Community Association News, August 20 ,2019
Panama City Beach CRA Project Update:

8/20/2019 Update from David Campbell, CRA Project Manager for The City of Panama City Beach:

" The removal of the overhead utilities and poles is a bit complicated. Once Gulf Power has made all overhead to underground conversions (they are 70% complete), they will remove the wire and transformers from their poles. I look for this to happen by the end of September. When they remove their equipment, they notify the communication companies that their lines can be removed. Coordinating with the communication companies to remove their lines is difficult given the fact that they are still trying to catch up from the effects of Hurricane Michael. 
The contractor has ordered the red asphalt pigment for the Tram/Bicycle lanes (the outside lanes in each direction) and expect to have it shipped from overseas in 45 to 60 days. Yes, we will have red asphalt in those lanes. Once it arrives we will finish paving the final lift of asphalt (both black and red) and finish striping and signage. The landscaping should be complete in the next month once Culligan installs the last well.
As far as lighting, we are working on getting the lights turned on ASAP. Some of the street lights can’t be installed until utility lines and poles are removed.  For the most part the project should look complete in the next 60 days with the exception of the communication lines. Once I get the schedule from the communication companies I will share it with everyone."
Majestic Beach Resort Landscape Improvement:

Your Association is always striving to improve Majestic Beach Resort for the enjoyment of our owners and guests. With improvements nearing completion on Front Beach Road as part of the CRA Project, the Association has picked this time to embark on the latest improvement project for Majestic Beach Resort. Beginning the week of August 26th, Bay Landscape will begin a complete refurbishment of the Association's common area landscape. This will include both the Towers, pools, beachside decks, Amenities ground floor, and Parking Garage. The project is expected to complete by end of September.
Beach Renourishment:

 If you have been to the Majestic Beach Resort over the summer, you might have noticed a change in the depth of our beach, especially behind Tower 2. Early in summer we experienced a few severe storms that stirred up the surf in the Gulf. This caused extreme erosion along the beach behind Majestic Beach Resort and several other properties on Panama City Beach.

As you may be aware, all vacation rentals on Panama City Beach pay a Bed Tax to the Bay County Tourist Development Council (TDC). A portion of the Bed Tax goes towards beach renourishment, which is typically done about everyone ten years, or in extreme cases when needed.

The Association has been in constant contact with officials with the TDC. They are currently working on plans for a renourishment project which would include Majestic Beach Resort. The renourishment projects are done through the Army Corp of Engineers. As you can imagine the permitting and planning takes time to complete before the project can actually begin. We are being informed that the TDC is targeting late winter or early spring of 2020 to begin the project.

Just this past week it was reported that the Army Corp of Engineers has released the Federal funds to pay for the renourishment project. This will actually save funds from the TDC. Below is a link to a recent News Herald article on the project.

Tower 2 June 26, 2019
Tower 2 July 12, 2019
Tower 2 August 13, 2019
June 26, 2019
Tower 1 July 12, 2019
Tower 1 August 13, 2019
New Activity Game Room:
This summer Resort Collection Club Activities revamped the Activity Room located in the lobby of Tower 1, next to the Majestic Market. Over the past couple of years, the participation in the children's activities had drastically dwindled. Now guests and owners can enjoy ping pong, billards, or air hockey. The equipment can be signed out at the Security desk. So far this summer, the new Activity Room has been a huge hit.
Fall & Winter Projects: While occupancy levels have dipped a little with the end of summer, your Association Management & Maintenance Teams are jumping into full gear to begin our off-season projects. Below are a list of just a few of the projects our team will be working on over the next several months:
  • Valcourt Punch List: Valcourt Building Services will be returning to property this fall to complete the punch list items from this year's paint project. If you have items that you believe are punch list related, please contact the Association Office.
  • Lighting Replacement: As part of the Association's insurance claim from Hurricane Michael, we will be replacing the pole lights along the front drive of Tower 1 and Tower 2. Additionally, the ballard lights around the pool and beach side decks will be replaced.
  • Tile Repairs: Due to wear and tear throughout the year, there are several tiles that are chipped or cracked. We will be working to replace these damaged tiles.
  • Backflow Preventer Insulation: The backflow preventers which are located in front of Tower 1, Tower 2, and the Amenities Building will have the insulation replaced.

2019 Annual Owners Meeting:
This year's Annual Owner's Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd at 10:00 am. As customary, the Owner's Reception will be held the evening before in the Majestic Ballroom. Be on the look out for more information to come.