Spring 2020 Property Update
March is quickly approaching. As the property transitions from Snowbirds to Spring Breakers, your Association Management Team is getting the property ready for the Spring rental season. Below are a couple of important notices and updates. Please be sure to share with your rental management company.
On Wednesday, February 26th and Thursday, February 27th, the front entrance drive of Tower 1 and Tower 2 will be closed in order to seal coat and re-stripe the asphalt. All access to and from the Towers, will be through the 3rd floor pedestrian crosswalk bridges. This will also mean that the front lobby doors will not be accessible, until the entrance is opened on Friday. While we understand this will create a temporary inconvenience for owners and guests, it is necessary for the long term maintenance and appearance of the property. It is extremely important to pass this information along to your guests and or any housekeepers, vendors, or contractors who will be on property this week.
If you haven't been to the property in a while, the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Project Phase 2, from South Lagoon Drive to Richard Jackson Blvd is nearly 100% complete. Asphalt, including the bike & tram lane, stripping, lighting, and landscape is complete. The pedestrian crosswalk has new safety lighting and signage. You will also notice new decorative designs in the crosswalk and sidewalk. The Association has also installed new LED lamp posts to the entrance drive. This along with the landscape enhancements to the property, Majestic Beach Resort is looking better than ever.
Beginning March 9th luggage carts will be relocated back to the 3rd floor of the parking garage through the end of October. All guests and owners will be required to sign out luggage carts using either a driver's license or owner ID card. Please remember that due to the limited parking, the tower side entrance drive is for drop off or pick up only. No loading or unloading permitted.
All guests and owners, over the age of 12, will be required to wear a property ID band while on property.
Vehicle parking passes are always required to be properly displayed and completely filled out, with the rental company, unit number, approved dates, and vehicle information facing outward. Incomplete, laminated or photocopied passes are not valid. Vehicles without a parking pass or an invalid parking pass will be towed at the owners expense. It is extremely important that you or your rental management company provide all guests with the property ID bands and vehicle passes prior to check in.