Census 2020 results have come in and Harris County has the opportunity to redraw precinct lines to evenly distribute the voting population. Commissioner Rodney Ellis proposed a redistricting map. He along with County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Commissioner Adrian Garcia may ram through and make permanent a map as early as next week. It also appears that they want to do this as quickly as possible without any input from you. As I write this notice, there is currently a Public Hearing for this topic scheduled for this Thursday, October 21st at 4 PM. I know that because I represent you, but the information is not public as of now. There has not been a public notice issued for you, the taxpayer, to know about it or even a place to register to participate. You should be concerned based on that alone.

The proposed redistricting map will disrupt Precinct 3 and all of Harris County as we know it for the next 10 years and longer. To give you a quick synopsis, here's how Commissioner Ellis's and the radicals' proposed map impacts you, should it pass:

  • Over half a million residents will be removed from Precinct 3 and nearly one million residents will be impacted
  • Services that you've become accustomed to receive will suffer, including the maintenance of our roads, bridges, drainage, and parks
  • Programs such as our bus programs for our Seniors and Community Centers will change
  • Hundreds of County Employees could be displaced or potentially let go

We've all seen how the ideologies of Commissioner Ellis and the radicals have destroyed our criminal justice system. The same will happen to Precinct 3 and all of Harris County for a decade and longer. This proposed map is all about control for them, but they don't know how to serve you. The only people who will suffer from this change, should it pass, is you - the very people we swore an oath to serve.
Slowly, but make no mistake - surely, the Court has been taking your voice away with the addition of an unelected County Administrator, who controls the budget, and an unelected Election Administrator, who controls voting, both of which were added with little notice to you. This is a scheme with no boundaries.

You will be told this is something that is normal, that I’m exaggerating and this is part of the game of politics. I wish that was the case. If I’ve done nothing else in office, I’ve been straight and honest with you. I have alerted you about issues I know are important to you. I have done everything I can to earn your trust. If this plan is passed, Harris County and Precinct 3 as we know it will not be changed for the better.
I urge you to come in person to the public hearing and let your voice be heard. Below are the details:

Thursday, October 21 at 4 PM
1001 Preston St. 9th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Please stay tuned as we'll be sending additional updates, including how you can participate virtually, once we receive them.

In the meantime, you can share your opinion by calling my office at 713-755-6306 or emailing You can also call your county elected officials below:

County Judge Lina Hidalgo: 713-274-7000
Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis: 713-991-6881
Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia: 713-274-2222
Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle: 713-755-6444

For more information on the redistricting, as well as the proposals, click here.

Stay tuned,
Commissioner Tom S. Ramsey, P.E.