Maize South Intermediate School

February 2022
Mavs Run Together!
Hello Maverick Families!
February has been an exciting month for Maize South Intermediate School! We started the month by celebrating our musical talents on stage. Our students worked so hard to put together amazing performances. I am so proud of them! Thank you Ms. Wiens and Mrs. Redondo for developing our young musical talents.
Our Maverick Time elective, Robotics, has been intriguing! Students started the elective time with the challenge to build a toy with moveable parts. Students spent much time exploring all of the different components they were given and worked together to problem solve and create their projects. I can’t wait to see the robots they design! I am so thankful we are giving students the opportunity to create and design. It is a skill that is lacking with our children through this digital age.
February is famously known as the month of love and kindness! Our students and staff were challenged to look for ways to demonstrate love and kindness. What we all learned from this experience is that kindness is contagious. One small act of kindness can send a ripple effect throughout our school and community. The benefits were not only rewarding for the recipients, but the givers as well! Please, continue to be a model for kindness with your families throughout our community!
We look forward to seeing everyone at conferences on February 24th. This is a great time to celebrate the progress your child has made and focus on goals to finish the year strong.
Mavs Run Together!
Karen LaMunyon
Principal, Maize South Intermediate School
A BIG "Thank You" to our Sponsors for supporting this event!
Health Office
Happy American Heart Month!  
This is celebrated in February! Heart health is important for everyone - young and old! Remember to take care of your heart by eating healthy, getting exercise, and rest to decrease your chances of hypertension (high blood pressure), which is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and stroke!

Covid Protocol and Testing:
The daily rapid testing clinic is now back open!! This free resource is for staff, students and parents of anyone attending USD #266!! You can check our district website for updated information regarding our Daily Rapid Testing Clinic hours, locations and Close Contact Protocols. If you plan to go to the testing clinic, please take the consent form and have it filled out prior to arriving.

Covid Vaccine Notification:
Please continue to upload a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card in Skyward if your student has received both doses. You can always email this to me too!! A child is fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving their second dose!

If your child needs to take any medication at school, a consent form must be filled out every school year before any medication is administered at school. You can find this form on the USD266 website by clicking here and clicking Authorization for Medication. If this medication is prescribed by a physician, I need their signature as well in order to administer.

Maternity Leave:
I am excited to announce that I am due with my second son on March 3rd! I will be taking some time away to be with my new baby and I plan to return in May before the end of the school year. A long-term nurse sub has been acquired for my position while I am gone. Nurse Janelle will be a great fit here at MSIS and has experience in ER nursing and as a school nurse substitute. Do not hesitate to continue to reach out to her by calling my number if you have any questions or concerns!

Please feel free to contact me by stopping by my office, calling, or emailing me if you have any questions or concerns about your student!

Hannah Weston, RN, BSN
Phone: 316-462-8506
Fax: 316-462-8502
Mavs and the Media Center
Battle of the Books:  We have 40 students who have read the required amount and will be participating in our first ever MSIS Battle of the Books Competition! Students will be allowed to practice with the buzzers and their teams during lunch and rec time February 16-22. Wednesday, March 2, participating students will be pulled from their regular classes to compete with their teams at assigned times in the library. Teams have been placed in a double elimination bracket. Wednesday, March 9, the top two teams will compete against each other. Adults whose children make it to the finals are invited to attend this final round. The specific time will be communicated closer to the date. The participants have worked so very hard–it’s going to be an exciting competition!

Book Fair: Can you believe it’s that time again? We will be hosting the book fair again during conferences. I anticipate allowing the students more time to shop during the school day. Book fair will be open during Parent/Teacher conferences on Thursday, February 24th as well. Be watching your email and your child’s backpack for more information as it gets closer. Thanks so much for supporting our library by shopping our book fair!

Passion Research Project: I am working with the Explore teachers to guide the students through a passion research project. Students are smack dab in the middle of the fun right now. They just finished taking notes from their sources and are preparing to write what they’ve learned in their own words. Students will create a bibliography of used sources, share what they learned, and reflect on the process at the conclusion of the unit. When you visit the school for conferences, make sure to stop by the bulletin board outside of the library and take a look at the many varied questions our students have. It will impress you!

Kristin Rodell
MSIS Library Media Specialist
Counselors Corner
Happy February!

Thanks to all who contributed to the Great Kindness Challenge last month! We were able to raise $472.85 and collect 168 items for the Kansas Humane Society. This month’s counselor lesson is over gratitude. Research has shown that gratitude can improve general well-being, increase resilience, strengthen social relationships, and reduce stress and depression. Students watched this video over gratitude and were challenged to write down five things they were grateful for at this time. We discussed that having a warm home to live in during the snowstorm a couple weeks ago is something we may take for granted. Fifth Grade lessons are always the second week of February while sixth grade lessons are the last week of February. 

We are also looking ahead to next year! We will be collaborating with Maize South Middle School Counselors soon to determine how our sixth graders will be able to learn more about their elective choices for seventh grade. We will share more information when we have details finalized. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Caitlin and Tyler
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