward Taylor
United Way Cailfornia Capital Region
Thomas L. Yaussy
Jonathan Zimman & Glenn Roberts


COOLING FOG $100 - $249

Sharon Segal Abelson
Carlo V. Abruzzese
Stephen H. Adams
Irene Alzapiedi
Sangeeta Anand
Marvin Anderson
Emi Ashida
Dennis Bacigalupi
Robert & Jennifer Balmaseda
Michael Bankert
Marguerite Baumgartner
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Allan Berenstein
Diane Biasatti
Pamela A. Bohmann & James P. Mannah
Michael C. Booth
Janice Brown & Gregory H. Gordon
Loren Brown
Robert & Kathryn Bunger
Thomas Burke & Axel Brunger
Grendel Burrell
Ava Burton
Allen Byerly
Marianne Camp & Marta Camp
Drew Canzoneri
Michael J. Carney
Causecast Foundation
Xavier Caylor
Sathit Chainam
aChase Chambers
Steven Contreras
Lynne Biasatti Croak & Kevin J. Croak
Pierre-Cedric Crouch
Sandra Dai - Euphoria Leisure
Dawn Danby
Rev. James Wm. DeLange & Diane Nelson DeLange
Richard Dellefave
Lewis DeSimone
Linda F. Edelstein & Marion Gillen
Yvette Edwinson
Lisa Eltinge & Jonathan Burton
Nick C. Englebert
Raquel Fatiuk
Ruth Felt
Donald Fox
Fratelli Bologna
Nicole Friedland
Lino Fritz
Hydeh Ghaffari CPA
Dan Glazer
Thomas A. & Karen L. Gould
Tara Grace
Linda Graham
Gresham, Smith, and Partners
Milo F. Hanke CFP
J. Casserly Haskell
Peter & Susan Heldman
Mark Herrmann
Hal Hershey
Beverly Joan Hines

Roderick Hong
Ada J. Hunter
Pamela Jackson
Thierry Jahan
Jaini-Narnur Family Foundation
David & PJ Jamison
Arthur Kontura
Bertha M. Lacy
Brandon Lee
Olson Lee
John Lemanski
Kenny Lin
Charles M. Little
Kelly M. Louis
Jason Macario & Steve Holst
Jeffrey Malkasian & Steven Masters
Jon N. McFadgen
Terry McFarland
Constance B. McGinnis
Standish Meacham
Tara Millspaugh
Ken Moore
Joseph Moranville
MSM Inc.
William Nisbet
Carole A. Obley
Robert O'Connor
Adam Ouderkirk
Nancy N. Porter
Larry Pulliam
Tamara Redding
William Supple Reed
Joe Roybal Jr.
Joseph Saccone Jr. & Jacques C. Goddard
Robert W. Sass
Kent Allan Schwartz - Studio 220
Robin Serrahn
Stanley J. Short
Helga I. Sigvaldadottir & Lexi Leban
Kristine M. Smith
Edward Enno Steinforth
Theresa Stelter
John W. Stewart
Charles Stinson
Gwynne Stoddart
Jennifer Taylor
The Sports Basement
Union Bank
Edward Van Egri
Sarah & Adam Varro
Steve Verner
Paul Williams
John B. Wilson
William E. Wilson
Martha Ann & Sanford Wishnev
Richard Wolitz, MD & Stephen Follansbee, MD
Ben Yokoyama
Mike Youtz
James C. Yule


Rev. Luke Adams & Dr. Len Kusdra
Ted Alden
Autodesk Inc.
Werner G. Bachmann
G. William & Carolyn Bauer
Barbara Benware
J.A. Bickers
Gail Bigelow
Gail E. Block
Ragna Boynton & Elizabeth Raymer
Mrs. Sheila Branton
Harry Breaux
Patricia M. Bregant & Todd A. Nelson
Mary Bunger
James Campbell, MD
Linda G. Campbell
Pete Cappa
Joanne Chadwick
Paula Champagne
Joseph D. Chance
Christopher Childs
Meredith Clark
Carolyn Connant
Sherron Conway
Jeanette R. Cool & Georges S. Lammam
Bill Creighton
Pamela J. & Larry K. Dannenberg
Robert Darchi
Gary W. Davis
J. P. Richards Dillingham
Suzanne Doonan
Paul Duchscherer
Mrs. Doris Dull
Louis J. Dunn
Therese M. Eldredge
Jim Estes
Bonnie Faigeles & Emily Hoyer
Thomas J. Farrell
A. Maggie & Geno Ferraro
Patricia L. Fine
Linda P. Foshee
Robert & Ruth Freis
Lou K. Ginsberg
Tina Grau
Peter Green
Maria Grimm
Michael Hackett
David Halsing
Michelle A. & Eric C. Halsing
Ryan Hammond
Reva S. Hart
Susan S. Hart
Maxine Heiliger
Stephen J. Herman & Michael A. Lipp
Paula Hoffman
Steve Horn
James Howley & Anthony Augimeri
Esther Sid Hudes
Lisa Irish
Philip, Judy, & Allison Jamtaas
Paul Johnson
Adrienne Jonas
Linda Jones
Journeay & Company
Susan Jue
Cydney & William Kats
Gary L. & Ilene Sakheim Katz
Timothy Keene
Carolyn B. Kellogg
Rosa Kestelman
Amanda Knight
Dolores A. Koneval
Ann Kong
Beverly Kraut
Albert Kutchins & Mari Mayeda
Barbara A. Lee
Leona Lee
Mireya Letayf
Rev. Charles Lewis & Laura Ousset
Ramey Littell
Jennifer L Machlin
Evelyn Madfes
Peter Marcus
John & Peggy Mathers
Megan McCabe Noonan
Roberta McLaughlin
Wendy Anne Powers McLeod
David E. Meders
George Metzger
June Miles
Virginia S. Miller
Juliet Mills
Moran Lighting & Electric
Roseann Morelli
Walter Mosley
Margot B. Mundy & Johnny Mundy, Sr.
Paul J. Mustopich
Grethe A. Myles
Judy Norton
Michael Paulin
Hannah M. Perate
Tomas Phillips
Spencer Preis
Frederick Preyer
William & Jeanne Rachles
Jennifer Railsback
Dorothy C. Rea
Thomas P. Reilly & Kevin James
Edna Ribero
Thomas B. & Cheryl B. Rice
Betsy Samuels
Dr. Milton P. Schaefer & Scott Plakun
Mary Jo Schaeffer
Michele Schipper
Margaret Sebold
Law Offices of Susan M. Shalit
Ida Shartsis
Sean C. Sherrard
Robert G. Shultz
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Martha F. Steen
Gordon Stevens
Stan Stone & William Salit
T. Gary & Kathleen Rogers
Randy L. Thueme
Tom Tragardh
Matt & Roberta Trask
Iris Vaughan
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Stanyan Vukovich
Mark Wales
Gary V. West
Ruth White, PhD & Alan Block
Zorina Wolf
Barbara Woodward
Bart Worley
Nancy C. Wright & Michael J. Wright
Andrew Zimmerman & Daniel Killar
Alix Zirbel
Mary Zuppardo



2100 Market LLC
Absinthe Cafe
AIDS Healthcare Pharmacy
American Conservatory Theatre
Aquarium of the Bay
Gustavo A. Barron
Beach Blanket Babylon
Aaron B. Binkley
Fran Blau
Blue Angel Spirits LLC
Books, Inc.
Louis Briasco
Alice Brown RN, MA, DMIN
Burger Meister
Brian Burr
California Shakespeare Festival
California's Great America
Chez Panisse Restaurant and Cafe
Chronicle Books
Church Street Flowers
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Contemporary Jewish Museum
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The Groom Room
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The Inn San Francisco

JK Sound
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Mayor of SF Edwin M. Lee
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Marin Theatre Company
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Mission Cliffs-Touchstone Climbing
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Stefani Weal
Timothy Wolfred


Mission Statement

No one should have to suffer or die alone. Maitri provides compassionate residential care to men and women in need of hospice or 24-hour care and cultivates the deepest respect and love for life among its residents and caregivers.

"Maitri," pronounced "MY-tree," is a Sanskrit word that means "compassionate friendship."


Intake / Programs
Rodney Murphy
(415) 558-3006

Volunteers / Activities
Enver Rahmanov
(415) 558-3004

Development / Donor Relations
Ross Hayduk
(415) 558-3003


Supervisors visit during holidays.


Friends of The Apothecarium socialize.


Mary Wilson entertains.


Flaggers perform beautifully.


Caricaturist captures the moment.


Flamenco dancers twirl.


Residents welcome friends.


Gay men's chorus delights.


Sister Roma emcees.


Issan's Monks bless atrium.


Opening presents at Christmas.


Chinese New Year's treats.


Drummers greet guests.


Bunnies visit residence.

Photography services donated by Ron Henggeler, Rink Foto, Natalie Schrik, Magnolia Photo Booth, Stan Stone, and Grant Sun.


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