Major's Tower - Mogul
Major's Tower is a skyscraper that WAS one of the marvels of the pre-WWII era. After many decades it was eclipsed by more modern achievements, but is still a widely recognized building for its early 20th Century architecture.
From its base to the top it is a very stylish building. While it's rooftop landing has a private entry to the building, the landing is a common stop for Titan's flying through the area to stop, relax and take-in the view.
It is one of the taller skyscrapers in Downtown, seen very prominently from Old Bradford, Alexandria, and the North Eastern Research District (NRD).
Major's Tower sits across from a large fountain square, near the grand staircase pedestrian entryway to Downtown from Old Bradford and Alexandria.
From the rooftop it has a great view of Alexandria, with visibility all the way to Phoenix Plaza.
Major's Tower is a striking building along the skyline of Downtown - make sure to check it out on your next visit to the neighborhood!