Make De-stressing a Goal for 2019
by Leslie Card é

2020 may not be descending upon us until next year, but there’s no reason we can’t have a 20/20 vision of how to make this a healthier time right now.
According to a growing body of research, the one thing we want to immediately eliminate, or at the very least reduce in our lives, is stress. It’s everywhere—at home, in the workplace and in life, generally. You may not be able to get rid of your work deadlines or re-train your spouse or your overbearing boss, but you can certainly find ways to keep their problems from becoming yours by causing undue stress in your life. Stress raises blood pressure, causes headaches and weakens your immune system. So, begin your plan to build up your body to be able to weather the effects of stress.

Q&A with the Money Doctor

Gerald, age 48, asks: How do I know if my advisor is really an advisor and not just a salesman?

W. Mike Stewart AIF, RFC says:
An advisor is someone who possesses knowledge and uses it toguide you down the path best suited for you! An advisor is not someone who sells you investment products and earns a commission for doing so. Read the full answer here .

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