This is a special opportunity for Cross Current to serve our immediate community and share the love of Christ. We partner with Trailside Middle to provide gifts and a holiday meal to families in need from Trailside.

Please join us in giving joy and love this season. Each family has provided a wishlist and choices for a meal. 


Items are listed from #1-#4 and the family name. You can pick an item or all items for one person. 
Example: #1 Johnson FEMALE 38 Homegoods Gift Card (if Johnson FEMALE 38 has any more items she will have a #2 and #3 (it’s in alphabetical order then numerical order.) If you’re interested in sponsoring the whole family, choose all items with the family’s last name.

You can also sponsor meals for the family. They are listed separately by their last name. When you sign up, you will receive details in your email about sizes,
colors and meal choices. 

December 15th, Time 9-10 AM

Any questions please email
All gifts can be tax deductible if you fill out a form available and provide receipt. Donations for others to shop are also accepted and tax deductible. These forms will be available on Sunday and at drop off.