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October 2021
Mavs Run Together!
Hello Mavericks! 
I am so proud of our students at Maize South Intermediate. This past month, some schools were faced with social media challenges that were disruptive and hurtful to the school environment. Our students were able to use their MSIS Keeping It FRESH skills and reframe from this unacceptable behavior. At MSIS, we use our Mav Up and Explore time to learn social emotional skills to develop into safe and responsible citizens. I also know this starts at home with you setting these expectations. Thank you for taking the time to speak with your students about respectful and responsible digital citizenship!
Mavs are Keeping FRESH!
Karen LaMunyon
MSIS Principal
Staff Affirmations
I continue to be amazed by our staff at Maize South Intermediate! They work so hard everyday to make sure our students are taken care of both academically and emotionally! If you would like to send out words of affirmation or encouragement to one of our staff members, we have set up a Staff Affirmation Google Form. Click on the link and then go to the staff member’s name and simply let them know how much you appreciate them. The affirmation will go straight to their email box. A few words of appreciation goes a long way!
Principal's Lunch Bunch
Once a month I meet with students to gather their hopes, dreams, and wishes for Maize South Intermediate. Teachers select one student each month that would like to come together and eat lunch with me as a leadership team. I look forward to this time each month with students. This month, our students shared some of the things they love the most about our school are their teachers, making new friends, and spending time in the collaboration spaces. We will continue to meet and collect feedback from these amazing students!
October Principal Lunch Bunch
Maverick Time Electives Begin!
Our goal for Maverick Time is that students are able to pursue passions and talents not normally found in our day-to-day curriculum that develop life long skills. During the month of September students went through the process of learning about each elective option and then selecting their top three choices for the second nine weeks. Students all received one of their top 3 choices. Students will get to choose another elective each nine weeks. *These electives are yearlong.

Maverick Time Electives: Coding, Art, Drawing, Science Investigations, Airplanes, Math Challenges, Book Club, Board Games, Crocheting, Juggling/ Hand & Eye Coordination Skills, Soccer, Basketball, Shark Tank Kids Edition, Kindness Club, Circle of Friends, K.A.Y. Club, *Musical/ Drama, *Broadcasting, *STUCO, *Newsletter/ Yearbook, and Rube Goldberg Discovery. Students will begin their new elective time on Wednesdays starting October 13th.
Health Office
Hello! Here is some important information to keep in mind this time of the year from the nurse:

Skyward Health History:
It is the parent’s responsibility to update health conditions in Skyward and notify the school nurse as needed for health concerns. We also look at Skyward contacts if we need to get ahold of a parent during the school day. Please ensure your contact information is updated. Also, if your child has any updated health histories or immunizations throughout the year, please send me a copy so I can keep their health record updated.

If your child needs to take any medication at school, a consent form must be filled out every school year before any medication is administered at school. You can find this form on the USD266 website by clicking here and clicking Authorization for Medication. If this medication is prescribed by a physician, I need their signature as well in order to administer.

Hearing and Vision Screenings:
Students new to the district will receive both hearing and vision screenings. Fifth grade students will receive a vision screening. Please email or call me ASAP in order to OPT out of any screenings you wish. Results will only be sent home if further testing is needed. Screenings are very basic and are not meant to take the place of professional evaluations.

Please feel free to contact me by stopping by my office, calling, or emailing me if you have any questions or concerns about your student. Thank you for taking an interest in your child’s health and well-being!

Hannah Weston, RN, BSN
Phone: 316-462-8506 Email:
Mavs and the Media Center
Thanks to all of you who shopped at our first ever book fair! It was a huge success! We were able to earn some money for our library fund which will be used to purchase books and fund our Battle of the Books program along with other special events. More importantly, though, hundreds of books were purchased to be read by our students and their families.

Is your student signed up for Battle of the Books? If not and they’d like to, they have until Monday the 18th to do so in their Destiny program or by visiting Students will be placed in teams of no more than 5. Each student is expected to read at least 6 of the 10 titles on the list (available in the library). Teams will compete against each other early in the second semester to determine a champion. I am really excited about the books on the list and hope the kids enjoy reading them and a little friendly competition to boot!

6th grade students not in band or orchestra: It’s not too late to sign up for our special book club on Ground Zero by Alan Gratz. If your student would like to join us on Mondays and Wednesdays during BOB time, email me by Monday the 18th at to let me know.

The library is responsible for checking out chromebooks to students who need a loaner. We also are the holding spot for chromebooks with issues. We’ve noticed a few things that might be helpful to discuss with your student.  

Chromebook tips:
  • Leave your chromebook in your backpack any time it’s not in use; even when you’re charging it if possible so it’s always with you.
  • Do not put anything between the keyboard and screen when you close it. The smallest object can puncture the screen. Screens are $30 to replace and students are responsible for this cost.
  • Our students really are doing a great job being responsible--thanks so much for encouraging this at home! We are grateful to get to partner with you as we work with these future leaders.
Counselors Corner
Happy October!

This month is Bullying Prevention Month and we had so much fun kicking it off with spirit week last week. Our students did a great job dressing up and we loved picking Explore rooms everyday to reward with donuts for breakfast. We also had a poster contest where students could create anything they wanted as long as it promoted kindness and bullying prevention. Teachers voted on the top posters. They did an awesome job and we are excited to announce our top winners: Cole Haynes, Gage Thomas, Lauren Sutcliffe, Megan Burgess, Alivia Clanton and Grace Jaso.
Students will continue to learn about bullying prevention through their Second Step Curriculum and Counseling Lesson this month. As always, our goal is for Maize South Intermediate to be a safe place for everyone. 

Coffee with the Counselors
We also had our first Coffee with the Counselor meeting this month! Our topic was depression, anxiety and coping skills. We loved seeing parents in the building and being able to have conversations with them. If you would like to see a copy of our presentation, email or We would be happy to share!
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