EncourageMale - Sept. 2019 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding" (Prov. 3:5)
End Of Summer Update ...
The summer is coming to an end! As with all of us, this year has been "different" BUT God has continued to be faithful. Just like many others, The Gathering has been challenged and we began the summer with some specific ministry funding goals that needed to be met through our SUMMER GIVE.

Because of the generosity of donors like you, we have been blessed to receive $15,492 of the $12, 395 needed to meet expected shortfalls. We have helped many, seen lives impacted, families strengthened, people have come to know Christ, and we have many remaining plans for this year.

Thank you to all who have participated, prayed, and financially supported us! We give thanks to the Lord and you for your faithfulness to the continued ministry of The Gathering Of Men! 
Gathering Highlights
Thank you ... to our faithful participants, prayer warriors, and financial supporters who continue to help us during this season.

This past month ... we engaged men to be fully alive in several ways:

  • Moody Radio Interview ... thank you to Moody Radio 'Mornings w/ Eric & Bridgette' show. Our Fall Breakfast Speaker, Dr. Damon Friedman, shared meaningful insights from his time of service in our military on Sept. 11th, the first-hand impact afterwords, and a preview of the upcoming Gathering Men's Breakfast. LISTEN
  • Weekly Podcasts ... During this difficult time, we are featuring encouraging podcasts. Our team of pastors walks you through books of the Bible verse by verse. If you want to receive them, please SIGN UP by sending an e-mail and LISTEN
  • Primetime Marketplace Study ... Before work group taught by local Clergy/Pastors @ Schumacher Auto off Northlake Blvd & I-95. Safe in-person mtgs w/ social distancing + masks. Join us 7:30am-8:30am Wed. as we walk through the books of the Bible, line-by-line. DETAILS
  • The Word Out Is Out ... Business owner praising God for His help through this season. “March and April little work and laying off people BUT God has been increasing our work as I’ve remained loyal; now, I’m looking for employees to hire! I want to honor Him by asking a faith guy like you to put the word out.”
  • Finding Yourself ... "How did you come to faith in Christ?" I asked a Harley Riding Enthusiast. “Well, I was recently divorced, raising both of my kids, attending service 10 years ago. My kids were in children's church, I was in worship service by myself, and it just hit me ... I needed God! I started to sob, my head in my hands, and someone came up to me and said 'pray it out, brother'. Ever since that day, I've seen God provide all I needed, when things were bad He has always provided.

As you consider ... how God would have you walk through this season, we ask you to please prayerfully consider giving financially to The Gathering. Our margins are SLIM but our TRUST in God's provision is great! DONATE HERE
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Here are some GREAT READS! In this trilogy — What Is the Gospel?Who Is Jesus?, and Why Trust the Bible? — Greg Gilbert answers three of the most important questions about Christianity. Perfect for Christians/non-Christians alike! Watch preview VIDEO. More INFO
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If you have ever played, or even watched football, you may have heard of the Nickel Defense. The concept of the Nickel Defense is a preventative form of defense. You are trying to keep the other team from scoring. Now, let’s use this idea of a Nickel Defense as a reminder for us to pray for our pastors. Apply this and protect your MVP! INFO
Rescheduled: The Gathering Fall Men's Outreach Breakfast
7AM-9AM Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 2020 @ Airport Hilton Palm Beach
Join other men, network, invite a colleague or friend, be encouraged/inspired.
Our speaker is Dr. Damon Friedman, a decorated combat Veteran, Author, Movie Producer, and Pres. of SOF Missions. This event is live and-in-person, so reserve your seats. Great opportunity is upon us, let this be a resource to you!
GET CONNECTED - County-wide Gathering affiliated groups!
Some groups are mtg. in-person but not all, so contact them first. INFO
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