Good Afternoon Majestic Owners,

We continue to work through these crazy times, as our community and country adjust to the new normal of social distancing. I wanted to provide a few updates related to Majestic Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, as it relates to COVID-19.
As was reported last Saturday and updated on Monday, we were informed of a potential guest staying in Tower 2 who tested positive for COVID-19. While officials with the CDC or the Health Department would not confirm the person stayed at Majestic, we felt it was important to take the proper precautions. We continue to clean and sanitize the entire property per the recommendations of the CDC. Additionally, as an extra precaution we had the elevators in Tower 2 treated by a professional certified company that is licensed to handle virus decontamination areas.
Today, March 26th, the Panama City Beach Commission held a meeting to review the beach closures. In a vote of 3-2, the beaches will remain closed until April 9th over concerns from the coronavirus. When the beaches were originally closed, the Association originally kept the pools open. However, with the beach closed, the pools quickly became overcrowded. The decision, while tough, was made to close the pools in order to keep everyone safe. Many properties along Panama City Beach have followed as well. Moving forward the board will continue to monitor this closely.

Additionally, with the uncertainty of when the beaches will reopen and we will be able to return to some sense of normal, the Association is cognizant of the importance of tightening controls on expenses. While we have numerous fixed costs that are necessary to the basic operation and protection of the property, we have postponed all non-vital projects until further notice. Likewise, we would normally ramp up our staffing levels to meet the needs of the spring and summer business. That has also been postponed.
For anyone who rents their unit, whether directly or through a management company, the information below is important to track when taking reservation.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued the following Executive Order. Self-Quarantine Notice: On March 23, 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order ("Order") whereby all persons entering the State of Florida whose point of departure from outside the State of Florida is within an area with substantial community spread (including but not limited to Connecticut, New Jersey and New York) are required to isolate or quarantine themselves for a period of 14 days from the date of entry into the State of Florida or the duration of the person's presence in Florida, whichever is shorter. The order took effect on March 24, 2020 at 12:01 A.M. Any person who violates the order to isolate or quarantine directed by the Department of Health is guilty of a misdemeanor which is punishable by imprisonment and fines. Any guest, owner or other individual reasonably believed to be in violation of the Order will be reported to law enforcement and/or health officials who are, by the Order, empowered to effectuate its mandates.
We were notified that another local resort had guests check in from New York. They were informed of the executive order, however chose not to comply.
The property then notified the Department of Health, who contacted the guests and placed them on notice that if they violate the Executive Order the Panama City Beach Police will be notified to make an arrest.
We share this in order to notify owners and management companies to be prudent renting their units or allowing guests from areas with substantial community spread (including but not limited to Connecticut, New Jersey and New York) . Short term rentals may become long term financial obligations. The federal government has stopped all evictions until this crisis is over.
As you can see, this is an alarming situation. Our staff is working diligently to protect the property and remain safe. They are working feverishly to clean common areas to help mitigate the risk of anyone becoming infected.
Here is how you can help.
1. Communicate to anyone in your unit this information. This includes those that are renting your unit on a long term basis.
2. Notify your cleaners and vendors if possible that you are postponing their services until further notice, unless such cleaning is necessary for health and safety reasons.
3. Follow the lead of many of your fellow owners and postpone rentals and occupancy of your units until the crisis has passed. The short term pain may help you mitigate long-term losses.
4. You may wish to contact your insurance about lost rental revenues, similar to what occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.
We greatly appreciate your understanding and support during this time.