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Dear Friends of Maitri,

I am excited to share our fiscal year 2012 Annual Report reflecting three important trends:

  • Financial support for Maitri from the federal government continues to decline. Fortunately, we've been able to absorb these federal cuts with much appreciated "back-fill" funding from the City of San Francisco, increased donations from the community (generous individuals and private/corporate/community foundations) and through significant reductions made in our administrative overhead.

  • While Maitri continues to provide critical end-of-life support for San Francisco's most vulnerable residents with advanced AIDS, our shift to medical stabilization care continues. In fiscal 2012, 22.5% of our residents experienced the end of their life at Maitri, while 55% achieved their medical stabilization goals to the point that they were able to return to the community for a second chance at life. We celebrate this shift, while always giving priority in admissions for those in need of hospice care.

  • The age of our resident population continues to climb. In fiscal 2012, 73% of our residents were 51 years of age or older. In fact, 20% of our residents were aged 61 or older. Clearly, the increasing effectiveness of HIV medications - allowing persons with AIDS to live independently much longer than previously - is to credit for this significant shift.

One thing that hasn't changed at Maitri is the love, compassion and dignity that we offer each of our residents - whether here for end-of-life care or for medical stabilization. We couldn't do any of this without the support of our dedicated donors, volunteers, and staff. Thank you so much for making all of this possible.

Warm regards,

Michael Smithwick
Michael Smithwick
Executive Director

Audited results for fiscal year ended June 30, 2012

Resident Spotlight: Richard De Nagel

Richard De Nagel.jpg
Photo by Ron Henggeler Photography

Rich was devastated when he was diagnosed as HIV positive in 2011 and informed by his doctor - at the same time - that he had developed full blown AIDS. After spending 135 exhausting days in New York hospitals and wasting to 145 pounds with a T-cell count of 100, he moved to San Francisco where he eventually entered Maitri to receive help with his medication stabilization, diabetes management and cystic fibrosis treatment.

His first weeks at Maitri were emotionally difficult because - in spite of knowing that Maitri was a 24-hour residential care facility for people in need of medical stabilization as well as end of life care - his mindset was that it was simply a place where people with AIDS died. Rich's feelings of dread were reinforced after witnessing a death of a fellow resident at Maitri shortly after his arrival.

Eventually, Rich found inspiration from other residents and learned to accept his own challenged health status. Yet, he didn't fool himself into thinking that all was well and is emphatically unhappy about having AIDS, and for being sick for so long he "forgot what it was like to be normal". While at Maitri, Rich developed a more positive perspective towards life after embracing the "all-encompassing world of AIDS" where he takes things one day and one minute at a time.

Rich now readily accepts help from others. He has learned to listen to his body and understands that he may not be well enough to do certain tasks. And while he still tests his limits and has created a more structured approach to life, he has become more flexible and accepting of the results realizing "goals are not written in stone". After attaining medical stabilization at Maitri, Rich moved into permanent housing in December and has since felt well enough to start volunteering his time to help others.


BLISS 2013 Postcard

BLISS 2013 Postcard

Keep checking the Maitri website for the latest information about BLISS 2013.

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Thank you for your tremendous support! We are grateful for the generosity of our wonderful donors during fiscal year July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012.

Maitri is the only California hospice and 24 hour residential care facility completely dedicated to people living with AIDS. Since Issan Dorsey founded Maitri in 1987, Maitri has become a model institution, recognized across the United States and in 18 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe for the highest quality care. Maitri was recently rated "100%" by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division in quality of delivered care.



The San Francisco Foundation


TRANSCENDENT GRACE $25,000 - $49,999

California Pacific Medical Center Foundation
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
George H. Sandy Foundation


WARMING SUNLIGHT $10,000 - $24,999

Academy of Friends
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
California Pacific Medical Center
Macy's Passport Fund


GENTLE BREEZE $5,000 - $9,999

Sharon Segal Abelson
The Bob Ross Foundation
Gerald Cacciotti
The Richard Grand Foundation
James C. Hormel
Jim King
Nancy A. Nipper
J. Erich Pearson / SPARC
Reason to Party
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund
Sutter Health


REFRESHING RAIN $1,000 - $4,999

AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
The Apothecarium (RHMT, LCC)
Atlassian, Inc.
Bank of America Matching Gifts
BAPHR - Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights
Eli Bishop
Xavier Caylor
Chevron Humankind
Karl Christiansen
Community Thrift Store
Matthew R. Denckla
Tin Do
Patsy Dorsey
Electronic Arts Inc.
Kathleen Gallardo
Alan Gibbs
Bruce Grant
Paul R. Grippardi
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Jerry and Kym Hall
G. William Haskell and Robert L. Gordon
Kirsten Havrehed
Marcia Hooper
Bryan Hughes and Thomas Bagby
Janssen Therapeutics

Jewish Communal Fund
Max C. Kirkeberg
George A. Labella, Jr.
D.Stoddard Lambertson
Eileen R. Lemus
The Live Oak Fund of Horizons Foundation
Susan Magley / Magley & Associates
Louise Magner
Martin Olive
David Ortmann
Walter Parsley
Timothy A. Patriarca and James Wang
Alan K. Rider
Steven Saftig
Mark A. Silva
Michael Smithwick and Jerry Wilder
D. Blake Spears and Lanz Lowen
St. Francis Lutheran Church
John W. Stewart, III and Ramon Torres
Gerard Sweeney and Franklin Albro
Kent H. Thompson and Chris Barnes
Under One Roof
Union Bank
Winston C. Vaughan, MD
Wells Fargo Foundation
R. Kevin Wewerka
Marjorie Wilson
WSP + Flack + Kurtz


PURE AIR $500 - $999

AAA Insurance
Barbary Insurance Brokerage
Eugene A. Baros
Allan Berenstein
Aaron B. Binkley
Raoul and Celesta Birnbaum / Mathew & Josephine Birnbaum Foundation
Paul Bollwinkel
The Bridges/Larson Foundation
William Casti
David M. Cover
Robert F. Darling
Deborah and Charles Denison
Howard Dippold
Richard A. Dupree and Mark Nornhold
Robin J. Fenstermaker
Patricia M. Franz
Gay Buddhist Fellowship
Thomas Given
Robert K. Glenn and Cecil Myers
Rev. John Golenski, Ed.D
Maitri K. J. Goonewardena
Joseph P. Grubb
Johanna Gustafsson
Bryon Hancock and Len Handeland
James and Linda Harrison
Joan and Julio Herdocia
Peter Kearns and Daniel Egerter
Dan Kelly / Dan Kelly Construction
Daniel Killar and Andrew Zimmerman
Kirk Kleinschmidt

Joe Kowalke and Stephen Bowden
Levi Strauss Foundation
Keith E. Loring, M.D.
M G Hubert LLC / Boys with Balls
Mark Magner and Wendy Hawkins
John Mullin
Clare M. Murphy
Laxmi and Venkat Natarajan
George Naylor
Mike Niemeyer
LeRoy Donald Ortopan
Meg O'Shaughnessy
Paragon Real Estate Group
Family of Tam Pham
Stephen R. Resnick
Thomas Robertson
Pauline Roothman
Mary M. Schroeder and Deena Lahn
Miguel A. Sesana
Simon Tam
Rayner Ternick
Kathleen Tetley
Neil Tuller
Carmen Marc Valvo
Bernice Walters
William E. Weber
Sandra and Michael Whittle
Douglas C. Will
Patrick Williams
Timothy Wolfred
Robert Yee



Assisi Hospice / Tan Yew Seng, M.D.
Alvin H. Baum, Jr. and Robert Holgate
Boone Callaway
Sallyanne Campbell
Aimee Christensen
Kristen L. Dixon
Thomas Dumas
Louis J. Dunn
Nadr Essabhoy
Fred Fanchaly
Jeff Farrow
David Fix
Emily Foote
Marcello Forte
Catherine Fox
Georgia S. Fuller
Kenneth Gallardo, II
Jerome Goldstein, M.D. and Tom Taylor
Will Green
Henry H. Harteveldt
Harvey's Restaurant
Gustavo Hernandez and Sam Cooper
Brian C. Hollar
Peter Holman
Kaiser Permanente Employee Giving
Steven Thomas Kmucha, M.D., J.D.

Lynn Kormondy
Walter Krampf, M.D.
Jeffrey and Eileen Loustau
Lee Magner
Michael Mitrani
Jamie Moran, LCSW
Daniel Nealon
Lorenz Obwegeser
Robert O'Connor
Bonnie Odell
Wendy Ostrow
Krish Ravikumar
Glenn H. Reid and Frank Lanier
Georgeana K. Roussos
Joe Roybal and Daniel Schrimshire
Shanta Carpentry & Construction Corporation
Stanley Short
Bob Spjut and Sue Valentine
Edward Taylor
Traci Teraoka
Barry Tereshkow and Andrew McConnell
Randy L. Thueme
Bill Vigna and Clay Hansen
Carl Wolf
Ellie Wood
Victor R. Zeuzem
Jonathan Zimman and Glenn Roberts


COOLING FOG $100 - $249

Carlo V. Abruzzese
Marvin Anderson
Ronald Anderson
Aletha Anderson
Jose Carlos Asencios / Hot & Healthy by Garza
Robert M. Balentine, III
Danan Barnett
Bi-Rite Market
Blue Shield of California
Pamela A. Bohmann
Gloria and Don Bordeaux-Pacholec
Patti Breitman
Brian Bringardner
Bob and Kathy Bunger
Grant Burger
Thomas Burke
Grendel Burrell
Joseph Cecere
Sathit Chainam
Alvin Chin
Greg Christian
City Mechanical, Inc.
Grant Colfax
Steven Contreras
Bill Creighton
Carol De La Rosa
Lewis DeSimone
William John Dickens
Daniel Druckerman
Barbara A. Eglian
Paul Emmert
Caroline L. Everts
Thomas J. Farrell
Will Federico
Grant Fenning
Folsom Street Events
Fratelli Bologna
Gap Foundation
Eli Gould
David Grabstald
Cathy Greene
David Greenwald
James Henry
Bruce Hill
Roderick Hong
Holly Huebel
Ada J. Hunter
Bruce Ito
David and PJ Jamison
Jean T. Johnson
Kenneth F. Katz
Dr. David R. Kessler
Paul R. King
Renate Kohlmann
Arthur Kontura
Tracy Lam-Hine
Barbara A. Lee
Brandon Lee
Olson Lee

Mark R. Leno
Frank Leykamm
Jeffrey A. Lyttle
Jason Macario
Steven Masters
Jennifer Malkowski
Richard McJenkin
Standish Meacham
Alan Miller
Nancy Miller
Grace Molyneaux
Justin Molyneaux
Elizabeth A. Montgomery
Joseph Moranville
Josh Moreno
MSM Inc.
Thomas M. Neville
Glora Newbury-Smith
William Nisbet
James Oakley
Ramekon O'Arwisters
Jeanette Ann Page
John Colin Partridge
Thien Chi Pham
Carol L. Polk
Nancy N. and Kevin L. Porter
Avital Rachmany
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative
Edna Ribero
Susan Rosenblatt
Gerald B. Rosenstein
Joseph E. Saccone, Jr.
Jeremy Saz
Peter Scott
Pamela W. Sebastian
Thea Selby
Elizabeth Shun
Roy Simon
Michael Smith
Catherine Smith, MAI CCIM AIA
Geoffrey R. Smith and J. Crystal Gromer
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Starn
Cathrine Steinborn, D.D.S.
Edward E. Steinforth
John W. Stewart
Paula Sugarman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Toole
Matt and Roberta Trask
Edward Van Egri
Karen and Anthony Varnhagen
Thomas M. Vitek
Stanyan Vukovich
Fran, Mark and Gabe Wasserman
Pam Crowe - Weisberg
Sarah Wells and Marsha White
Roger M. Wiesmeyer
Martha Ann and Sanford Wishnev
Christopher Yaros
Thomas L. Yaussy


Jacques Achsen
Franklin Albro
Ted Alden
Irene Alzapiedi
Jeanette Anderson
Teng-How Bae
Susie Baldwin
Michael Bankert
Bonnie Baron
G. William and Carolyn Bauer
Eileen Baustian
Franklin and Phyllis Beery
Barbara Benware
Berkeley Zen Center
Patricia and Chuck Bonasera
Harry Breaux
Theresa Bristow
Mary Bunger
William and Evelyn Bunger
John D. Campbell
James Campbell, M.D.
Vincent Canizio
Michael J. Carney
Ramen Chakrabarti
Paula Champagne
Mitchell Champi
Stephan Chase
Compassionate Community Care
Caroline Connant
Gary W. Davis
J. P. Richards Dillingham
Andre L. Dos Santos-Morgan
Alison Downs
Mrs. Doris Dull
Lynne Eggers
Ronald R. Eisner, M.D.
Scott Eldridge
Bonnie Faigeles
Anthony Fazzio
A. Maggie Ferraro
Patricia L. Fine
Judith Fisicaro
Anita Fong
Douglas Fraser and Mary Hawker
Daven Gee
Jeanne Gianakos
Dale T. Golden
Ronald Gonzalez
Paul Groth
Michael Hackett
Jason Hall
Lisa Anne Haller
David Halsing
Joseph N. Hannon
Maxine Heiliger
Dolores Hernandez
Virginia A. Herron
Daniel Hill
Steve Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Esther Sid Hudes
Dorothy and Joseph Huron
Donald and Bettye Iocca
Philip, Judy and Allison Jamtaas
Dorothy J. Johnson
Adrienne Jonas
Ari Kalfayan
Annely and John Kelleher
Carolyn B. Kellogg
Bob and Hester Kenneth
Rosa Kestelman
P.K. Kilty
Kay Ellen Koehneke
Dolores A. Koneval
Albert Kutchins
Dorje Lama
Jouke Lanning
Raymond and Claire Latham
Frank Latko
F. Ronald Laupheimer
Leona Lee
Len Lu Priore
Jennifer L Machlin
Andrea and William Martin
Steve Martinez
David E. Meders
George Metzger
Sabrina J. Middaugh
Juliet Mills
Reginold A. Milton
Josef B. Monteadora, AIA
Tony Moraga
Paul Mustopich
John Noble
Judy Norton
Rod J. Ocmond
William Paul O'Donnell
Jason Park
Hannah M. Perate
Frederick Preyer
Felice Price
Brigitta Maria Pueschel
Marissa Quaranta
Alan Ratliff
Ms. Dorothy C. Rea
Thomas P. Reilly
John Rengstorff
Restaurant Group, Inc.
Thomas and Cheryl Rice
Robert W. Sass
Frank Schaefer / White Horse Inn, Inc.
Mary Jo Schaeffer
Jeffrey and Francesca Schaper
Mary Schmidgall
J. Barton Schneider
Pauline Scholten
Kent Schwartz
Margaret A. Sebold
Harlan See
Robin Serrahn
Thad Shaffer
Tim Shea
Helga I. Sigvaldadottir and Lexi Leban
Pierre Smit
Gary Smith
Kristine M. Smith
Winton and Barbara Smithwick
Southeast Clinic
Samuel C. Spitale
Stan Stone and William Salit
Peter Tannen
James R. Thompson
Marie K. Toole
David Troup
Beverlie M. Vandre
Marie Vellis
Gary Virginia
Douglas Waggener
Maxwell Wasserman
Gary V. West
John W. Wilson, M.D.
Cynthia Wooten
Stephanie Zito



AAA Fire Protection
Mari Abril
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Anita M. Alvarez
American Conservatory Theatre
Annabelle's Bar & Bistro
Aquarium of the Bay
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The Big Four Restaurant
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David Ensign
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Yoga Tree



Sharon Segal Abelson
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Timothy Wolfred


Mission Statement

No one should have to suffer or die alone. Maitri provides compassionate residential care to men and women in need of hospice or 24-hour care and cultivates the deepest respect and love for life among its residents and caregivers.

"Maitri," pronounced "MY-tree," is a Sanskrit word that means "compassionate friendship."


General Information:

Daniel Hill
(415) 558-3007

Volunteer Program
Stan Stone
(415) 558-3004

Grant Sun
(415) 558-3003

Bliss 2012 / Photo by Rink Foto


Ginger and Sharon / Photo by Patti Spaniak


John and Stan - Halloween 2012 /
Photo by Mary Ann Voss


Mary Wilson visits Nicki and Frank at Maitri /
Photo by Mary Ann Voss


Avi in Maitri's kitchen /
Ron Henggeler Photography


Holiday 2012 / Photo by Stan Stone


Lou / Ron Henggeler Photography


Maitri Chat 2012 / Photo by Stan Stone


Norman / Ron Henggeler Photography


Shawn / Ron Henggeler Photography


Thomas / Photo by Patti Spaniak


Katelyn - Maitri Volunteer / Photo by Ron Henggeler

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