Major Cosmetics Brand
Major Cosmetic Brand
RATE: $800
USAGE: 1 Year Web Only
SHOOT: TBD (Most Likely Sept 26th)
AUDITION: Tuesday 9/18 (By Appointment Only) in NYC
No Travel Covered. 


Model/Personality for Web Video
Female/ Late 20's - Early 30's/ Caucasian or African American/ Gorgeous, perfect skin, facially beautiful models with excellent communication and makeup application abilities. Models must be EXCELLENT speakers with personality.
Models should have incredibly 
clear-speaking voices and be great conversational communicators.
Models will be speaking while applying various make up (lip, eye lash, etc.) and giving an informal instructional method to it. Personality is KEY to this video, so any stiff, shy, up-talking, monotone, anti-social types need not apply.

here is a link for idea of what they are looking for.

beauty expert casting
beauty expert casting







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