It's been raining for days...
Flooding on the streets in Cap-Haitien
There has not been any reporting on the situation in the north of Haiti in the news media here in the U.S., but we have a report. It has been raining hard all weekend in the north of Haiti, and it continues to rain as of this writing. We invite you to pray with us that it will come to an end.
Thus far, nine people are known to have lost their lives, and 10 more are missing. Three of those who lost their lives were located in Charrier, the neighborhood where our clinic is located. Our staff in Haiti, including Gethro and Roselene, have been personally affected, as their homes flooded. Our clinic in Cap-Haitien is not open today due to the flooding.
In the days to come, we can expect an outbreak of water-borne illnesses, such as Cholera, Typhoid, rashes, and various other infectious diseases. It is important that we get the clinic re-opened as quickly as possible.
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