July 9, 2021
Makala-Mbembi wall build
In the few short hours we had a break in the rain on June 26, Habitat McLean County held a Wall Build for the Makala-Mbembi family's new house.

The Knights of Columbus, Council #15175 sponsored the wall build and St. Patrick Catholic Church of Merna provided the space, project directors, and over 60 volunteers. St Pat's is also the lead sponsor for the house.

The Retired Crew and Habitat McLean County's construction staff guided the project.

In addition to Fidele Makala, Astride Mbembi, and 2 of their 3 children, we had members of 4 other partner families working on the build.

A joy to see so many blue partner family t-shirts!
We can have volunteers as young as 10 on a wall build and the St Pat's youth and teens came out in force.
Wall builds are all about teamwork - and fun!

Habitat partner families help with every step of building their own home, as well as working on other houses during the build season.

There is no better way to build a friendship for life than to work together building safe, decent, and affordable shelter.

Thank you, St Patrick Catholic Church and Knights of Columbus!
Additional sponsors on this house: Sara & Greg Frankowiak, and Wesley United Methodist Church
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