November 2018
Liam's wish to visit the FBI
If you could wish for anything, would you choose dusting for fingerprints and analyzing your own DNA? Wish kid Liam did! This fall, with the help of Make-A-Wish Virginia and the FBI, Liam's wish to visit the forensic science and crime labs in Fredricksburg and Quantico came true.

At 15-years-old, Liam has always wanted to be a K9 police officer. Due to his medical condition and the nature of law enforcement, he knew this would never be a viable option. Never one to be discouraged, Liam shifted his sights to working behind the scenes, and received some very valuable experience while on his wish.

His three incredible days at FBI headquarters involved learning to process a crime scene and then analyzing his findings. He matched fingerprints and DNA samples, guided an emergency response robot, played with the bloodhounds in a K9 unit, and watched an intense training scenario on the Quantico base. He even used a battering ram to break down a door.

“This wish was life-changing!” says Liam’s mom. “We met people and did things that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.” 
Calendar of Wishes—Opening Ceremony
On November 30, 2018 we're once again kicking off our Calendar of Wishes campaign. You're invited to join us at 11am at Abbey Glen Park (101 St. and Jasper Ave) as we unveil this year's larger-than-life advent calendar. You will love this year's design!

Every day through the month of December, a door will open, revealing a wish that was granted this past year. This year, our Community Door sponsor, Landrex , is matching all donations to the Calendar of Wishes, up to $5,000.
As part of this year's Calendar of Wishes, we’ve come up with a great way to combine your holiday shopping with your holiday giving. We’re introducing a new online auction called 
Fill Your Stockings. Bid on unique gifts and experiences to round out your holiday shopping without leaving home, and all funds raised go to Make-A-Wish!
We’re adding to the list of items everyday, and the auction will go live online on November 23.
Upcoming Events
Wish supporters The Blush Girls are hosting A Grand Ole Country Christmas on Dec 3. This event marks their 13th Make-A-Wish concert, and will also celebrate the release of their long awaited new Christmas CD. All proceeds raised through ticket and album sales go to Make-A-Wish!

You can create a Make-A-Wish fundraiser too!
Donor events—like A Grand Ole Country Christmas—are an incredible way for supporters to raise money for Make-A-Wish. You chose the event and organize it; a book sale, silent auction, jewelry party, fun run... the options are endless. We'll promote your event and support you along the way. When you're done, donated the proceeds to Make-A-Wish, and know you helped make a difference in the life of a local child living with a critical illness.