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September 2015 edition

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10 Recommended Resources
for International Marketers

Whether you're a marketing professional or an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, it's smart to take an international perspective. Even if you're not ready to expand into foreign markets quite yet, you can plan for the future by keeping informed of international trends and by learning about other people's experiences. These days, there's lots of valuable information available online. Here are some my favourite free resources, ones that I've found particularly helpful. 

Social Tip of the Month

September Tip:
Be aware of international
time zones!

So you've figured out which international markets you'd like to connect with on social media. Excellent! But don't forget to take time zone differences into account. Even the cleverest campaign is likely to fall on deaf ears (and closed eyes) if you don't accommodate your target audience's local schedule.

There are many useful websites (such as   this one) to help you calculate what time it is in other parts of the world. And you can use a tool like  Hootsuite to strategically schedule your social media posts in advance - so you don't have stay up around the clock!

Need help planning and executing your international social strategy? Contact us.

International & Global Marketing News

Do you have a multilingual strategy? How effective is it? How competitive are you in your particular market?  Moravia recently published this helpful article by Lee Densmer , which suggests 5 easy ways to gather intelligence on your competition and  rank your global reach.

Despite recent economic developments, China continues to be a leader in the adoption of e-commerce and mobile technology. Check out AdAge's special report on Women to Watch - China 2015, which features the stories 10 outstanding female executives and their insights into the Chinese market.

Food for thought: did you know that, by the end of this century, Africa is expected to account for nearly 50% of the world's total population? (Right now, the proportion is 16%.) In a recent post for the WEF AgendaAna Swanson lists  5 ways the world will look dramatically different in 2100, according to new estimates by the UN.

For more expert articles on a range of relevant topics, check out the  Verbaccino Flipboard  magazine.

Happy reading!

#Holiday HeadsUp

In  Judaic  as well as in  Islamic  tradition, there are some  major holy days  coming up this month. Throughout  Asia , important festivals are centred around the  autumn equinox . A number of  Latin American
countries celebrate their  Independence Day  in September. And did you know that Munich's famous  Oktoberfest  kicks off on September 19th? Stay up to date:

NB: You can get more details about any particular holiday or observance
by clicking on the entry in the calendar.

Did we miss any important dates?
It's a global, social, multilingual market.
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