Rotary Clubs help chiefdom grow its way out of poverty
                         June 2017                                     

We are excited to announce a major Rotary Club grant that will plant seeds of innovative agriculture programs in Bumpeh Chiefdom. Thanks to Rotary Club of Ann Arbor leadership, this global grant totaling $49,500 promises to move subsistence farmers out of poverty and onto a path to self-reliance. Seven Rotary clubs contributed.

The two-year grant will grow thousands of fruit tree seedlings, plant village orchards on a commercial scale, help women raise vegetables, register births and start new forest reserves. Our Bumpeh Chiefdom community partner, the Center for Community Empowerment & Transformation is implementing the project. Sherbro Foundation acted as the bridge to connect all groups involved, and worked with Paramount Chief Charles Caulker to develop the grant proposal. We're pleased to continue to advise the project.

Bumpeh Chiefdom still has a long way to go to bring its programs for home-grown prosperity to villages across the chiefdom. But it now has a solid foundation to work from.
Read more below for who will benefit and the work that's already underway!

   -- Arlene Golembiewski, Executive Director
Rotary Clubs spur Internat'l growth

Paramount Chief Caulker toiled for years to develop a community-led agriculture program that would eliminate poverty in his chiefdom and make people self-reliant. Seven Rotary Clubs now give the critical boost to expand the program and help make this reality.

L to R, Paramount Chief Caulker, CCET Managing Director Rosaline Kaimbay, Stalin Caulker, Kalilu Sannoh admire one of 450 newly planted coconuts
Major step forward for Chiefdom 

Over 3,000 Bumpeh Chiefdom people will benefit during the grant's two-year period. More will continue to reap the rewards of the program over its extended life.
The Center for Community Empowerment & Transformation
Carving an orchard out of the bush -- by hand

Starting a 15-acre orchard by reclaiming overgrown tropical bush is a huge task -- especially with only manual labor and few tools.
Home Grown Trees
So, how do you grow a coconut?

Is it a nut? Is it a fruit? So, how do you grow one anyway? 
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