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Scarab Hand-Held

Concrete Polisher
WerkMaster Scarab


WerkMaster brings its Patented Octi-Disc™ Technology to the rescue.  The Scarab was "The Hit of the Show" at World of Concrete. We heard comments like, "I've been waiting years for this!" or "Every contractor should own one of these." It makes the perfect complement to any contractor's arsenal of tooling.


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Make Concrete Countertops that Mimic Marble 

Marbelized countertop


Let's face it. When it comes to countertop materials, concrete's stiffest competition is marble and granite, which still reign as the most popular high-end countertop materials on the market. So how do you convince clients who love quarried stone to switch to concrete? Simple: Offer them a similar look at a lower cost. New mixes and techniques are available that allow you to give concrete countertops the deep veining and rich color swirls of high-quality marble or granite in your own shop, without paying a visit to the quarry. What's more, you can custom color and shape your "faux marble" to meet your customer's specific design needs. If that's not enough to win them over, then point out that concrete countertops offer superior color consistency, stain resistance and durability. Check out these products and techniques for transforming concrete countertops into marble-like surfaces.


Jim Peterson,
The Concrete Network

Multicolored shower walls

Use a Marbleizing Admixture 

Designed to be combined with a bagged concrete mix and integral pigments, the Ashby System GFRC Admix produces lightweight, high-strength concrete countertops with the look of natural marble.


Veined countertop

Add Some Veins 

This stunning concrete countertop shows the marble-like beauty that can be achieved by veining. To create the look, the countertop was precast and integrally colored with a blend of light and dark brown tints. Enhancing the countertop is a decorative curved cathedral edge.
Buddy Rhodes mix

Try a Special-Effects Countertop Mix

Several prepackaged concrete countertop mixes are on the market that allow you to achieve decorative marbling or veining effects. These products are great when you want consistency while still having the ability to create a unique look.
Swirls of color

Blend Swirls of Color

For this concrete kitchen island, marble-like veining effects were achieved by blending swirls of golden tan, earthy brown and light travertine cream. The island also features a serpentine French edge, carved corbels and an inlayed copper sink. Read about how this look was created.
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