Reminder to owners and managers

In our earlier noticed below, we discussed some items regarding the pools, food & beverage operations, and parking passes & armbands. I did want to mention that, along with the hot tubs, the movie theater and fitness room will not open at this time. We will announce information on both of these facilities in the near future.

Additionally, as we enter the busy season with high traffic volume we do want remind all owners that the Parking Garage becomes limited on spaces. Please limit the number of vehicle passes you issue to your guests. We recommend no more than 1 pass for studios, efficiencies, and 1-bedroom units. No more than 2 passes for 2-bedroom or larger units. Remember, as we run out of spaces we have no choice but to refer guests and owners to the Public Parking lot, located approximately 1 block east of Majestic on Churchwell Road.

Lastly, to help with the flow of traffic at the entrance to the Parking Garage, please remind your guest to have their parking passes displayed from the rear view mirror. The passes must be completely filled out. We recommend filling them out with a sharpie in order for better visibility and efficiency upon entering the garage. Additionally, we realize that many of our owners typically leave the Guest Parking Pass for their guests in the unit. Again, in order to help the flow of traffic at the entrance to the garage, please ask your guests to have a copy of their reservation confirmation available, in either hard copy or email version, showing the arrival date when arriving at the garage. Security will give them a temporary pass good for 2 hours allowing them time to park, unload, and retrieve the Guest Parking Pass from the unit.

If you use a rental management company, please share this important information with them. We want to make sure our guests and owners stay at Majestic is an enjoyable and memorable experience. We appreciate your assistance and look forward to an incredible summer.

As always, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know.


Paul Shamblin,
Association Manager
Majestic Beach Resort Community Association, Inc.