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MAIZE unified school district 266

October 2019
Photo of David Jennings, MCE Principal
I would like to thank all of you for a wonderful turnout during parent-teacher conferences, as 98% of our parents attended. On behalf of the MCE staff, I want to thank all of you for your support!
A special thank you to our PTO parents who provided a wonderful dinner for our staff during conferences. Everything was delicious! Our staff greatly appreciates all that was done to make our marathon day of teaching all day, and then going right into conferences, a little easier. 
We were happy to see everyone who was able to attend our Breakfast with Mustangs last week. We had a great turnout! A special thank you goes to Cindy Denning (MCE Kitchen Manager) and her team for putting together this event. This is such an awesome event for our students to have this special time with family members.  With that being said, our next Breakfast with Mustangs will be Wednesday, January 15th (Grades KG-2) and Thursday, January 16th (Grades 3-5), beginning at 7:45 a.m.  
Thank you for supporting the MCE Read-A-Thon. MCE earned over $7,500 and a total of 58,204 minutes were read by our students. Way to go!
With cooler temperatures upon us, please arrive promptly for afternoon parent pick-up at the north parking lot. We want to minimize the time students are exposed to the cold weather. Students who do not have a ride will be taken to the office where they will wait for an adult to come in and sign them out.
Thank you for all of your support to help make MCE a great place for everyone!

Come join your child on
Thursday, October 31 st
KG-5th: 2:50-3:55 p.m.  
  • No masks!
  • Make believe weapons such as guns, swords, knives, etc. are not to be brought to school as part of the costume.   
  • No make-up or face paint.   
  • Children should not wear their costumes to school.
  • Costumes should be easy to put on over clothing.
  • We request that students bring their costumes in a sack in the morning.  
  • Before school is dismissed, the costumes should be removed to take on the bus.

  • Party time begins at 2:50 p.m. for KG. -5th Grade.
  • Please check with the classroom teacher about food allergies and any other medical concerns.  
  • All party activities should occur on school grounds. (classroom and playground only)  
  • No moon walks, petting zoos, carnival rides, etc.
  • No candles or fog machines.
  • For safety reasons, family members attending parties should stay in the classroom.
  • To prevent spreading lice, please do not use blindfolds or other types of head gear that might be shared by students.

The parade will begin at 2:50 p.m. inside the building. After the parade, family members can join the parties in the classrooms. Parents may go down to the room starting at 2:30 p.m. to set up. Parents who arrive before 2:30 p.m. may wait in the cafeteria.

All party visitors are asked to sign in and wear a special sticker. Multiple sign in forms will be available at the front doors (in the foyer) and the north doors (parent pickup doors). The front and north doors will be unlocked at 2:30 p.m. for the parties. All other exterior doors will be locked.


Please Join us on Tuesday,November 5th for the
All District Orchestra Concert (grades 5th-12th)
MHS Gym at 7:00 PM

In 2018, the Kansas State Board of Education (KSBE) revised the Kansas Social, Emotional, and Character Development Model standards. These standards have been implemented at Maize Central Elementary in addition to the academic standards also adopted by the KSBE.

We take seriously our responsibility to educate all students and to support their academic and social-emotional growth. A few ways we support our students is through Capturing Kids’ Hearts, Second Step, counselor whole-class lessons and small group sessions, and Maize Way character lessons. We also consider data from multiple sources, such as, classroom teacher observations, parent input, attendance rates, office discipline referrals, student self-reflection, and the universal screener for Social Academic Emotional Behavior Rating Scale (SAEBRS) to determine if there are students who could benefit from additional interventions.

If you have a concern regarding your student’s social, emotional, and character development, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. Together we can help our students experience success in all aspects of their educational journey.

Please feel free to contact our school staff if you have questions.
Thank you!

Polar Express
Parents, could you use some quiet time? Would you like your children to participate in a fun evening with their friends? Do you have some holiday shopping to do? Would you like to have a dinner alone? Maize Central Elementary has just what you need. 
Sign up your child for a ride on the MCE Polar Express! This annual fundraiser supports Maize Central Elementary and will take place Friday, December 13th from 3:55-8:00 p.m. 
The evening will include a pajama party (wear your pj's), crafts, snacks, exciting games, music, dinner, and much, much more!
Polar Express is offered to the Maize Central Elementary kindergarten through fifth grade students only. The cost is $25.00 for each student, and $10.00 for each additional child in the family.

Polar Express T-Shirts are available to order now. Click here to order . The store will be open for purchases on the 20th of October and will be closed 11-19-19 Shirts will be delivered to the school for distribution the last week of November. 

All of the activities will be organized by MCE teachers and staff. This fun night has become part of the MCE culture, and we're excited to share the tradition with our students once again!
*Please Note*  
We are unable to accept Boarding Passes 
after 4:00 p.m. November 7th. 

A reminder that all visitors who wish to enter the school during school hours must present a government - issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, on their first visit. This includes parents, guardians, and grandparents. Please allow for extra time to either run the driver's license or to look up the information if already in our system. This includes parents picking up sick students from the nurse's office. Thank you for allowing us to keep our students and staff safe.

If you must pick up a student early, please plan to arrive with enough time for the student to be called from the classroom. This could take extra time if the student is in Music/P.E., lunch, and/or recess. Please allow us extra time to call down the student.
Thank you for your patience.
Mrs. Kinnevan – Catalina Matthews
Mrs. Clark – Rex Connelly
Mrs. Merseal – Will Johnson
Mrs. Criswell – Kaylie Peavy
Mrs. LaMunyon – Avery Jenkinson

Mrs. Potter – Nora Melichar
Mrs. McCandless – Lily Pringle
Mrs. O’Daniel – Cameron Crow
Mrs. Gabrielson – Mila Stark
Ms. Davis – Charlee Silsby

Mrs. Joe – Kinsleigh Hendershot
Mrs. Shields – Adalee Whiting
Mrs. Buchanan – Logan Peters
Mrs. Reed – Kendall Meirowsky
Ms. Mark – Zahria Cox

Mrs. Meister – Jaxon Swim
Mrs. Schmitz – Kayleigh Wilson
Mrs. Poynter – Beck Howard
Mrs. Johansen – Kylie Powell
Mrs. Mitchell – Teagan Copeland

Mrs. Wagner – Zane Pearman
Mrs. Hartzog – Macy Tapia
Mrs. Chamberlain – Paige Willits
Mrs. Neufeld – Annalee Quiroz Ramirez
Mrs. Dean – Hasan Lahowk

Mrs. Harrold – Brextyn Hendershot
Mr. Berry – Maverick Hagar
Mrs. Lehner – Mara Pederson
Mrs. Gose – Ashlynn Brock
Mr. Farrell – Caidyn Whiting

Additional Winners:  
Mrs. O’Daniel – Clarence Jewell
Mrs. Shields – Lily Mahanay
Mrs. Joe – Adam Lindahl
Mrs. Mitchell – Alivia Clanton
Mrs. Wagner – Cole Haynes
Mrs. Neufeld – Brock Curnutt
Mr. Berry – Aaliyah Clanton
Mrs. Gose – Jared Grantham
Mrs. Harrold – Madelyn McCluskey
Mrs. Harrold – Brooke Tholen

Flu season is approaching. Get your flu vaccine now! Vaccination is recommended for everyone 6 months and older. Symptoms of the flu can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue. Some people with the flu will not have a fever.
What is the flu? Influenza (the flu) is an infection of the nose, throat, and lungs caused by the influenza virus. There are many different influenza viruses that are constantly changing.
Keep your child home from school for at least 12 hours after their fever is gone. Fever should be gone without the use of a fever-reducing medicine. A fever is defined as 100°F or higher.

  • Complete a request for Administration of Medication form.  
  • The medication must be in the original container.
  • The medication must be current. Expired medication will not be administered.
  • The medication must be age appropriate. Any medication for a person older than the child will require a signed form from the doctor.
  • All prescription medications require a signed form from the doctor.
  • All prescription medications must have the pharmacy label with the student's name on the bottle/box.
  • Students may not self-administer medications in the elementary schools.

The 4 Questions:
Capturing Kids' Hearts continues to be a powerful program at Maize Central Elementary. The goal of this program is to empower students to take ownership for their learning and behavior. Teachers can help students take ownership for themselves by using a set of 4 questions outlined in the CKH program. These 4 questions help the students and teachers maintain healthy boundaries with each other while preserving positive relationships. They also keep the classroom and school environment safe even in times of conflict. When a conflict within a classroom group or an individual occurs, the following questions are used:
  1. What are you doing?
  2. What are you supposed to be doing?
  3. Are you doing it?
  4. What are you going to do about it?
These questions are used to hold the classroom group accountable and to help students self-manage their behavior. All classrooms at MCE post these questions next to the Social Contract, and they are used as needed to maintain a safe school environment.

The Caring Hearts Food Drive at MCE will be held November 18 th  – 22 nd . We will be accepting nonperishable food donations to help Maize families in need. Some examples of nonperishable items include canned soups and vegetables, boxed meals, macaroni and cheese, Jello, cereal, etc. Your donations will be used to provide food boxes for the holiday season. There will be boxes set up around the school for students to deposit any food items they bring during the week! Thank you for your generosity this season! 
USD 266 uses the Skyward Food Service and RevTrak fee payment systems for our students' breakfast and lunch accounts. 

Please check your email and phone numbers in Skyward, so that you may be alerted when your child has a balance of $7.00 or less.  

Parents will be contacted when your child has $7.00 left in their account. 

We will contact parents a second time when your child has one lunch left. 

When no money is left on the account, your child will go to the office and call his/her parents. Please put money into the account that day. 

We will contact parents a third time when your child has a zero balance.

Please check with your child if he/she is eating breakfast at school or getting a second milk, the charges add up quickly. If you have more than one child, please check both lunch accounts. We are not allowed to go into one child's account to pay for a sibling.
Parents may keep as large a balance as they wish in a child's account. If the student doesn't have enough in his/her lunch account to cover a meal, the account will be charged for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk if the student chooses to take one. No meal charges will be allowed. 

If you have any questions regarding Skyward and the RevTrak system, please call our school office. We want every child to have a good lunch, every day!

Maize USD 266 is extremely thankful for the many volunteers who selflessly give of their time in our classrooms. Our schools are stronger thanks to the help and support of our community members, and our students benefit from this relationship.
Safety is a top priority for the district, which since 2008 has conducted background checks of potential volunteers.  According to Maize Board of Education policy,  (Section 20, Item D) "volunteers who work in a classroom on a regular basis, supervise students during a field trip when a staff member is not present, or work with students away from the supervision of a classroom teacher are required to have a background check."  This extra step helps ensure that we are keeping our students safe.

Those interested in becoming elementary school volunteers can visit their school page on our district website and click on the  "Volunteer Background Check"  under Families, to  begin their background check process through the National Screening Bureau.  
Thanks to all parents and volunteers for continued support of our students and district!
If you have moved or will be moving, but are still in district, please send a Proof of Residency  to the school office as soon as possible. You can email it to slambert@usd266.com  or fax it to the school office
at 316-722-8307.
  •  An Acceptable Proof of Residence includes a copy of your mortgage/lease agreement, including signature page, or a current copy of your gas, water or electric bill.
  • If you have any questions regarding Proof of Residence, please feel free to contact the school office.
If you are moving OUT   of district, please contact Shelly Lambert at slambert@usd266.com    or by phone at 316-722-0427. Please include the new school, city, and state you will be transferring to so we can prepare your student's records for transfer. 
Don't Let the Music Stop
4th Grade - Thursday, November 14th, 
6:30 PM
MHS Auditorium
4th Grade Classes: 
Chamberlain, Dean, Hartzog, Neufeld and Wagner
5th Grade - Thursday, November 14th
7:45 PM
MHS Auditorium
5th Grade Classes: 
Farrell, Harrold, Lehner, Berry and Gose

Your child will need to wear tennis shoes, regular denim blue jeans and a red or white plain shirt tucked in at the waist as his/her outfit for this program.  Please note that each child should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the performance. The children will meet in the vocal music room to warm-up. All concerts will be held in the Maize High School Auditorium.
We look forward to seeing you!!!!
We have begun our STAR Student Recognition Program. Each Friday morning after a designated class sings the school song, one student from each classroom is recognized as a Star Student. The students' names are announced over the intercom and at that time they come to the office to receive a pencil and a personalized certificate signed by Mr. Jennings.
August - Friendship
  January - Self Discipline
September - Compassion
  February - Honesty
October - Respect
  March - Cooperation
November - Responsibility
  April - Acceptance
December - Generosity
  May - Perseverance
Party invitations  CANNOT  be distributed at school per USD 266 District Policy. You may find the information on  page 46 of the Student Handbook   under Parties/Events. We ask that you mail invitations to personal events or parties directly to the home of the student(s) you are inviting. Parents and guardians may now opt to include your address, primary phone number, email addresses, student's school and student's grade level in the Skyward Family Access Student Directory so that other families with login rights to Family Access can view your contact information.

We would like to remind everyone that MCE  CANNOT  accept deliveries of flowers, balloons, candy, cookies etc., per USD 266 District Policy. You may find the information on   page 25 of the Student Handbook  under deliveries. We appreciate your cooperation!
In the event of an emergency in your child's school, the Blackboard Connect parent notification system will be used to notify you of the situation and will alert you to steps you need to take in order to reunite with your child. Voice messages will be sent to all phone numbers and emails listed in Skyward Family Access "Family 1." To view the contact information that the district has on file, please log on to Skyward Family Access and click on "Student Information." If you are unsure how to log on to Skyward Family Access, please contact your child's school for assistance.

In the event of school being dismissed or canceled because of inclement weather, the district will send out an e-mail, phone notification, and -- for those who have opted to receive them -- a text message to the primary contact associated with both Family 1 and Family 2, if applicable, for each student. Those phone notifications will go out as early as 5:30 a.m. on the day of the closure. If a decision is made the night before to call off school, calls and texts will go out no later than 10:30 p.m.

It is wise to verify that we have your correct contact information on file. To do so, please log on to Skyward Family Access and click on "Student Info." If you are unsure how to log on to Skyward Family Access, please contact your child's school for assistance.

District officials will update the district's Web site (www.usd266.com), official Twitter account (@maize266), and official Facebook page as soon as the decision is made to call off school. We also will contact local media outlets about any closures. When in doubt, we encourage parents to verify school closings by consulting multiple official sources.

Similarly, in the event of an emergency in your child's school, the district will use the Blackboard Connect parent notification system to notify you of the situation and alert you to steps you need to take in order to reunite with your child. Communications would go to all contacts listed in Skyward Family Access "Family 1" and the main contact in "Family 2."
It is the responsibility of the parent to update medical information and contact numbers in Skyward Family Access during enrollment and throughout the school year. Teachers, coaches and other school staff rely on Skyward for important health information like asthma, seizures, diabetes, and food allergies. In addition to updating Skyward, the parent/guardian must also personally communicate this information to the school nurse who will educate and train the appropriate staff. If parents and/or student have questions regarding school guidelines and policies in keeping students safe and healthy at school, please contact the school nurse.
for MCE 
Please consider helping your child's school by participating in the following programs:    
   When registering be sure to use our
NPO number FQ604 .

October 22
Spirit night 
Freezing Moo
3-9 PM
October 31
Fall Parties:
2:50-3:55 PM

November 5
All District 
Orchestra Concert
(Grades 5-12) 
MHS Main Gym
7:00 PM

November 14
4th Grade Vocal Music Program
MHS Auditorium
6:30 PM
5th Grade Vocal Music Program
MHS Auditorium
7:45 PM
November 18
PTO Spirit Night 
5-9 PM
Monday, 11/25 through 
Friday, 11/29
No School K-12, Fall Break
December 5
PTO Spirit Night
5-8 PM 
December 12
5th Grade 
Band Concert
MHS Auditorium
7:00 PM
December 12 
PTO Spirit Night
Carousel Skate Center 6-8 PM 
December 13
Polar Express
3:55-8:00 PM
Monday, 12/23
through Friday, 1/3/20
No School K-12
Winter Break

January 15
Breakfast with Mustangs
Grades K-2
7:45-8:30 AM
January 16
Breakfast with Mustangs
Grades 3-5
7:45-8:30 AM

January 20
No School K-12
January 31
PTO Spirit Event
Wichita Ice Center
7-10 PM
February 18
PTO Spirit Event
5-8 PM
February 10 
2nd Grade Vocal Music Program
MSHS Auditorium
6:30 PM
February 11
Valentine's Parties K-5
2:50-3:55 PM
February 21
PTO Sponsored 
Family Bingo Night
6 PM
February 12
4-8 PM
February 13
No School K-12
12-8 PM
February 14
No School K-12
Conference Comp Day
February 17
No School K-12
Professional Development Day
February 20
3rd Grade Vocal Music Program
MSHS Auditorium
6:30 PM
March 5
Spring Casual Pictures
March 16-20
No School K-12
Spring Break

ONEMA1ZE  #OneMa1ze