February 2020 | Healthy Lungs and Clean Air for All
Your February Lung Health Updates
We Say Thank You to Those Who Have Given the Gift of Life
Every February, National Donor Day recognizes and celebrates those people who changed the lives of others through organ donation. 

With thousands across the country waiting for life-saving lung transplants, we share the stories of some who have been forever changed because of a donor.
Did You Know Flu Season Continues in Spring?
Protect Yourself with a Flu Shot!
A flu shot is the best protection against the flu. It is especially important for people living with asthma, who face more risks once infected. The flu virus can further inflame airways, triggering asthma symptoms (chronic cough, wheezing, chest tightness) or even making them worse. It may also lead to other lung diseases like pneumonia.
Tim's Climb Celebrates His
Second Chance at Life
Tim Thornton was active and full of life in 2017 when doctors told him he had idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) an incurable lung disease that causes scarring in the lungs and makes breathing difficult.

Tim faced the diagnosis, leaning on his family, friends and health care team. And ultimately, he breathed new life thanks to an organ donor.

Jewelry Television is Partnering with RHA to Support Women's Lung Health
Nearly 21 million U.S. women live with lung diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. Millions more have early symptoms but haven’t been diagnosed.

Jewelry Television (JTV) is continuing its partnership with us as part of our Catch Your Breath® campaign, which raises awareness and funding for women's lung health initiatives. Through the final week of February, JTV is offering a variety of promotions to its customers to support RHA and Catch Your Breath, including a multi-color butterfly pendant. For each pedant sold, half the sales price will be donated to RHA!
Hustle Chicago Stair Climb Draws Thousands to Help Fight Lung Disease
More than 3,000 people climbed to the top of an iconic Chicago skyscraper when Respiratory Health Association hosted its 23rd Hustle Chicago® stair climb on Sunday, February 23. Climbers took the stairwells up 875 N. Michigan Ave. to raise awareness and funds for our local lung health and clean air programs.
Upcoming Events
August 1-3, 2020
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