Learn about ways to increase your nonprofit organization's smarts
Great Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Smarts
A Note from Our Director

ESC Director Tom Mongeon
There's no question that running a nonprofit takes a lot of smarts. Every day, nonprofit leaders must intelligently analyze how clients, staff and programs are doing, as well as what is happening in the world at large that will affect operations.

This issue of the ESC newsletter looks at some of the smart people and smart moves we have seen benefit nonprofits. It also contains a fun quiz to test your nonprofit IQ about important issues that can impact your organization. Please enjoy this issue and let us know if ESC can help your organization improve its smarts.
Three Smart Moves That Have Helped Liberty House Grow   

Liberty House is located in Manchester, N.H.  The home is maintained by the veteran residents. 
Over the years, Liberty House has housed, fed and clothed thousands of homeless veterans. In this article, Liberty House Executive Director Keith Howard discusses how ESC has helped the organization implement financial, publicity and fundraising strategies that have significantly increased its ability to serve this population.

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Test Your Nonprofit Smarts!

What is the more reliable source of funding for nonprofits? Should nonprofits make a profit? This quick quiz highlights some key aspects and challenges that can affect the success of nonprofit organizations. Test your knowledge about these important issues.

ESC Consultant Susan Bryant
Susan Bryant in the Spotlight

You don't get them any smarter than ESC consultant Susan Bryant! Susan generously shares her more than 25 years of fundraising and marketing communications experience with ESC and our clients. Susan has helped Portsmouth's Rain for the Sahel and Sahara, White Birch Community Center and Castle in the Clouds improve their nonprofit IQ

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Remembering Our ESC Friends
Over the past year, we have lost two of our ESC consultants and friends, so we would like to take a moment to honor their commitment to helping nonprofits succeed. Richard Hodgkinson was a key part of large ESC projects at the Portsmouth Housing Authority and the Laconia Housing Authority. Don McGuinness was a driving force for our project at The Bridge House, a homeless shelter in Plymouth, NH. Our deepest gratitude to Richard and Don, who did so much to enrich ESC and the New England nonprofit community.

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For many years, ESC's multi-disciplinary teams have helped all types of nonprofits improve their performance. If you need assistance with your organization's strategic planning, fundraising, board development and more, please  contact us  to learn how ESC can help.

We are always seeking volunteer consultants to support our mission of providing low-cost consulting to northern New England nonprofits. If you would like to put your management and professional experience to work with ESC, click here to find out how to join our talented team.

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