TZtouch2 Now More Appealing Than Ever,
With New Software & Lower Pricing!
TZtouch First-Gen Models Also Present
Great Options For Value Seekers!

August 5, 2020
Sales Bulletin #2020-28
We recently announced the introduction of v7.01 software for all NavNet TZtouch2 MFDs, which delivers numerous features and significant enhancements also found in our TZtouch3 product line. This new software and refreshed UI makes TZtouch2 an appealing option for many boaters, and we’re about to raise that level of appeal with the announcement of substantial price reductions for two popular models, the TZtouch2 TZTL12F and the TZTL15F.
Combining these extremely competitive price points with a major software update and complete UI refresh, TZtouch2 presents a very compelling option for all value-conscious boaters seeking an MFD upgrade! Additionally, for those customers who don’t feel they need the very “latest and greatest”, we’re excited to offer some even more persuasive price points for several first-generation TZtouch MFDs. Significantly reduced pricing for the TZT14 and TZTBB presents an outstanding value proposition for new NavNet customers, as well as those seeking to add to or upgrade their existing TZtouch network.
The exciting pricing news doesn’t end there. We’re also pleased to introduce the availability of “Furuno Refurbished” models. These products are supplied with all the components, accessories, and latest software as their new counterparts, as well as enjoying the same generous 3-Year Warranty Furuno currently provides for all product purchases in North and South America, through the end of this year!
As soon as you check out these phenomenal “Refurb” prices, you’ll be getting in touch to share the great news with your TZtouch customers who’ve been considering adding another MFD to their system, as well as those value-seekers who are always looking for the best possible deal!

Please note that these “Furuno Refurbished” models will carry a special designator (-REFURB) at the end of their model number, which will be required when placing your order.

These models will be visible to end-users at their new List Prices on Furuno USA’s web site, and as stated above, will also qualify for our 3-Year Warranty for purchases made in North and South America, when registered within 90-days of purchase, through the end of the year!
Price Protection Policy
These price reductions are effective for units purchased on or after Wednesday, August 5th, 2020. Previously purchased units that remain in your current inventory may be eligible for coverage under the Furuno USA Price Protection Program. Please review the Price Protection Policy & Claim Form prior to filing a claim. We will review all serial numbers through rebate submissions and warranty registrations to validate all Price Protection claims. Please contact Gabrial Durrin in Camas with any questions you may have regarding this policy. 

Whether it’s the all-new TZtouch3 line that’s generating great press and industry buzz, the recently refreshed and attractively priced TZtouch2 MFDs, or the tremendously value-priced TZtouch first-generation models… Furuno has the perfect Multi-Function Display solution for every customer that walks through your door!

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