Since Hurricane Michael made landfall on October 10, 2018, Majestic Beach Resort quickly became home to numerous first responders and contractors who rushed to our area to assist in clean up efforts. At the same time, we also had many owners rent to families who were displaced from their homes due to the storm. Many of these families had pets. While the Association rules only allow Majestic owners to have pets, the board was sympathetic to the seriousness of the situation many families found themselves facing at the time. Now nearly three months since Michael made landfall, most families have moved back to their homes or found other accommodations. As we are seeing more of our normal vacationers coming back to Majestic, the Association turn to the normal enforcement of the Covenants of the Association.
To that note, beginning February 1, 2019 the Association will begin enforcing the Pet Policy in which only owners are permitted to have pets. Pets belonging to any remaining displaced families will be permitted through the remainder of January.

Additionally, all pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. There are pet stations located at the west end of Tower 1 and near the Parking Garage at the Pet Park (east side of garage)
PAINT PROJECT UPDATE: The Paint Project for Majestic Beach Resort continues to move along. Over the past several weeks we have had several days with either rain or extremely high humidity. Last week we sent out an updated schedule, which is posted on the association website. As noted by the updated schedule, crews are currently working on the south (beachside) balconies of the '13, '14, and '15 stacks of Tower 1 and on the north (Front Beach Road side) balconies of the '01 units in Tower 2. However, crews have once again been delayed due to Mother Nature. Good news is that the current weather forecast shows weather conditions are expected to improve by Friday afternoon. Therefore crews expect to be able to finish the south balcony ceilings and walls of the '13, '14, and '15 stacks of Tower 1 over the weekend. By Monday morning crews will begin applying the deck waterproof coating. At that time all balcony furniture must be removed from the balconies. Tower 2 north balconies of the '01 stack should be applied by Monday. Depending on humidity levels, the waterproof coating should take approximately 2 - 3 days to fully cure.
TOWER 2 CROSSWALK UPDATE: As you can imagine with the amount of claims the insurance companies are working on, the claims process has been a little slow. We are pleased to announce that All South Roof Contractors are scheduled to begin the roof replacement on the Tower 2 crosswalk by the week of January 14th. With the equipment and crews working overhead it will be necessary to close the road during the day. We are currently working with the City of Panama City Beach on detour plans. The roof replacement is expected to take approximately 3 weeks to complete. Once that is complete, we will have carpet, lights, HVAC and glass to replace, as well as other life safety inspections necessary to safely reopen the bridge. We greatly appreciate everyone's patience during this process.
11212 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407