County hearings will happen soon. Save Guana Now meeting this coming Wednesday...

In the midst of our final preparations for the Save Guana Gala (a sold-out event happening this Saturday), a major development took place. On Monday, a judge ruled on St. Johns County's motion to dismiss the Ponte Vedra Corporation's lawsuit against the county.

We're pleased that PVC was not successful in circumventing public input, and their proposed Vista Tranquila subdivision is back in the county‚Äôs rezoning application process. That means a hearing before the St. Johns County Planning and Zoning Agency will be scheduled soon. After that, a second hearing will take place in front of our county commissioners. One of the most important actions you can take to fight destruction of habitat at the Outpost is to plan to attend both hearings. You'll receive an email update as soon as those dates are announced. 

We will have an attorney and a land use consultant representing our position at the two hearings.  The timing could not be better for our Gala which will be providing funding to help pay those experts. We're grateful for the generous response from so many - Gala attendees  and those who cannot attend but who sent donations.

If you haven't donated yet (or even if you have), there's never been a better time to make a tax-exempt donation to Save Guana Now. It's amazing how those donations - large and small - add up!

We will provide further information on the judge's ruling at the Gala Saturday,  and we'll discuss in much greater detail the preparations for the hearings at a meeting we've scheduled for Wednesday of next week. We hope to see you at that meeting!

MEETING:  Wednesday, April 12, a general meeting of Save Guana Now will take place at the Ponte Vedra Community Center at 148 Canal Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach. All opponents of development at the Outpost are welcome to attend. We value your input. Bumper stickers will be free to those who attend the meeting. We will also have yard signs available for purchase. 

Please spread the word! Forward this email. Share from our  Facebook page.  
If you haven't already done so....

With hearings coming up soon, we need to fight hard to keep Guana as pristine as it is now - with no habitat destruction or contamination of the lake from 77 proposed homes at the Outpost.  Please spread the word to those who cherish the natural beauty of Guana and the wildlife it protects.  

  Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
  Co-founders, Save Guana Now

View of shoreline of Outpost property that Save Guana Now is striving to save from development.