GLMS President Robert Couch, MD, with Senator Ralph Alvarado, MD, at the GLMS Physicians' Day at the Capitol. For more photos, click the image above.
Kentucky Doctors Won Big in Frankfort!

The 2016 Kentucky legislative session recently wrapped up in dramatic fashion as Senate Bill 18 on Fair Contracting passed at the eleventh hour. The passage of this bill was a feather in the cap of the highly energized GLMS Policy & Advocacy Team, led by its chair, Frank Burns, MD and other GLMS executive officers, Bruce Scott, MD, Robert "Bob" Couch, MD, MBA, and John Roberts, MD.

Senate Bill 18 requires insurers to follow a new and fairer set of procedures before changing an existing agreement with a provider. In addition, three other major accomplishments made for the best legislative session for Kentucky doctors in decades: SB 17 (Maintenance of Certification/Licensure), SB 19 (State Licensure Board Appointments) and SB 20 (Independent Appeals Process for Medicaid MCO Claims). These crown jewels are the most important of 10 health care related bills which will become law this year. Click here for a detailed bill summary.

"The success that GLMS had in getting important legislation passed during this session is a direct result of physician members getting involved in the process," Dr. Burns said.  "As we go forward, continued involvement is the key to further success in passing legislation which is important to patient care and to our profession in Kentucky." For more information on how to get involved with the GLMS Policy & Advocacy Team, contact Onvia McDaniel at

Click here for information on the 2016 Presidents' Celebration on May 22 at The Healing Place Women's Campus.

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