Volume 31  | July 2017
Make An Impact

Small groups aren't just about the gathering in the living room - they're about making an impact outside the four walls of our homes and churches. This month we're highlighting some of the best resources from SmallGroups.com for developing your group's impact outside your group.

Five Resources to Help Your Small Group Make a Local and Global Impact
Helping your small group serve missionally to make a local and global impact for God's kingdom can be a powerful experience! Fortunately there are lots of great resources to help cast vision, train, and equip you and your group. 

These can be used on your own or with your group for vision and training.

How Your Small Group Can Help Refugees

According to World Vision, 60 million people in the world are refugees. The Syrian War alone has displaced 12 million - half of which are children. The statistics are staggering. In some ways, though, the refugee crisis can feel distant, affecting “those people over there.” 

Here's one practical step you can take to make a real difference.

Missional Small Groups

When small groups are missional, everyone benefits: community needs are met, group members grow spiritually, and new people are introduced to Jesus. Find out how to make your small group missional with this resource with a Bible study, assessments, case studies, and how-to articles.

Learn the benefits and how to make your group missional.

Small Group Leader Survey

Chad Keener, a friend and fellow small group leader at Two Rivers Church, is studying small group leaders for his thesis and asked if we would help him out by completing a survey. He is looking at how interaction with mentors might translate to the life of a small group. Our responses will be helpful for his research, and it may also provide useful insights for us.

Chad originally connected with North Way through his roommate at Grove City College. He lived in Pittsburgh for many years and has several friends that attend our church. 

The  survey will take you 20-30 minutes. You don't have to complete it all in one sitting. 
Save the Date!
Save the date for the events below, both for you and for your small group members:
  • July 4: Independence Day!
  • July 9: YOU Belong: Membership at North Way (Sewickley Valley, East End) 
  • July 9 - 30: "Mark: The Disciples" Teaching Series
  • July 17 - 21: Sewickley Valley KidzGiG
  • August 6: YOU Belong: Membership at North Way (Dormont)