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We're Making a Difference!

Happy 2016 to all of our friends and supporters!  2015 was an exciting year of making a difference together with our amazing  families, children and schools.  From helping to feed over 150 homeless youth in the greater Seattle area and bringing education to children in India to sharing Smile Cards with over 300 friends at school and showing gratitude towards our teachers, kids can and are bringing about positive change in communities!  

We are excited about  the addition of our newest partners the Bellevue School District and Eastside Pathways  and  introduction of our after school program to 2 additional schools, Puesta Del Sol Elementary and Medina Elementary.  We are honored to be selected to partner with the Bellevue School District once again this summer. CKC is looking forward to providing an impactful learning experience to children, with a focus on those at risk, district wide!    

Our Community's Thoughts
Read what the community is saying as they showcase a mere glimpse into some of the wonderful engagements we have fostered through our work to connect Kids with Kindness.  

Sunrise of Bellevue - Senior Assisted Living  
"I was so touched when I saw our seniors' faces just light up at the first sight of your CKC kids and loved their positive energy.  I think many of our seniors feel like people forget about them and so when people visit, especially young people it is just fantastic. They not only feel remembered and apart of the community, the visit brings back memories for our seniors.  Kids help our seniors but I feel our seniors give back too!  The kids are learning about inclusion, acceptance and patience- this fosters a positive self esteem."    Read More

Lisa Mwangi
Activities Coordinator

ForTerra  - Green Cities
"It was so fun for me to see the kids out there helping out these little trees that were about their same size, working together, and having fun with it. Camp Kindness Counts is such an awesome concept and I'm so excited that we could be part of it.  A big thanks to all of the parents for taking time out to have that experience with their kids and to help out the forest. A huge giant thank you to all of the kids!!    Read More

Norah Kates
Project Manager
"The children are awesome.  For being as young as many of them are, they did an amazing amount of work.  I was impressed by the cohesiveness of all the families.  What an amazing way to teach children the valve of giving.  You not only helped me, the volunteers' work taught my oldest son a beautiful life lesson about giving.  He could not believe how total strangers could come in and out of the goodness of their heart, be so giving.  Yesterday was a day that changed many lives."   Read More

Lila Chapman
Community Farmer

2016 Goals
We are excited about what we are doing  - what our kids are doing -  and our goals for the future! This year we will empower and inspire more underserved youth in schools, connect our younger youth with inspiring teen role models, and b uild relationships with more organizations who want to help foster positive change in our youth and communities.  It's time for you to get excited too!

Excited about getting involved?  CKC Needs Your Help!

To reach our  goals for this year we are in need the following:
Teachers and Teens
- Sponsorships or Grants to serve more underserved youth             Sign Up HERE!  
- Grant Writing and Research Volunteers

Don't have the time but would still like to help?  If you shop online with Amazon they will donate a portion of your purchase through their Amazon Smile Program when you choose  Camp Kindness Counts as the charity to give!   (smile.amazon.com)

Shop at Amazon Smile and .5% of your purchase price 
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