Here we go again - Invest 95L
Tropical Disturbance

  • A tropical disturbance, Invest 95L, is near the Bahamas.
  • It will likely develop into a tropical depression or storm by Friday.
  • The future track of this system has become considerably more uncertain.Interests from the northern Gulf Coast to Florida to the Carolinas should monitor the forecast closely.
  • As stated in previous notices related to Hurricane Dorian, please be sure you have your plan in place now. While this main only turn out to be a rain event, we have learned from the past that these storms can quickly develop into major hurricane status.
Heavy Rain Threat

Periods of gusty winds and locally heavy rain can be expected the next several days in the Bahamas and Florida. This includes areas affected by Hurricane Dorian in the northwestern Bahamas.

In general, the heaviest rain should fall along and to the east of the center of this system. As mentioned earlier, the track of this system is highly uncertain at this time.

Localized flash flooding is possible in areas where bands of rain stall or persist over an area.