Make An Effort 
January 6, 2015


It's that time when we all get inundated by emails, posts, signs or sales that focus on change. Whether it is losing weight, setting goals, organizing our lives or targeting new beginnings there is no shortage of things to strive for as you flip the calendar into the next time period of your life. In the midst of it all a man can be overwhelmed not just by the list but by life itself. Unexpected things occur, priorities shift and momentum slows.

 Life happens.

 So what changes as a result? Men learn to adapt, to roll with the punches and to make adjustments along the way. The problem is that men tend to gravitate away from foundational things only to become refocused on situational things. These things may be important but how much will they really impact your life in comparison to what you're giving up?




Commitment is more than just a resolution, it requires something from a man- intentional living. If you were asked to name five things you are intentional about every day, what would they be? In other words what do you absolutely ensure occurs every day in your life? Do you embrace intention or do you fall back on excuses?


Joining @ THE CORE on a Friday requires a man to be intentional. It's really easy to say "it's just too early" or "that kind of thing just doesn't appeal to me" both of which are pretty common statements. The men that come realize they have to be intentional in order to be effective. Come join us and find out firsthand. 


Join The Conversation
@ THE CORE  is  an interactive environment where men can engage in a conversation that helps answer some of those questions. Every week is an opportunity for a man to meet with other men and lean into some topics relevant to men. It's a chance to create some connections that not only impact your day but also your life.  

Why not carve out an extra hour every Friday morning in your schedule to join us? It won't cost you anything but it may very well enrich your life.  Currently no reservations are needed (unless we have a special guest) so drop on by!

Not a morning person? Don't worry we will have hot coffee and food to help take the edge off.

Where to find us:
Wild Wing Cafe
at Windward Pkwy &  GA 400
Alpharetta, GA
(In the plaza just behind Cracker Barrel)
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When to join us:
Meeting Friday Mornings
6:30 a.m. - 7:30 a. m.

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The Place....
If you live or work in Alpharetta then there's probably a chance you eaten at Wild Wing Cafe. There's no other place around that has 34 different flavors of wings. Of course they don't just serve wings, there's a host of other things on the menu.

The Coffee....
Our coffee each Friday comes from The Original Pancake House right around the corner from Wild Wing. If you have time after @ THE CORE, stop by and have breakfast.
The Food....
Hey, we change it up now! Stop in and enjoy one or more of the above each Friday. We might even grab a few bananas for the health conscious. 
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