April 2017
Earth Day School Resources

Reduce: Encourage students to pack a waste-free lunch

Reuse: Let us know how many Reuse posters you would like to hang around your school. 

Recycle: Request "Recycle Right" cards to hand out to your students and staff.

Teach students it's not okay to waste food by setting up a "sharing table." A sharing table is a designated spot where students can place unwanted, unopened, pre-packaged food and whole fruit for another student to take. We are here to help, just call  513-946-7737 or email   Cher Mohring.
Guest Speaker

It's not too late to schedule an end-of-year classroom program or assembly!

Increase Plastic Recycling

Promote proper plastic recycling by hanging this Recycle Plastic sign around your school and sharing the following facts during announcements and in parent newsletters.
  • Where we live, only plastic bottles and jugs can be recycled. Never put plastic cups, plastic tubs, or plastic bags in your recycling.
  • Recycling one plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W CFL lightbulb for more than 275 hours.
  • Recycled plastic bottles and jugs are made into new products such as plastic containers, carpet, plastic strapping, and drainage pipe.
  • Plastic is made from oil, a non-renewable natural resource.
To receive free technical assistance, indoor recycling containers, and signage to start or improve your school recycling program, email Cher Mohring or call 513-946-7737.

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