We hope everyone is doing well. We have had perfect painting weather this week and Valcourt is moving along with the painting project.

On Tower 1, today they will begin the northwest small balcony for the '01 stack. We are having the patio furniture removed if it hasn't been removed already. The '11 and '12 stacks of tower 1 will have the ceilings done by today then they will go to the walls and work their way down. By Wednesday of next week, crews will begin painting the balcony decks of the '11 and '12 stacks of Tower 1. All furniture must be removed from the balcony by then.

Today tower 2 east and west end walls are currently being painted. By Friday you will begin to see the stage set up on the south side (beachfront) of the tower 2 '08 and '09 stacks to begin prepping and checking for repairs.

Remember, as crews begin work on the south balcony, they will first work from top floor to the bottom of the stacks on all ceilings. They will then paint all walls, top to bottom of the stacks. Lastly, they finish with the balcony deck waterproof coating, which will take a few days to cure as it is not simply a paint coating but a waterproof product designed to protect the concrete. Once the waterproof coating is set to begin on the balcony deck, all furniture will need to be pulled inside the unit and the balcony will be locked off. If you need assistance moving furniture off the balcony, please contact Owner Services at (850)563-1017.

Lastly, last week we sent notice that All South Roofing would begin the Tower 2 crosswalk bridge roof replacement this week. However, that has been pushed back to begin next Monday, January 21st.

As always, please let us know if we can assist in any way.

Thank you,

Paul Shamblin,
Association Manager
11212 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407