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September 2021
Mavs Run Together!
Together, we have had a great start to the school year despite some challenges that might have been thrown our way! The students and staff have been learning that together, we are better. Together we are stronger. When we all are moving forward in the same direction, then success takes care of itself! That continued collective efficacy is what will take a good school to the next level and make it great! We are also very fortunate to have such great families that will add to our collective efforts at MSIS! Thank you for running with us as we build a great school!
Mavs Run Together!
Karen LaMunyon
MSIS Principal
Principal's Lunch Bunch
Once a month I will be meeting with students to gather their hopes, dreams, and wishes for Maize South Intermediate. Teachers select one student each month that would like to come together and eat lunch with me as a leadership team. I am looking forward to meeting with a variety of students with different interests and backgrounds in order to make MSIS GREAT!
September's Lunch Bunch
5th Grade
Sadie Walker
Blake Miller
Syris Price
Makynzie Schrag
Easton Holmberg
Bethany Simmon
Cooper Bell
Bryant Garza
Brynn Riley
Mallory Clark
6th Grade
Georgia Reiser
Canon Husen
George Keeghan
Maycie Moyer
Brianna Boucher
Ellie Mullens
Brody Spain
Robby Vollen
We are alive with the sound of band and orchestra instruments here at Maize South Intermediate! We are looking forward to growing young musicians here after over a year of not having a band or orchestra in the elementary schools. Andre Silva and Grant Whitcomb are our band directors. Dory Thompson is our orchestra conductor. Please feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions about our programs at MSIS.
Andre Silva -
Grant Whitcomb -
Dory Thompson -
Welcome to Maize South Intermediate
We would like to welcome our new 6th grade vocal music teacher, Heather Redondo. She has a rich experience with vocal music with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Brigham Young University. She has worked in our area universities and is excited to share this with our 6th graders this year!
Fall Conferences
We would like to invite you to our fall conferences on September 23rd from 8:00AM to 8:00 PM. Your child’s Explore teacher will be sending a SignUp Genius for you to schedule your assigned time. If you are interested in a Zoom conference, please note in the comment area on your Sign Up Genius and the teacher will send you a link for the meeting. Your Explore teacher and student will review a shared team report. If you would like to meet with other teachers as well, please feel free to reach out via email to set up a time to meet.
Save the Date
September, 30th Back to School Celebration Hosted by MSIS PTO
Our MSIS PTO is planning an evening for our MSIS families to come together and enjoy each other. It will be an outdoor event in the back of our school with food, games, Silent Auction Baskets, and more! The event is free for families. Proceeds raised from the Silent Auction will be used for Teacher Grants and A Robotics and Automation Module used during Maverick Time.
Transportation is continuously improving each day due to families and staff working together to efficiently move towards the same goal. Thank you for your support and patience. On inclement weather days, it will take a little longer. Please remain patient as we want to keep our students and families safe. Students will be waiting indoors along the windows of the cafeteria and media center and exiting upon your arrival. It would also be helpful if your students dressed appropriately for the weather as it changes throughout the year. We will try to be outside when possible.
Health Office
Hannah Weston is our school nurse and is excited to help our students and families in any way possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the health office with any updates or changes related to your students.
Hannah Weston -
Students have all received lanyards as of September 1st to hold their student IDs. This will help as they are moving through the lines in the cafeteria and media center. We will also be able to start using their ID cards for a-la-carte items. If you will be using your cards for a-la-carte, please make sure you have money in your Skyward Lunch accounts. Student IDs will be $3 to replace if they are lost.
Mavs and the Media Center
Hi!  I’m Kristin Rodell and together with Mindy Knaak, our fabulous library aide, we will be helping your students in the library media center this year.  Mrs. Knaak and I have enjoyed having the kids in the library the last couple of weeks.  Their manners and enthusiasm for our media center and the fabulous new collection of books has made our job a joy.  I wanted you to be aware of a few library policies that will help make our media center a great resource for everyone:

Students will attend library with their class at least once a week.  All students will be able to check out during this time in addition to participating in a lesson or activity.
Students have been issued lanyards with IDs.  An ID will be required for open check out.  Open check out is any time outside of their weekly library time.  If a student has lost his/her ID, s/he can still check out during their weekly class library time.  Replacement IDs are $3.00.  If this cost causes a financial burden, please let me know so we can make arrangements.
Books are due 2 weeks from the date they are checked out.  Students may bring their book(s) to school to renew them if they’d like to keep them longer.
A student with an overdue book may not check out until the overdue book is returned.
We do not charge fines for overdue books.  We only charge for books that are damaged or lost.
Email notices will automatically populate for any books that are 14 or more days overdue.

We have a great selection of books but are working hard to make it even better.  I’ve told the kids to let me know if there are titles they’d like that are appropriate.  I will do my best to add them to our collection.  One way you can help our library out is to shop our school book fair coming up during conferences.  Students will be able to shop during school hours Wednesday, September 22.  Families will be able to shop from 8 am - 8 pm during conferences Thursday, September 23.  We look forward to seeing you!  If you have any questions, please contact me at
Counselors Corner
Hello Mavericks!
We would like to introduce ourselves!
Ms. Caitlin is our fifth grade counselor and Mr. Tyler is our sixth grade counselor.
During the month of August, we spent time going into all Explore classrooms to help students get to know us with an introduction lesson. Currently we are doing a “minute meeting” with each student in the building. Our goals this month are to get to know EVERY student and create an environment where students feel safe and comfortable with us.
Students can request to see the counselor through their class link page, our MSIS Counselor Google Classroom or through our virtual classroom (this also has resources for parents). Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Tyler Slattery -
Caitlin Hamilton -
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