Good Morning Owners-

I have received a few calls and emails this morning regarding a notice for a Community Redevelopment Assessment that has been mailed to all property owners within the City of Panama City Beach. If you have not received one yet, you can see a sample by clicking on the red button below. I did speak with David Campbell, CRA Manager for the City of Panama City Beach, this morning. This is an assessment that is designed for the purpose of maintaining the CRA projects, including the Phase 2 project that is nearing completion from South Thomas Drive, west to Richard Jackson Blvd. Majestic Beach Resort is directly in the center of the Phase 2 project. In speaking with David Campbell, the assessment is calculated using 60% of the property value, 30% of the square footage of your unit, and 10% of the land value. He did mention that this should be the only year you will see the assessment being mailed out. In future years, it is expected to be built in to the tax rolls.
If you have any further questions, you may contact the City of Panama City Beach CRA Office at (850)233-5106.

Have a great day,

Paul Shamblin, CMCA, AMS
Association Manager
Majestic Beach Resort Community Association, Inc.