The phone number originally provided for Owner Services in the previous notice was incorrect. Please contact Owner Services for assistance by phone (850)563-1017 or email
Good Afternoon Majestic Beach Resort Owners,

These are crazy times we are living in as we all deal with this pandemic that is COVID-19. We have all had to make adjustments to our daily activities, while doing our best to adjust some sense of normalcy.

Per the Center for Disease Control recommendation of Social Distancing of at least 6 feet and for the safety and well being of our team members, Owner Services will not allow foot traffic in and out of the office. Mary and Sib will still be available for all your needs. We simply ask, that until further notice, to please call (850)563-1017 or email majestic.os@resortcollection .com for assistance. If you or your management company need to purchase parking passes or armbands, please call in advance. Mary and Sib will make arrangements to provide the passes or bands. As always, DO NOT send your rental guests to Owner Services to purchase these items. It is the responsibility of the owner or management company to provide the proper number of armbands and parking passes.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation. As we did with Hurricane Michael, we will get past this pandemic and back normal operations.


Paul Shamblin, CMCA, AMS
Association Manager
Majestic Beach Resort Community Association, Inc.