Lab Rescue & Subaru
LOVE Seniors and Bonded Pairs!
Lab Rescue has a stunning group of lovable seniors and several bonded pairs (that is, dogs who need to be adopted together) who are all searching for their furever-ever- ever homes. To help them head home and in celebration of their National Make a Dog’s Day, Subaru has committed to donate $250 to Lab Rescue for every Lab Rescue senior age 9+ and bonded pair adopted between October 1 and October 31 (you read that right, the entire month!). We are thrilled, and so grateful, that Subaru again has selected Lab Rescue as a partner rescue for Make a Dog’s Day!
Adopting a senior dog is ALWAYS a great idea, but it has never been a better time to give one of our older Labs a place to live out his or her golden years and shower you with love and companionship! We have senior Labs approved for townhomes and for kids age 7+, who love to snooze in a sunny spot, who still love to play, and have a lifetime of love to share with you. If you're not sure if a senior Lab is for you, listen to these words from one of our long-time senior fosters, Cindi:
“The love of an old dog. I can honestly say, there is nothing like it. Can you imagine when you, as a human, reach the age of approximately 60s to 70s finding out that no one wants to make any time for you because you’re “old.” You move a little slower but you have experience behind you. Age is not a reason to be discarded or to stop living. These senior pups need forever. As we know, dogs thrive with routine. What must be going through their minds? Sure the years together may not be quite as long, but having adopted 10 seniors from Lab Rescue myself, I can honestly tell you that you will never ever regret the decision to adopt a senior. I could list 1001 reasons, but, if you’re
on the fence or have questions please reach out."
As for bonded pairs, there is always a good reason to have more dogs to love. Most importantly, bonded pairs can actually make life easier for you as well as the pups. They are best friends and play together, sleep together, and keep each other company when you’re not home. Their antics will make you laugh and watching how they interact with each other is a daily delight. Many fosters and adopters with Lab Rescue can attest to the value of a dog having another dog in their life. If you have any doubts, talk to your Adoption Coordinator and perhaps talk to fosters or adopters who have taken in two loving Labs.
Ready to offer happiness to a senior pup or to two Labs in love?

Here's how to take advantage of this offer:

  • Tell your Adoption Coordinator you are looking to adopt a senior or bonded pair. If you are applying, note that you want a senior or a bonded pair in the comments section of the application so we can expedite the process for you.

  • Work with your Adoption Coordinator to schedule a visit with the dog(s) of your choice during the days specified.

  • Visit, fall in love, and adopt!
Can't adopt right now but still want to help?

Spread the news! Forward this announcement to a friend and post on your social media accounts about this great opportunity! Be sure to include or in your social posts.

This is a wonderful opportunity provided to Lab Rescue by Subaru to bring in much needed funds, all of which go toward the care and placement of approximately 1,000 loving Labs each