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Dear Friends of Maitri,

Despite the changing nature of the AIDS epidemic, Maitri remains a vital oasis of support for our residents. While we continue to serve a diverse resident population and fill vacancies quickly from our ever-present waiting list, we note a very hopeful trend: an increasing number of our residents now leave us stronger than when they arrived. So while we continue to serve as California's only hospice exclusively for persons with AIDS, our "respite" program gives some a much-appreciated second chance at life.

Sadly, like other direct-care AIDS organizations, Maitri has already experienced federal funding cuts under Ryan White and more reductions are on the way. Fortunately, we have been able to avoid any reduction in resident care through strict administrative cost controls. The generosity of our donors - both with monetary gifts and volunteering of their time - is now more important than ever and so very much appreciated.

Thank you for caring and for your loving support of Maitri and our residents.


Michael Smithwick
Michael Smithwick
Executive Director

Year Ended Revenue | Audited YE June 20, 2011

Maitri Revenue

BLISS 2012

BLISS 2012 Postcard

Join us for a special Bliss commemorating 25 years of providing compassionate care for people with AIDS. This year's Silver Anniversary gala takes place on Saturday, May 5 at the fabulous W Hotel San Francisco and will feature exciting live and silent auctions, entertainment by Carmen Marc Valvo, Wade Preston and others, carving stations with delicious fare, yummy hors d' ouevres, signature cocktails featuring Blue Angel vodka, tasty wines, and other special highlights. Bliss 2012 promises to be our best ever!

Bliss sponsorship opportunities can be found at
BLISS 2012 sponsorship info

Note: in order to be listed as a sponsor in both the invitation and program, please respond with payment by March 19, or by April 30, 2012 in order to be listed in the program only.

More information along with individual ticket sales information can be found at
BLISS 2012 individual tickets

We hope to see you at Bliss.

Maitri Compassionate Care Statistics Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Maitri Compassionate Care Statistics



Volunteer Spotlight: Shirley Hamilton

Shirley Hamilton

Shirley was a big-hearted, ebullient volunteer with a constant smile and raucous laugh. She began volunteering in September 2007 and continued to volunteer every week, until the fall of 2011 when illness made it impossible for her to come in.

Shirley's infectiously fun manner was a hit with the residents. She helped them to find their smile and provided a special comfort to those in need. Shirley was often found sitting at the bedside of the dying or providing support to family and friends of the critically ill.

In 2011, Shirley was named Bliss Ambassador. She was the perfect person to represent Maitri at our annual fundraising event.

She loved Maitri and Maitri loved her right back.

The sound of her laughter will continue to echo through the hallways of Maitri.

Shirley Hamilton died on January 1st after a brief battle with lung cancer. She will be missed by us all.

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Thank You, Maitri Donors, for Your Tremendous Support!

(Total cumulative giving of $25,000 and above)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your generosity and leadership helped enable Maitri to establish and maintain the highest standards of care for people living with AIDS.

Academy of Friends
Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
The Bob Ross Foundation
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Broderick Waller Neighborhood Association
California Pacific Medical Center Foundation
Community Thrift Store
William Q. Derrough
The Dorian Fund
Estate of Raoul Sofer
Folsom Street Events (SMMILE)
Franklin Benevolent Corporation
Gap Inc.
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
The Richard Grand Foundation
Grass Roots Gay Rights West (GRGR)
Eric Greenberg
Dianne Gregory
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
Kirsten Havrehed
Carl H. Hitchner Foundation
The Graham and Carolyn Holloway Family
Horizons Foundation
James C. Hormel
Ayse Manyas Kenmore
Max C. Kirkeberg and Gabriel Proo
Howie Klein
Macy's Passport Fund
Macy's West
The Maitri Foundation
The McGaw Foundation
The Niagara Trust, S.A.
Estate of Don J. Olivier
J. Erich Pearson
Richmond / Ermet AIDS Foundation
Joseph Rosenthal
The San Francisco Foundation
George H. Sandy Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund
D. Blake Spears
St. Francis Lutheran Church
Sterling Bank & Trust / Seligman
George Stevens
Katherine Strasburg
Under One Roof
Van Loben Sels/RembeRock Fdtn.
Winston C. Vaughan, MD
Wells Fargo Foundation

Maitri is thankful for the support of its wonderful donors during fiscal year
2010 - 2011

Today, Maitri is the only California hospice and residential care facility completely dedicated to people living with AIDS. Since Issan Dorsey founded Maitri in 1987, Maitri has become a model institution, recognized across the United States and in18 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe for the highest quality care. Maitri was recently rated "93%" by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division in quality of delivered care.


Grass Roots Gay Rights West (GRGR)
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
The San Francisco Foundation


WARMING SUNLIGHT $10,000 - $24,999

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS
California Pacific Medical Center
Cleo Foundation
Dorian Fund
M.A.C. AIDS Fund
J. Erich Pearson - SPARC
George H. Sandy Foundation
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund


GENTLE BREEZE $5,000 to $9,999

Bob Ross Foundation
Gerald Cacciotti
William Q. Derrough
Entertainment AIDS Alliance
Gold's Gym
The Richard Grand Foundation
Yvette Seifert Hirth
James C. Hormel
Jim King
Macy's Passport Fund
Nancy A. Nipper
The Sam Mazza Foundation
Winston C. Vaughan, MD / California Sinus Centers


REFRESHING RAIN $1,000 TO $4,999

Academy of Friends
Ace Pharmacy
Anthony and Lori Adessa
Jonathan and Kathleen Altman Foundation
Bank of the West /Employee Giving
Comte G. Leclerc Benoit
Aaron B. Binkley
Raoul and Celesta Birnbaum
Michael Blacksburg
Karl Christiansen
Community Thrift Store
Matthew R. Denckla
Kristen L. Dixon
Electronic Arts Inc.
Kathleen Gallardo
Alan Gibbs
Gilead Sciences,Inc.
Golden State Gay Rodeo Association
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Jerry Hall / Norfolk Southern Corporation
Brian Harrison and Eric Johnson
G. William Haskell
Kirsten Havrehed
Marcia Hooper
Live Oak Fund of Horizons Foundation
Brendon Kearney and Terry Friedlander
Max C. Kirkeberg and Gabriel Proo
Thomas Koltiska and Mark Ketscher
George A. Labella, Jr.
Levi Strauss Foundation
Magley & Associates
Mark Magner and Wendy Hawkins
Standish Meacham
Meg Newman, M.D.
Mike Niemeyer
Dan Nilsen / Bishop-MCann
Martin Olive
William Pailhe and Danny Moreno
Timothy A. Patriarca and James H. Wang
Howard Roffman
Mark A. Silva
Slalom Consulting
Michael Smithwick and Jerry Wilder
D. Blake Spears and Lanz Lowen
St. Francis Lutheran Church
Christopher Stafford
John W. Stewart III Gay & Lesbian Equality Fund of the Horizons Foundation
Sutter Health
Traci Teraoka
Kent H. Thompson and Chris Barnes
Janet M. Thuesen
Tibotec Therapeutics
Neil Tuller
University of California, San Francisco
Union Bank
United HealthCare Services, Inc.
Bernice Walters
R. Kevin Wewerka
Sandra and Michael Whittle


PURE AIR $500 TO $999

Stephen H. Adams
Dennis Bacigalupi
Allan Berenstein
Paul Bollwinkel
William Casti
Castro Lions Club
David M. Cover
The Doctors Company
Thomas J. Farrell
Jeff Farrow
Michael S. Furlow
Kenneth Gallardo, II
Gay Buddhist Fellowship
Paul R. Grippardi
Jim Harrison
James Henry
Joan and Julio Herdocia
Kevin Herglotz
Lewis D. Houden
Peter Kearns and Peter Egerter
Kirk Kleinschmidt

Walter Krampf, M.D.
Georgia and Richard Lee
Daniel and Margaret Levine
Edward G. Marley
John Mullin
Clare M. Murphy
George Naylor
Michael Norelli
LeRoy Donald Ortopan
Wendy Ostrow
Paragon Real Estate Group
Stephen R. Resnick
Gerard Sweeney and Franklin Albro
Rayner Ternick
Under One Roof
Douglas C. Will
Marjorie Wilson
Ellie Wood
Robert Yee



AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Gaetano Amorosi
Kathleen Balarin
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Alvin H. Baum and Robert Holgate
Jerry Becerra / Barbary Insurance Brokerage
Holland Bender
James Betbeze, Jr.
Theresa Bristow
Boone Callaway and David Helbraun
Sallyanne Campbell and Fred Grumm
James Cassiol
Sathit Chainam
Chevron Humankind
Brian J. and Lap Yee Conley
Brett E. Cooper
Charles G. Delgado
Mr. and Mrs. Reid W. Dennis
William John Dickens
Robert D. Dockendorff
Louis J. Dunn
Richard A. Dupree
Therese M. Eldredge
Maitri K. J. Goonewardena Fund of the Fidelity
Charitable Gift Fund
Benjamin Garduno
Mark Genovese
Mario J. Goes
Jerome Goldstein, M.D. and Thomas J. Taylor
Will Green
Joseph P. Grubb
Bryon Hancock of Hancock Partners, Inc.
Valerie Hartwell
Gustavo Hernandez

Thao Hill
Robb Huddleston
Holly Huebel
Kaleb Kilkenny
Steven Thomas Kmucha, M.D., J.D.
D.Stoddard Lambertson
Mary M. Lanier, RN
Lanz Lowen
Jeffrey A. Lyttle
Grace Molyneaux
Steven Morton
Ramekon O'Arwisters
Bonnie Odell
Meg O'Shaughnessy
Walter Parsley
Jim Piechota
Scott Pitkethly
Larry Pulliam
Alan K. Rider
Joseph Roland
Pauline Roothman
Joe Roybal, Jr.
Mary M. Schroeder and Deena Lahn
Timothy Sinclair
Ron Skaggs
Charles Stinson
Stan Stone
Edward Taylor
Lorenzo Taylor
Mari Teraoka
Barry Tereshkow and Andrew McConnell
Visa GivingStation
John Warner
Timothy Wolfred
Richard Wolitz, M.D.
Christopher Yaros Charity Fund of the Schwab
Charitable Fund
Victor R. Zeuzem


Donald I. Abrams, M.D.
Carlo Abruzzese
Jacques Achsen
Advent Employee Matching Gifts Funds
Ted Alden
Ben Allison
Joey Altman
Irene Alzapiedi
William and Diane Ames
Marvin Anderson
Jeanette Anderson
Paule Anglim
Angry Otter, Inc. dba Tonic Bar
Michael Anichini
Mark and Rose Armenta
Teng-How Bae
Robert L. Balmaseda
L. June Banda
Juan Barajas
G. William and Carolyn Bauer
Marguerite Baumgartner
Karen and Gary Bednorz
Franklin and Phyllis Beery
Barbara Benware
Best Flowers
Robert Bimbach
Pamela A. Bohmann
Michael C. Booth
Gloria and Don Bordeaux-Pacholec
Patricia M. Bregant
Patti Breitman
Noah Breyer
Rebecca Brian
Mary Louise and Bill Britten
Donna Brorby
Linda Brown
Brian R. Bruning
Bob and Kathy Bunger
Mary Bunger
Thomas Burke
Nancy Burns
Grendel Burrell
Shannon Byall
James Campbell, M.D.
John D. Campbell
Michael Carey
Michael J. Carney
Francois R. Carrara
Scott Cataffa
Ciro Cattuto
Joseph Cecere
Joanne Chadwick
Ramen Chakrabarti
Mitchell Champi
Joseph D. Chance
Roger Chapman
Stephan Chase
Lenore Chinn
Aimee Christensen
Angelo Cilia
Judith Citko
Ken Cleaveland
Clorox Company Foundation
Sally J. Cole
C. Patricia Conlin
Caroline Connant
Steven Contreras
Melvin R. Cox
Pamela J. Dannenberg
Robert Darchi
Janine Darwin
Jayanta Das Purkayastha
Mukkul Dasgupta
J. and Rupasree Dasgupta
Diane D. Davis
Edward De Avila, Ph.D.
Lewis DeSimone
Don Dickerson
J. P. Richards Dillingham
Howard Dippold
Jeffrey Doney
Patrick T. Doonan
Suzanne Doonan
Patsy Dorsey
Andre L. Dos Santos-Morgan
Elizabeth Drescher
Daniel Druckerman
John A. Duda
Mrs. Doris Dull
Jay and Kathleen Dyblie
John A. Dyblie
Jay M. Edwards
Donn Dieter Edwards
Penny Eggen
Lisa Eltinge
Rita Emelia-McLinn
David Ensign
Barbara Epremian, M.D.
Nadr Essabhoy
Jim Estes
Caroline L. Everts
Fred Fanchaly
Ruth Felt
Robin J. Fenstermaker
A. Maggie Ferraro
Patricia L. Fine
Judith Fisicaro
Donald Fox
Douglas Fraser
Fratelli Bologna
Celia Friedland
Inge Frohn
Georgia Fuller
Gap Foundation Gift Match Program
Robert L. Gary
Suzanne Gautier
John Geluso
Genentech Givingstation
Christina R. Gibson
Taylor Gill
Viola Gilliam
Karen Gissin
Dan Glazer
Tom Glennon
Janet M. T. Glessner
Dale T. Golden
Ronald Gonzalez
Katherine Gorney
Marjorie Greene
David Greenwald
Sara Louise Griffin-Olsen
Steven and Sarah Grolnic-McClurg
Grumpy's American Pub
Steven Grygelko
Michael Hackett
Robin Hall
Marvin Halpern
Shirley Hamilton
Ryan Hammond
Len Handeland
Douglas E. Hanlin
Krystal Haranin
Michael V. Harryman
Mark Anthony Haviland
Robert Hedrick, Jr.
Maxine Heiliger
Christopher Heimbuch
David M. Helbraun
Lawrence and Rebekah Helzel
Dolores Hernandez
Virginia A. Herron
Michael Hickcox
James M. Hicks
B. Michael Hill
Daniel Hill
Beverly Joan Hines
Kirk Hinman
Steve Horn
House of Air, LLC
M. Rita Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Esther Sid Hudes
Bruce David Huffman
Dennis D. Hunt
Ada J. Hunter
Dorothy Huron
Donald Iocca
Dinah Jalipa
David and PJ Jamison
Philip, Judy and Allison Jamtaas
Michael Jeng
Jean T. Johnson
Adrienne Jonas
Verkie and Brenda Jones
Susie Jue
K&L Wine Merchants
Kaiser Permanente Employee Giving
Lisa Katayama
Cydney Kats
Gary L. Katz
Carolyn B. Kellogg
Rosa Kestelman
Paul R. King
Anita Kline
Grant Koehler
Kate Koehneke
Dolores A. Koneval
Ann Kong
Arthur Kontura
Paul Koval
Jim Kowalski
Jeffrey Kruskall
Jacqueline Kuhls
J. Lafferty
Dorje Lama
Gary S. Lance
Ronald and Dorianne Langhi
Raymond and Claire Latham
Shirisha Lattupally
Jonathan Law
Leona Lee
Olson Lee
Barbara A. Lee
Paul M. O. Lee
Kevin Lemons
Edward and Mary Levin
Richard Levine, M.D.
Rev. Charles Lewis
Kevin Liebig
Gregory S. Ligotti
Amy L. Limon
Keith E. Loring, M.D.
Rick Louie
Kelly M. Louis
Lowrey Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jason Macario
Robin Macario
Jennifer L Machlin
Mary Magee
Jeffrey Malkasian
Steven Masters and Jeffrey Malkasian
David Matevia
Lara Matheson
Howard Mc Donough
Doug McAllister
Sean Mcconnell
Constance B. McGinnis / Restaurant Group
David E. Meders
George Metzger
Jeffrey Meyer
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Alan Miller
Daphne Miller, M.D.
Reginold A. Milton
Preston Mitchell
Juan Monsanto
Josef B. Monteadora, AIA
Elizabeth A. Montgomery
Moran Lighting & Electric
Paul More
Arthur M. Morris, III
Margot B. Mundy
Paul Mustopich
Kathy Naff
Sanjiv V. Natu
Robert and Karla Neeley
Robert E. Nelson
Thomas M. Neville
William Nisbet
Judy Norton
William Paul O'Donnell
Jim Oerther
Brooke Oliver
Joanne and Roark O'Neill
Garet Paddack
Jeanette Ann Page
Katye Parsley
Patagonia, Inc.
Alka Patel
R. J. Paterson
Jeff Patterson
Joseph B. Pecora
Christopher A. Perry
Bradley Peterson
Kerry Philp
Vincent Pietromartire
Plant'It Earth
Len Polito
Harry Polos
Nancy and Kevin Porter
Frederick Preyer
Brigitta Maria Pueschel
Marissa Quaranta
Quiet Mind Healing/Yoga for a Cause
William and Jeanne Rachles
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Inc.
Maben Rainwater
Alan Ratliff
Dorothy C. Rea
Thomas P. Reilly
John Rengstorff
Travis Rew
Mark Rhynsburger
Edna Ribero
Thomas B. Rice
Gerald B. Rosenstein
Melvin Roseveare
Terry Rudd
James D. Rudoff
Joseph E. Saccone, Jr.
Sharon Sacks
Steven Saftig
Richard Saiz
San Fransisco Bay CCC
Catherine Sarlatte
Robert W. Sass
Milton P. Schaefer
Jeffrey and Francesca Schaper
Claudette Scharf
Bradley Schernecker
Phillip Schlesinger
Mary Schmidgall
Natalie Schrik
Kent Schwartz
Peter Scott
Pamela W. Sebastian
Margaret A. Sebold
Nancy E. Sedgwick
Harlan See
Robin Serrahn
Susan M. Shalit
Sean C. Sherrard
Stanley Short
Michael Shriver
Robert G. Shultz
Elizabeth Shun
Jill and Mark Shustoff
Helga I. Sigvaldadottir
Roy Simon
Jay A. Simoneaux
Sonal Singh
Pierre Smit
Alan Smithwick
Todd Snyder
Lori Sontag
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Starn
Scott C. Staub
Cait Claire Steiner
Edward E. Steinforth
Virginia Stevens
John and Caroline Stewart
John W. Stewart, III and Ramon Torres
Therese Stewart
Sara Stone
Mike Strange
Holger Struppek
George Sugarman
Paula Sugarman
Grant Sun
Simon Tam
Shirley Teraoka
David B. Terry
Dale Hall Thompson
Marie K. Toole
Mark Topetcher
Tom Tragardh
Kathe Traynor
Robert S. Trickey
Dyanna L. Turner
James Turner
Laurie Farrow Tyree
UnitedHealth Group
April Van der Hoogt
Edward Van Egri
Beverlie M. Vandre
Iris Vaughan
Bill Vigna
Mary Anne Voss
Christopher B. Wagner
Phil Walker
James Wallace
Joseph Walsh
Jason Walz
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Dolores Ward
Steven Weaver
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Kevin Williams
V. F. Willis
John B. Wilson
Archibald J. Wilson
Chance T. Wimberley
Martha Ann and Sanford Wishnev
Kendra Wohlert
Dan Wolf
Working Assets, Inc. (Credomobile)
Thomas L. Yaussy
Merle Yost
Karen Zabel
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Jonathan Zimman
Andrew Zimmerman
Charles Zukow


Carlo Abruzzese
Steve Baratz
Nicholas B. Bauer
Linda Blackmore
Boone Callaway
Michael Cardsella
K. Frank Cash
James Cassiol
Carly Clemence
Terry Connor
Guy Decker, Jr.
Nina R. Elsohn
Jonathan Fink
Jeremy Friedlander
Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
David Goldsmith
Scott Haitsuka
Richard P. Hardy
Laura Hazlett
Randall Heilbrunn
David M. Helbraun
Carlos Hernandez
Charles R. Howell
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Lawrence Jansen
Bob King
Jack C. Kohler
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Jeff Torillo
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2223 Restaurant
Carlo Abruzzese
AIDS Healthcare Pharmacy
American Conservatory Theatre
Aquarium of the Bay
Allen J. Balderson
Beach Blanket Babylon
Belvedere House Bed and Breakfast
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Bi-Rite Market
Blackhawk Automotive Museum
Fran Blau
Blue & Gold Fleet
Books, Inc.
Gloria and Don Bordeaux-Pacholec
Linda Brown
Burger Meister
California Academy of Sciences
California Shakespeare Festival
Larry Chatfield
Yuchun Cheng
Chez Panisse Restaurant & Cafe
Chronicle Books
Church Street Flowers
Cobb's Comedy Club
Cole Hardware
Cole Hardware
Dorothy Dana
Dosha Dog
Elite Island Resorts
Embarcadero YMCA
Jim Eten
Flax & Paper Source
Fraenkel Gallery
Frameline, Inc.
Funky Door Yoga
Kimberly Giacopazzi
Gialina Pizzeria
Gold's Gym
Good Vibrations
The Groom Room
Haiku Bags
Michael Harkin
Harry Denton's Starlight Room
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Kirsten Havrehed
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Daniel Hill
Nancy Holvoet
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Hot Cookie
Hotel Vitale
The Inn San Francisco
Jonathan Adler
Joseph Family Vineyards
Kabuki Springs & Spa
Paul Karauksorian
Kenwood Winery
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Landmark Theatres
Mayor of SF Edwin M. Lee
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Dennis Tyler
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Under One Roof
Union Street Goldsmith
Until There's A Cure Foundation
Raquel Vasquez
Audrey Wallace-Taylor
Jeff Ward
Steve Wasserman
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Yoga Tree
Zuni Cafe
Nicolas Zurcher


Mission Statement

No one should have to suffer or die alone. Maitri provides compassionate residential care to men and women in need of hospice or 24-hour care and cultivates the deepest respect and love for life among its residents and caregivers.

"Maitri," pronounced "MY-tree," is a Sanskrit word that means "compassionate friendship."


General Information:

Daniel Hill
(415) 558-3007

Volunteer Program
Stan Stone
(415) 558-3004

Grant Sun
(415) 558-3003

Joyce Dabit passed away on
December 6, 2011

Joyce Dabbit

Joyce Dabit will be remembered for her long service to Maitri as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She was completely devoted to giving loving care to residents at end of life. She started her work at Maitri at the old Hartford Street residence in the early 1990's. She was inspired to pursue this caregiving profession after caring for her grandmother with cancer.

In a Maitri newsletter interview from 1999, Joyce claimed "It's like a big family here, with lots of love and concern." With a sense of pride about care delivery at Maitri, she remarked "residents appreciate where they are and the type of care that they get." Joyce retired from Maitri at the end of February, 2011. She will be missed.

When speaking of Joyce, one must mention her strong affection for all creatures great and small, and especially her beloved guinea pig. Joyce recently moved to Baltimore to be close to her son and family. Always private about her personal life, Joyce is survived by her son, Michael Cromwell, his wife Sandy, and her granddaughter Tiffany Whitten.

Kristen and Stan at Bliss 2011 / Photo by Rink Foto

Volunteers and resident celebrate the 2011 Holiday Season / Photo by Stan Stone

Volunteer Carlo serving delicious fare at a Dinner at Maitri / Photo by Grant Sun

Paula West performing at Bliss 2011 / Photo by
Rink Foto

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