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Important Dates


27th - ACT Testing Day  


28th - K-12 P/T Conferences, 4-8pm


29th - NO SCHOOL K-12, P/T Conferences 12-8pm


30th - NO SCHOOL K-12, Conference Comp Day  




13th - End of Term  


14th - NO SCHOOL, Professional Development Day


17th - School Resumes 

 USD 266 District


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 Maize High School


Office hours:

7:00am - 3:30pm


School hours:

7:40am - 2:45pm M, T, TH, F

7:40am - 2:10pm Wednesday  


MHS Administration

Dr. Chris Botts



Elizabeth Parker

Associate Principal


Freshmen R - Z 


Craig Broadbent

Assistant Principal


Freshmen A - J 


Sonya Tice

Assistant Principal


Freshmen K - Q 


Eric Wolgast

Athletic/Activities Director

MHS Counseling Department

Lyn Brown

Director of Guidance

Students A - C 


Geri Hickerson


Students D - Kn 


Paula Bette


Students Ko - Rog


Betsy Manning


Students Rol - Z 


Carly Stamper

Counseling Office Administrative Assistant

*Should you need to get in touch with your student's counselor, please call Carly at (316) 350-2122.  


Kristi Olinger


(316) 350-2121


Kelsey Vinopal

District College and Career Advocate

(316) 350-2281 


 MHS Athletics/Activities Department
Eric Wolgast
Athletic/Activities Director

Alysia Buckley
Athletic/Activities Administrative Assistant

If you have any questions or need to contact the Athletic Department, please call (316) 350-2112.

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MHS Character

in Action 

Eagle Connection

MHS Parent Newsletter

October 2016                               Volume  124  Issue  2    

 Botts' Babbles

I would like to thank all of the members of Student Council for organizing and planning this year's homecoming festivities.  There are many great leaders in StuCo and it has been fun to see the student body engaged in each of the spirit days and show their Eagle Pride.  I always tell the students, "high school is what you make of it."  Students this year have truly made the most of the opportunities presented and have shown their Eagle pride!


National Merit Seniors
Congratulations to Jonathon Kohl and Kyle Stutzman on being named "Commended Students" in the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program.  Commended Students place among the top five percent of more than 1.6 million students who entered  the 2017 competition by taking the 2015 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.


Student of the Month

I am pleased to announce that Kendra Cunningham (12) has been named the Maize High School Carlos O'Kelly's Student of the Month for August. Jessica Shurts, science teacher, had this to say about Kendra: "Kendra always excels in the classroom, but has provided excellent leadership in all the back-to-school events as STUCO president."  Also receiving nominations this month were: Kylie Wood, Haleigh Avila, Brooklyn DeForeest, Tori Moss, Allison Evans, Lillian Williams, Daisy Riegel, Kate Reimer, Sophia Shaar, Gavin Schumacher, Rayne Rekoske, Chris White, Kylie Cole, Crosby Woods, Sadie Landwehr, Emma Hahn, and Elizabeth Bell.  Congratulations to all students for standing out!  


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up on Wednesday, September 28th from 4-8:00 p.m. and Thursday, September 29th from 12-8:00 p.m.  There will be no school on 9/29 and 9/30.  I hope you will be able to stop by and visit with your student's teachers.  


  • This year, our current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders have results from the ACT Aspire test given last spring.  At conferences, you will have the opportunity to go over the results of how your student did on this summative test and predictor of the ACT.  Your student's EnCor teacher will have the summative report to give to you.  Those reports that are not picked up at conferences will be given to students during EnCor on Monday, October 3rd.
  • We will also have one parent session this year.   On Thursday, 9/30, a representative from Wichita State University will be at MHS to do a financial aid presentation for families.  This will take place in the MHS auditorium from 6-7:00 p.m.  

Special Day - September 27

Tuesday, September 27th will be a busy day at MHS for all students:

  • Freshmen and sophomores will take the ACT Aspire test in the morning and will have blocks 3 and 4 in the afternoon.  
  • Seniors will take the ACT and will be dismissed from school at the conclusion of their test around noon.  Students pre-registered for the test on September 19th and the district is covering the cost of the test for students.  
  • Juniors will not have school but can use the day as a college visit day.  We have organized and scheduled a tour to Wichita State University for any student looking at WSU as their college choice.  Students can sign up for this in the Counseling Office or with Mrs. Vinopal.  

Maslow's Teen Pantry

Maslow's Teen Pantry is organized by the Maize High School Peer Helper group. These teens have spent hours collecting and sorting through donations to help serve their school community.  At Maslow's, a student in need can seek out their counselor, administrator, or any teacher to receive items such as food, clothing, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, school supplies, and much more.  The idea is to help those in need in an anonymous fashion so that our students and their siblings can get what they need when they need it.  We are currently accepting donations of non-perishable food items (especially dry goods), gloves, hats, scarves, and jackets for the upcoming winter months.  Also, we are collecting baby items such as diapers, wipes, baby wash, etc.  There is not a need at this time for baby clothes.  As always, we also accept cash donations.  


University of Kansas Honor Scholars

On Monday, September 26th, students from schools across Sedgwick County will convene at Maize High School for the University of Kansas Scholars Program.  The distinguished program recognizes the top 10% of each school's graduating class.  Congratulations to the students being recognized at Maize High School who are listed later in this newsletter.


Teacher Award

I am pleased to announce that Maize High School teacher Sarah Jo Heath has been named the KAHPERD Adaptive Physical Education Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Heath will be recognized on November 3rd at the annual KAHPERD conference in Hays, KS.  Congratulations to Mrs. Heath!


I appreciate all of the support given to our students and school.  Please let me know if I can do anything to help make your student's experience at Maize High School better.


With Eagle pride,


Dr. Botts

ACT Testing Day
 Counselors' Corner

Greetings from the Counseling Department

at Maize High School!


Lyn Brown                        Director of Guidance      350-2114     

Students whose last name begins with A through C


Geri Hickerson                 Counselor                           350-2118     

Students whose last name begins with D through Kn


Paula Bette                        Counselor                           350-2119     

Students whose last name begins with Kp through Rog


Betsy Manning                 Counselor                           350-2120    
                                                Students whose last name begins with Rol through Z


Carly Stamper                   Counseling Administrative Assistant     350-2122      



The PSAT will be offered to our students on Wednesday, October 19th. The cost to register for the test is $17 and can be given to Alysia Buckley in the Finance Office at Maize High from September 28 - October 7th. When you register for the test, you will receive the PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide. This guide has information about the PSAT and National Merit Test, as well as test-taking advice and an official practice test.

Freshman and sophomores are able to take the test as practice, and juniors who test will have their scores count toward the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.


Congratulations to our KU Honors Students!  The University of Kansas will honor the top 10% of the senior class of 2017 on Monday, September 26th at Maize High School.  Our honored students include: Haleigh Avila, Kyle Bannon, Nikola Braynov, Madison Bruun, Ashley Carpenter, Samantha Chesser, Kendra Cunningham, Baylee Dobler, Samuel Emerson, Caroline Erickson, Madison Gallagher, Samuel Gilchrist, Emma Hahn, Jacey Handy, Meet Kapadia, Justin Khounsombath, Jonathan Kohl, Mia Magby, Tiffany Nold, Katherine Reimer, Brecken Roe, Eric Schartz, Gabrielle Schreiner, Kyle Stutzman, Madison Tannahill, Hannah Tice, Bailey Tredway, Allison Wheeler, and Chloe Willems. 


Congratulations to our AP Scholars!

  • AP Scholars: Granted to students who receive scores of "3" or higher on three or more AP Exams: 

o   Class of 2016 - Miranda Boswell, William Mercer, Conor Phillips, Brandon Pugh, Hayden Thurman, and Madison Worm.


  • AP Scholars with Honor: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least "3.25" on all AP Exams taken, and scores of "3" or higher on four or more of these exams.

o   Class of 2016:  Emily Beaver 

o   Class of 2017:  Allison Wheeler


  • AP Scholars with Distinction: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least "3.5" on all AP Exams taken, and scores of "3" or higher on five or more of these exams.
o Class of 2016 - Matthew Freese, Trent Gaddie, and Scott Hershberger


We have many activities coming up this fall - so please read carefully!


  • Tuesday, October 18th - Futures Fair at Koch Arena
    • Juniors and seniors who sign up in their EnCor class will be bused to the Fair - 8:45 am to 11:00 am.
    • Two $500 scholarships will be given away to students who attend the day session. 
  • Wednesday, October 19th  - PSAT - Will be offered at Maize High School.
  • October 13th - Last day of Term 1
  • October 17th - Term 2 begins
  • October 22nd - ACT
  • October 27th  - ASVAB testing in the Lecture Hall.  Please sign up for this FREE assessment in the Counseling Office.

ACT Information:


  • Friday, November 4th - Last day to register for December 10th ACT
  • ACT Prep class to prep for the December ACT.   This class will be offered in the Lecture Hall on Thursday, November 17th and Thursday, December 1st.  Registration forms are available in the Counseling Office or on our website.  The cost of the class $50. 
  • ACT on December 10th
  • Friday, January 13th - Last day to register for February 11th ACT
  • ACT Prep class to prep for the February ACT.   This class will be offered in the Lecture Hall on Thursday, January 19th and Thursday, January 26th. Registration forms are available in the Counseling Office or on our website.  The cost of the class $50. 
  • ACT on February 11th
  • Friday, March 3rd -Last day to register for April 8th ACT
  • ACT Prep class to prep for the April ACT.   This class will be offered in the Lecture Hall on Thursday, March 30th and Thursday, April 6th.  Registration forms are available in the Counseling Office or on our website.  The cost of the class is $50. 



1. There are four sections on the ACT (English, math, reading, and science) and then a separate optional essay section. The "science" section is really just reading comprehension (no outside science knowledge is needed; nearly all questions can be answered by understanding the given information.)


2. Answer every question on the ACT even if it just a guess; there is no penalty for wrong answers.


3. On the ACT, finishing all of the questions in time is difficult. The ACT rewards working quickly so students should push themselves to move quickly through each section. For example, if you are 90% sure about a question, answer it and move on rather than going back and double checking.


4. Again, you don't want your score to be lower due to the fact that you were not able to finish most questions in time. The best way to deal with this issue is to time yourself as you complete a few practice ACTs before the actual test. Get used to how much time a section lasts and how quickly you need to work to finish it.


5. The national average for the ACT is approximately 21. This is the approximate national average for the overall score and for each section.


6. Do not read the reading passages for too long. Only take between one and two minutes to read the long passages quickly. Just read enough to get a main understanding of the arguments or points the author is making. Once you get to the questions, you will be going back to the passages anyway to search for the right answer, so it doesn't make sense to read for too long.


7. Many students are curious as to how many questions they need to answer correctly on each section to earn a certain score. Here is one example: To earn an overall ACT score of 24, a student would need to get 55 out of 75 English questions correct, 37 out of 60 math questions correct, 26 out of 40 reading questions correct, and 29 out of 40 science questions correct.


8. Many students are curious about how the ACT and SAT compare to each other and here are some general thoughts. Most students find the ACT slightly easier and get a higher percentage of ACT questions correct. The downside is that the curve on the ACT is tougher so a student needs to get a higher percentage of ACT questions correct to earn a score that would be equal to the comparable SAT score. One of the reasons that students find the ACT slightly easier is that there are only four answer choices on every question of the ACT except for the math section where the questions have five answer choices. By contrast, every section of the SAT has five answer choices.

College and Career Counseling


Kelsey Vinopal is the USD 266 District College and Career Advocate at both high schools.   Mrs. Vinopal is available to visit with students and families with anything related to college and career. If a student needs assistance in setting up college visits or contacting a university, she is able to help. She is also available to assist with admissions, financial aid, and scholarship questions. Mrs. Vinopal will be organizing school-wide college and community visits, as well. Students and families can contact Mrs. Vinopal or 316-350-2281; her office at MHS is in D8. Also, be sure to follow the College and Career Office on Twitter: @MaizeCCR.

Upcoming College Visits at Maize High


Air National Guard
Mon. Oct 3rd during EnCor & Lunch
Bethel College
Wed. Oct 5th during EnCor
Kansas Army National Guard
Friday Oct. 7th during EnCor & Lunch
Wichita State University
Mon. Oct. 10th during EnCor
Kansas State University
Wed. Oct. 12th during EnCor
Pittsburg State University
Wed. Oct. 12th during Lunch
Oklahoma State University
Mon. Oct. 17th during EnCor
Ottawa University
Wed. Oct. 19th during Lunch
Hesston College
Friday Oct. 21st during Lunch
Friends University
Wed. Oct. 26th during EnCor
Fort Hays State University
Mon. Oct. 31st during EnCor



Pratt Community College - Technical Program Education Day

Wednesday, November 16th

Open to both juniors and seniors at Maize High School, Maize South High School, Complete High School Maize & Maize Virtual Preparatory School.

***Deadline to sign up is Monday, Nov. 7th by the end of the day!***

Space is limited and registration is on a first come, first serve basis! Students must be in good standing to attend.


Register  here!


During the visit we will:


*Visit with faculty about technical programs.

*Hear about financial aid opportunities & admissions.
*Interact with current PCC students.
*Have a chance to win a PCC scholarship.


 Students can pick from three different technical programs to explore:


- Agriculture

- Automotive

- Electrical Power Lineman

- Information Network Technology

- Nursing/Allied Heath*

- Ag Power Technology

- Wildlife Outfitting and & Operations

- Business and Accounting


* Students interested in Nursing and Allied Health will have a unique track and will not participate in other rotations.


The bus will be departing from the high schools and will be arriving back at 2:45 pm. (Further information will be provided for those who register.)

*There is no fee to attend!


If you have questions, please contact Kelsey Vinopal (College and Career Advocate) at or 316-350-2281.


College & Career Night 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017



Wichita State University Tour

Juniors have the opportunity to tour Wichita State University on Tuesday, September 27 th. During this visit, we will have a general overview of WSU. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy lunch on campus. Deadline to register was Thursday, September 22nd; we currently have 100 Juniors registered!


On Friday, October 14th, we will be doing a campus visit that is open to juniors and seniors. The campus we will tour is to be determined. Further details will be provided regarding this visit as they become available. 


Transportation will be provided for all campus visits. During the visits, students will have the opportunity to tour campus, interact with current students, visit with Admissions and Financial Aid representatives, and much more! For further information and to register visit Contact Kelsey Vinopal at or 316-350-2281 with questions.



FAFSA Completion Event


Maize USD 266 is hosting a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completion event for high school seniors on   Tuesday, October 25th  from   6:00pm to 7:30pm  in the Maize High School library. During this event, students and their parents will be able to complete the FAFSA with the assistance of Financial Aid representatives. This event is open to all students attending any post-secondary education (four-year, two-year, technical education, trade school, etc). Computers will be available for you to complete the FAFSA online. 


This year the FAFSA opens for families to complete on October 1st. It is important to know the financial aid deadline for any post-secondary institution you are considering because each have their own deadlines. 


What is financial aid? 


Grants, scholarships, loans, and work study funds provided to help students and families pay for college. 


What to Bring?


·         Both the student and parent should attend if possible. 

·         Bring 2015 tax returns (including W-2's) for both student and parent or income information for 2015 if no taxes were filed.

·         Bring information about assets if applicable.

·         You will need birth dates, social security numbers*, and an e-mail address for both student and parents.

   * Students can still complete the FAFSA if their parents do not have a SSN.

·         Alien Registration Number (if you are not a U.S. Citizen)


For more information and to save your seat please visit or here.


If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Kelsey Vinopal (College and Career Advocate) at or 316-350-2281.



Driver's Education
USD 266 Maize offers Online Driver Education during the school year (Term 1; Term 2; Term 3; Term 4).   The online driver education program strives to prepare students to become knowledgeable and respectful of the law; to learn basic driving skills; and to develop a responsible attitude toward driving.   The instructors will provide critical experience to students; involve parents in the process, and foster cooperative interaction with others in the driving environment.   More detailed information on Online Driver Education can be found on the high school website under the Counselors' Corner.


Online Driver Education:  2016-2017 Enrollment Nights (Enrollment packets may be picked up in the Counseling Office or online under the Counselors' Corner.)

Term 2:October 5, 2016 at 6:00pm; Maize High School Lecture Hall

Term 3:December 7, 2016 at 6:00pm; Maize High School Lecture Hall

Term 4:March 8, 2017 at 6:00pm; Maize High School Lecture Hall


**Students and parents need to attend the enrollment meeting.  Please bring your enrollment packet, a writing pen, and any type of Kansas Permit or License you already have to the Enrollment Meeting.**

FALL 2016 Homecoming

Congratulations to this year's Fall Homecoming King and Queen - Grant Bugbee and Spencer Shively!



Good News
Maize's KAY Club is one of ten KAY organizations in the state that will be honored at a ceremony in November. The Maize club is being recognized for its long history of distinguished service and leadership. KAY, which stands for Kansas Association for Youth, is celebrating 70 years of providing a character-building, leadership-training, service program for Kansas students in grades 7 through 12. KAY will have a Blue and Gold Celebration on November 5th, during which the Maize club will be recognized.


"Congratulations on this special recognition for not only the Maize High...program, but also for your school, and your community," said Cheryl Gleason, KAY state director. "By offering this organization, you have impacted the lives of an untold number of students who have experienced first-hand the importance of service to their school, community, nation, and world."

Important Information



Parents and Guardians - If you are excusing your student to leave during the school day, please call our Attendance Office well in advance.  Passes will be prepared and class interruptions can be limited with this advance notice.  Thank you for your help!  


Lost and Found:


When your student loses an item at MHS, there are three locations for Lost and Found:

·         The Front Office is the first place students often come to see if a lost item has been turned in.  Keys, jewelry, phones, and wallets are kept in a secure location here after being turned in.

·         Lost student IDs and agendas can be located in the Attendance Office.

·         Students are encouraged to look for lost clothing items, books, water bottles, bags, etc in the maintenance area bin.


Items left in locker rooms at the end of each term are donated to Maslow's Closet or other charitable agencies.  Items left in the Lost and Found Bin are also donated at the end of the school year.

Kake Talented Teens

Congratulations to sophomores, Megan Denton and Keegan Johnston, who were featured on KAKE this past month for their accomplishments in music and theater!


Meg Denton- 
Keegan Johnston- 

Made in the USA
 MHS Coed Cheer Team
The MHS Coed Cheer Team has been busy this September! 

Recently, they were guests of Power 93.5. Maize High Cheer was featured as the cheerleaders of the week and promoted the game of the week which was Maize-vs-Goddard Eisenhower.  













The team also performed at the half of a recent University of Oklahoma game, which was both a privilege and an honor.  















MHS Varsity Coed Cheer Team

Breeana Smith

Collin Lee

Jo Besse

Isaac James

Kaci Clinton

Karli Baker

Karsyn Buzard

Kaylee Turner

Kendyl Johnson

Krista Phillips

Lori Wagner

Makenna Meyer

Marisa Moore

Mason Lange

Megan King

Remington Young

Ryley Elsea

Sydnie Winter

Sydney Werner

Tatyana Hopkins

Tori Moss


MHS JV Cheer Team

Avery Shunatona 

Emma Ables

Kenzie Deen

Madelyn Mies

Miranda Smith

Stormi Williams

Maize High Theatre and Vocal Departments Proudly Present
The Addams Family 

 School Happenings
Maize High was proud to offer our students an opportunity to hear alum,
Michael Staab, speak recently.  Michael was a 2007 graduate of MHS, received his bachelor's degree from WSU and his master's degree from Georgia Tech.   Currently, Michael is a Mission Control Engineer (Flight Controller) for the Cassini spacecraft and a Mission Systems' Engineer for the Mars 2020 rover at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

Earth-Space Science students explored the expanding universe this past month in a digital planetarium on loan from Fort Hays State University.




Biology students were recently medical diagnosticians, testing the effects of exercise (jogging) and of pain (caused by "the ice bucket challenge") on their heart function and blood pressure. To see what is happening on the inside, they also dissected fetal pigs - mammals anatomically like us in many ways.


Ashlyn Bugbee, Megan Fabrizius,                                         Caleb Grill and Chase Schreiner
Hunter Clark, Kael Ecord

 Maize USD 266 Online
Bulletin Board
Please visit to access the Maize USD 266 Online Bulletin Board for complete and timely information about upcoming events and activities sponsored by Maize Schools and partner agencies.
Thank you!

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